Simon Mitchell

The demands of ?The Seven?

Len Brown has agreed to some of the demands of "The Seven", but which one?

Len Brown has agreed to some of the demands of “The Seven”, but which ones?

So, what were the demands of ?The Seven??

What did they tell the Mayor Len Brown he had to do if he wanted any support from ?The Seven? electorates?

1. That Len Brown instruct the Boards of POAL and ACIL to back off a bit so that collective agreements can be put in place

2. That Len Brown must support any candidate that happens to endorse him particularly in ?The Seven? electorates? Read more »

Balmoral School also failing basic ERO standards

Balmoral School is another school prominent in the National standards boycott. The Board of Trustees is headed by prominent Labour Party stalwart Simon Mitchell. It believes that it does not need Government imposed standards because it can set and achieve its own. Every school is required to set out its targets (standards) in its charter.

This is what ERO says about Balmoral?s performance against its charter. Available here

?Implementing charter goals. The school charter specifies goals that recognise and respect the bi-cultural heritage of this community, but school practices do not fully reflect this intent. It would be useful for the board to use the M?ori Education Strategy – Ka Hikitia: Managing for Success as a training document and a means of self review of how well school policies and practices develop the potential of all M?ori students.


ERO recommends that the board add to its review cycle consideration of how successfully the school is meeting its stated charter goals and intentions for the education of its M?ori students.?

From this it is clear that Balmoral School does not want the government to set standards for it but it can not even achieve the standards it sets for itself.

Another candidate for a commissioner I think Mr Ryall and Mrs Tolley. Chop, chop on with it.