Friday F*ckup

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This is my kind of screw up. Please dear lord let that happen to me…screw the TV, a SIG716 is going to be a whole lot more fun in the long run:

Yahoo Tech?reports?on a Washington DC resident who ordered a $400 TV on Amazon and instead received a .308?SIG 716?rifle?worth $2,200.

Some people have wondered if the gun was actually an air rifle or airsoft clone of the SIG 716. I think it is probably the real deal. Most companies outsource their warehousing and shipping to fulfilment houses. This kind of error was almost certainly made by the fulfilment house, not the TV merchant, not Amazon and not the gun store. In theory a rifle should be kept in a secure part of the fulfilment house. What must have happened is that this rifle got mixed up in another companies inventory outside the secure storage, either accidentally or on purpose (disgruntled employee?).