Simon Weston

No one does nasty quite like the left wing, especially left wing journalists


The most hateful emails and messages I have received in past years have been from known left wingers. They routinely implore me to suicide.

No one does nasty like the left wing, and now they have Twitter we can helpfully see how nasty they really are, including journalists.

Breitbart reveals an awful attack on a British war veteran.

A Guardian contributer, Richard Seymour, has sparked outrage today after dismissing a British war hero?s comments on the Falklands Islands, in which he attacked Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn for planning to ?surrender? to Argentine demands. Seymour slammed war veteran Simon Weston on Facebook, claiming, ?If he knew anything, he?s still have his face?. Weston was horrifically burned in the Argentine attack on the RFA Sir Galahad in 1982.

Seymour, who is the author of the Lenin?s Tomb blog was responding to the article?published by the Telegraph, posted by a Facebook friend of his. In the article, Weston noted of Mr Corbyn?s plans: ?It is a repugnant idea. I don?t see why it should happen given that the Argentines never had the islands. They have no right to them.

?It could cause civil war again by emboldening the Argentinians. It frightens me enormously because he claims to be such a supporter of democratic freedoms while what he is suggesting throwing the Falkland islanders right to democracy out.


?I don?t ever see him winning an election because his policies and his attitudes just won?t wash with the British public.?

Seymour didn?t quite see it that way. But instead of responding to Mr Weston?s points, he wrote beneath the article: ?Seriously, who gives a shit what Simon Weston thinks about anything? If he knew anything he?d still have his face.? ?? Read more »

Was Trevor Mallard running the Argies campaign?

? The Telegraph

Someone has got tits for hands if it wasn?t Trevor.

Fernando Zylberberg, the hockey player who worked out on a British war memorial during a controversial Falklands advert, is set to miss the London 2012 Olympics.

Zylberberg shot the advert ahead of the London games with the boast: “To compete on English soil, we are training on Argentine soil.”

The Argentine government has ignored international condemnation and laughed off criticism of the advert, with Cristina Kirchner, the President, saying its “creativity should be recognised and applauded.”

But she has been left red faced after it emerged the hockey player has been left out of a pre-Olympics hockey tournament and will almost certainly be passed over for London.

The ad starring him, condemned as “tawdry and cowardly” by Falklands survivor Simon Weston, is now expected to be dropped from Argentine TV screens.

A source close to the ad agency behind the video admitted: “Fernando missing the Olympics would be a bit of an embarrassment.

“He was picked because we thought he’d be a dead cert for the event. I suspect the ad will be quietly dropped now.

“It’s difficult to see how you can make propaganda based on an Olympian training on disputed territory when it turns out he’s not going to go to the Olympics.”

Another added: “Everyone involved in the project feels pretty silly at the moment.

“What was trumpeted as a kick in the teeth for Britain has turned out to be a spectacular own goal.