Sir Peter Leitch

I hope she gives him his money back

You can’t pay for this kind of publicity…..oh wait you can.

Do you want an insignificant encounter to be blown up out of all proportion?

Call the Boagster,

She has been making mountains out of molehills since the seventies

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Local Legend v Leeching Lecher – pick the winner

len brown

The Mad Butcher and mayor of Auckland butted heads over the ongoing Mt Smart stadium debate this morning.

Sir Peter Leitch said Auckland Council were “idiots” to suggest the Warriors rugby league franchise should move from Mt Smart.

“Len’s got a problem with the transport, okay. Len, leave us at Mt Smart and I’ll have a talk to my good friend John Key and sort it out for you,” he said on TV One’s Breakfast show. Read more »

Sir Butch wants to be like the Whale


Actually Sir Butch, this is a little more scary…

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Quote of the Day

By John Key about Sir Peter Leitch:

“We gave Sir Peter a knighthood,” Mr Key said, “And if we could give him a second one, we would.”

Because I know it Bites

Oh look another photo of John Key and the Mad Butcher…with a bit of Owen Glenn chucked in at the opening of the Mad Butchers Museum.

Cue all the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Labour.

Anything you can do I can do better

Yesterday Phil Goff was so desperate to say he was mates with the Mad Butcher he posted a photo of him and his lame campaign manager at the Netball with Sir Peter Leitch.

Last night John Key posted a photo from the Grand Final.

Goff walked right into that one and John Key once again that anything Phil Goff can do he can do better. Goff attends the Netball, Key goes to the League grand final, Goff has a silly VIP card around his neck Key wears a Warriors jersey. Goff leads a party going down in the polls, Key leads a party approaching 60% popularity.

Labour should have rolled Goff, now he is just an embarrassment, like the proverbial drunk uncle at Christmas.

Quote of the Day – Russell Brown

This quote is the best in one of Russell Brown’s best posts, like in forever.

Fenton never complained when Leitch was Clark’s handbag. Leitch, a businessman who built a large retail chain, should also not be mistaken for a class warrior. And mostly, at a time when Phil Goff continues to struggle not to suck all the charisma out of any room he’s in, a Facebook blurt that puts the party on the wrong side of Warriors Fan No. 1 was spectacularly unhelpful to Labour. Idiotic comments at The Standard, only more so.

Such sentiments are widely – if somewhat lazily – accepted in the political blogosphere as proof of Labour’s “arrogance”. But Labour doesn’t have a lot to be arrogant about at the moment. What you’re hearing there is grief, anger and frustration.

Caption Contest

Posted last night via Phil Goff’s Twitter. I wonder what all the haters at The Standard think now about the “class traitor” they have been wishing ill-will upon.


Can Labour Shed its Nasty Party Image in time for 2014?

Darien Fenton’s senseless attack on the Mad Butcher is typical tribal Labour. They are a nasty party who attack everyone and everything that opposes them, and Helen Clark has left a legacy of unpleasant MPs who cannot appeal to voters because they are not likely.

Bryan Gould, a long time Labour party mouthpiece joins in the attacks on Sir Peter Leitch but he uses a much more stylishly packaged method disguised as disinterested comment,  but exactly the same sentiment -and worse, becuase it implies Leitch’s endorsement can be bought.

The challenge for the new leader of the Labour Party is to purge the nastiness from the party. They will have to get rid of old style Labour bruisers like Mallard, Fenton, and Street, and tell the up and coming unpleasant bruisers like Sepuloni and Wall that tribalism is a thing of the past and they need to start winning votes.

Labour need to stop getting headlines like this one in Palmerston North.

Iain Lees-Galloway took a break from rooting stenographers to campaign directly outside his opponents business. Then he had some silly excuse instead of apologising and moving on, allowing him to be defined not just as a stenographer rooter but as a nasty bastard also.

To be a serious contender for Prime Minister the next Labour leader needs to stop this silly negative approach and start concentrating on making his caucus likable.

Kerre Woodham schools Fenton

Kerre Woodham schools Darien Fenton on her ill advised attack on Sir Peter Leitch:

The one-time Bollywood actor took a swipe at the Mad Butcher on her page because she was annoyed that Sir Peter Leitch had invited John Key to watch the Warriors with him in the NRL Grand Final tonight.

When she was asked to explain, she said the Mad Butcher was a sycophant, sucking up to the Prime Minister, and said she was never going near him again.

The subsequent furore saw Fenton back down, apologise and shut down her Facebook profile.

You can’t savage the Mad Butcher, for heaven’s sake. He’s like everybody’s favourite old Labrador – friendly, enthusiastic and willing to wag his tail at anyone.

Fenton’s got a very short memory. Her former boss, Helen Clark, was a great mate of the Mad Butcher’s and a regular at Mount Smart.

Even the current Labour leader, Phil Goff, was quick to distance himself from his junior MP’s snarky sniping.