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Have Helen Kelly and Simon Oosterman Swapped sides?

Mitt Romney’s campaign doesn?t care about the truth.

We’re Not Going to Let Our Campaign Be Dictated by Fact-Checkers

Looks like Helen and Simon have moved to the United States to help the other side.

Matt McCarten and Lying by Omission

Matt had a small hissy fit about right wing bloggers and pig hunting ministers releasing private information about people who have taken a public stand on issues.

The problem for matt is that when you are in the public sphere you lose your right to privacy, and you doubly lose that right if you are lying by omission. If some rat bag like Simon Oosterman or Helen Kelly sticks you in the media you had better be bloody sure that the people you are campaigning against don?t know that you are hiding information.

The thing for Matt to understand is that lying by omission is still lying. If you?ve had limo rides, excessive time off, and a lot of company support from your employer of course they are going to tell the truth about you if you front the media saying they are oppressing the masses. And the media should report this lie by omission.

If this is a bit complex for Matt to understand he should remember the old adage ?truth will out?. Poor Matt is not known for being all that scholarly so he probably was having a smoke behind the bike shed and plotting the rise of the lumpenprolitariat when his english class was reading The Merchant of Venice.

The Many Lies of Helen Kelly

Aspiring Rongotai MP and current head of the CTU Helen Kelly is a known and proven liar. She lies perhaps because she believes all the media are on her side, and will parrot her story against the evil employers because the media are all pinkos at heart.

Fortunately on occasion reporters actually do their job, and ask the truth about things. In Helen Kelly?s latest lie she rants on about the evil Business New Zealand suppressing the rights of some bunch of unfortunates on stuff. As usual with Helen Kelly she covers up lies in a swathe of words, not understanding TL:DR

While her lying rant attaching Aung San Suu Kyi to the rights of unionists to lie through their teeth could have gone unchallenged Stuff got Business New Zealand to respond.

Phil O?Reilly, representing the truth said this:

Helen Kelly is misrepresenting events at the International Labour Conference.

The issue was about international strikes.

At the conference an advisory committee tabled a report promoting the use of international labour strikes in sympathy with social or economic issues anywhere in the world.

Employers would strongly disagree with this, believing rules around strike action should be made at the national level, not by international committees ? a view no doubt shared by most New Zealanders.

However, many in the union movement desire the right to international strike action.

For those who don?t understand diplomat speak ? misrepresenting means lying.

Helen, if you really are going to be the MP for Rongotai you really must learn not to lie. Omitting major details is just covering up the truth and you will get called out just like you and Simon Oosterman have been called out repeatedly.

The Many Lies of Helen Kelly, Ctd

Aspiring Labour MP for Rongotai Helen Kelly lied about Peter Jackson. Obviously when you are as high profile and as good in the media as an Oscar winner you know how to hit back.

Sir Peter Jackson has hit back at the Council of Trade Unions’ claim that he is trying to set up the actors’ union to take the blame for The Hobbit going overseas.

Last night up to 1500 film technicians marched in Wellington over fears that the US$500 million film will be lost to another country.

CTU president Helen Kelly today alluded that Jackson had helped organise it.

”I couldn’t believe it. It was the first time I really got very angry,” Jackson told The Dominion Post today.

”I watched the march on TV. I wasn’t there and unlike what Helen Kelly’s been saying I didn’t have anything to do with organising it. Suddenly I see Helen Kelly and she starts slagging off? the production. She slags off the studio [as] ‘they’re greedy. They’re wanting this, they’re wanting that, it’s all engineered by them because all they are after is the money. They always intended to go. I’m thinking ‘this is a legitimate march by 1000 people who are basically wondering how they are going to live for the next two years.’

”Here’s Helen Kelly, who represents the workers of New Zealand, and she’s trivialising the feelings of these 1000 very concerned people and supporting an Australian union. I thought ‘God, what planet are we living on?”’

When will the mainstream media work out that they need to fact check anything said by unions? Propaganda merchants like Simon Oosterman make people like Helen Kelly think they can get away with telling lies. The only way to stop them is to tell the truth, and tell it repeatedly.

Who is Helen Kelly?

Helen Kelly has been involved in the last three major strikes in New Zealand, in her capacity as head union goon. Being as subtle as a sledge hammer she has got all three wrong, which has made me wonder why on earth Labour think she is going to be MP for Rongotai?and any good as a politician.

Some background details about Kelly from the CTU web site:

Helen Kelly has been President of the CTU since 2007. She is the CTU?s chief spokesperson on a wide range of issues including economic development, employment law, climate change, social partnership and ACC.? A vigorous advocate for women?s pay and employment equity she also co-chairs the Workplace Health and Safety Council. Helen is responsible for CTU international work through the International Trade Union Congress and the International Labour Organisation.

Helen holds an LLB from Victoria University and is also a qualified teacher. It was in the teaching unions that her long professional involvement with the union movement began, holding senior office with both the New Zealand Institute of Education and the Association of University Staff. She served the AUS as General Secretary for five years until her election as CTU President.

Helen leads the?CTU’s?campaigning on?pay and employment equity and she co-chairs the Workplace Health and Safety Council. She is also responsible for CTU international work through the International Trade Union Congress and the International Labour Organisation.

So a lawyer and a teacher. Ph Dear lord. Maybe she should sell real estate for a bit to gain a bit of credibility in the community.

Wikipedia is surprisingly ignorant of Helen Kelly as someone keeps deleting her page.

A strange move considering union propaganda merchant and Kings Old Boy Simon Oosterman has a heap of information on his wiki page.

Many interesting stories have come in through the tipline about Helen Kelly. Apparently she is well known for believing good faith only counts for employers and she can do anything she likes as unions aren?t bound by the same rules as the rest of us.

Farrar on Industrial Law

Yesterday on Kiwiblog David Farrar wrote a post on Talleys and industrial law that a senior IR specialist has emailed the tipline about.

Farrar starts with the following premise:

Assuming it has been correctly reported,

A big assumption to make David. Firstly it has to be factually correct, not what Simon Oosterman has fed to the media. After the Cecil Walker incident anything that Simon Oosterman feeds the media needs to be treated with a huge amount of suspicion. Secondly it is a bold leap to assume that the journalist fact checked it before regurgitating Simon Oosterman’s press release.

Journalists, and bloggers who comment on journalists articles should take caution when dealing with anything Simon Oosterman tells them. As with Cecil Walker it is likely hide key facts, be shameless leftie spin and may only have a tenuous link to the full truth.

I was set up

? Sydney Morning Herald

Seriously that was Craig Thomson?s excuse for getting busted taking cash off his union credit card and using it on hookers.

Mr Thomson, in his first interview yesterday after a damning report into his time as head of the Health Services Union, said he wanted to start ”establishing that there are two sides to a story”.

The exiled Labor MP told Channel Nine he was waiting for the benefit of parliamentary privilege to name the union official he believes set him up. He said that a union official threatened to ”set him up with a bunch of hookers” because he tried to increase transparency of the finances of the HSU.

But the union whistleblower, Kathy Jackson, predicted Mr Thomson was ”going to drop a bucket” on other HSU figures in his speech, using the protections of parliamentary privilege in a ”coward’s castle”.

Simon Oosterman probably thinks he was set up for someone telling the truth about him shamelessly using Cecil Walker and Carl Findlay in the Ports dispute.

Finally a balanced article on the AFFCO dispute


Jon Morgan doesn?t repeat Simon Oosterman’s bullshit press releases and stage managed protests, probably having read the Cecil Walker story and realising that Simon is very, very economical with the truth when talking to reporters.

Obviously not a left wing media hack Jon makes the following obvious point:

The protagonists, the Talley family on one side and the Meatworkers Union on the other, are an irresistible force coming up against an immovable object ? or, as one industry source puts it, “a rock hitting a rock”.

Both have fearsome reputations, but the union’s is on the wane while the Talleys’ is on the rise.

A pity this is not obvious to the Meatworkers Union. Their unwillingness to let AFFCO manage their plants and their staff is the cause of this dispute. It is an ideological battle from the 70s that was lost a long time ago.

It is not just the ideological battle lost, the union is losing membership flat out as workers realise AFFCO will pay them a fair days wage for a fair days work and increase their salary by 5%.

Comment of the Day

From a reader in Wanganui on the post A reality check for Helen Kelly and Simon Oosterman.

Inventory2 comments:

Quite so WO; I drove past Imlay in Wanganui an hour or so ago. The afternoon shift had just arrived and day-shift was leaving. As soon as the last car left most of the MWU picketers left too.

But looking over to the plant, the car park was well populated, suggesting that it’s very much business as usual at Imlay for all except the remaining MWU lockout crew. And tellingly, the car park was much more heavily populated than a week or so ago, whilst the crew on the picket line is thinning. It must suck to be locked out, but obviously large numbers have not waited for the MWU to sort things out.

A reality check for Helen Kelly and Simon Oosterman

In their ongoing protest against AFFCO wanting workers to do a fair days work for a 5% pay increase, Helen Kelly and Simon Oosterman are using 1970?s tactics and media manipulation to try to win a battle they lost when Stan Rodger sorted out the unions in the 1980s.

Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly has been with the striking workers as they travelled around the Talley’s houses, and will join them for a march in Nelson at midday.

”We’re showing what is going on in these communities of Wairoa, Wanganui, the Manawatu, and Morea to the communities of Nelson and Motueka,” she said.

The Talley family, ”one New Zealand family”, had inflicted incredible hardship on 1300 other New Zealand families, she said.

Helen and Simon ? this is 2012. Not forty years ago. The public of New Zealand are not on your side. The public do not care for your stupid rhetoric about one family causing hardship on another 1300 just as they didn?t side with the wharfies in Auckland who were getting paid $91,000 or more to work 26 hours a week.

If you really cared about your workers suffering hardship you would come to terms with Talleys rather than fighting your stupid, 1970?s ideological battle. In what might be news to you AFFCO have taken hundreds of your members who want a 5% pay increase for doing an honest days work, rather than fight your battles for you. And Simon, you have lost your touch with getting repeaters to repeat your stories in the media, maybe because you sold them a pup with people like Cecil Walker.