Simon Wi Rutene

Maori Myths and Legends from Parekura Hormomia

Parekura Horomia on Tuesday night in the house introduced us to yet another Maori myth and legend. He tries to give Gerry Brownlee a history lesson. From Hansard:

Hon PAREKURA HOROMIA:[…]It is not just about selling off the State’s assets, but it is the cunning little games that are built into it, like removing the Treaty rights. It is the constitutional document that agrees that there is a partnership in this country, and just in case that Gerry Brownlee is short of history, I will tell him. In 1832 a Māori carried the Olympic flag.

Hon Gerry Brownlee: 1832?


In 1840 the other people came to this nation, and they ripped the land off. They took the land. There were actually wars over it. [Interruption] No, no, no—this is the truth.

No, no, no it’s not. Now Gerry might have only been a woodwork teacher but even he realised that perhaps Parekura, after scoffing all the sausage rolls had joined Winston Peters at the bar to drink all the free Olympics piss. I think it is kinder to accuse him of being grossly drunk rather than incredibly stupid….because Gerry was right in questioning the start date of the Olympics. The first Modern Olympics occurred in 1896 in Athens….not 1832 with a Maori flag bearer as Parekura seems to think.

Helpfully Wikipedia is our friend and they list all New Zealand flag bearers.

It’s worse than that, for Parekura though because the first Olympics any New Zealanders attended, let alone used a flag bearer was is 1920 at Antwerp, Belgium and the flag bearer was a very white looking Harry Wilson.

In fact it appears that the first Maori to carry the flag at an Olympics was Simon Wi Rutene, the tits skier, in Calgary, Canada in 1988…some 156 years after Parekura claimed a Maori carried the flag.

A speech this bad and this wrong could only have been a set up by sports fan, full time cyclist and part time politician Trevor Mallard as pay back for voting for Cunliffe.

Nice one Trev, got ‘im good.