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Unity, Tom, Deborah, Diana, Jessica, Nancy, and Pamela Mitford at Swinbrook House, in Oxfordshire, England, 1935.
Photograph from Bridgeman Images; Digital Colorization by Lee Ruelle.

The Mitford Sisters

The story of Diana Mitford and her sisters is wonderfully scandalous and took place during an eventful period in history. The ingredients in her story include the British aristocracy, millionaires, the upper echelons of society, affairs, Hitler, royalty and more ? mostly set in wartime Britain.?Two were friends with Hitler, one eloped with her cousin, another attempted suicide while the eldest became an acclaimed novelist.?They certainly gave people something to talk about with their actions and relationships, creating scandals and fascinating life?s and times.

But it is also the story of two people in love who were vilified by the general public ? to some extent, although they are no longer with us, they remain figures of suspicion to some. Their story is fascinating.?Diana Mitford, was considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the UK in the 1930’s. Because of her family she was well known in society ? her sisters were the same and the family was typically eccentric ? so she often featured in the newspapers of the day. However, Diana?s life during the Second World War was considered to be scandalous even by her own family?s eccentric standards.

The sisters achieved notoriety for their controversial but stylish lives as young people, then for their public political divisions between communism and fascism. Nancy and Jessica became well-known writers: Nancy authored The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate, and Jessica, The American Way of Death (1963). Deborah managed one of the most successful stately homes in England, Chatsworth. Jessica and Deborah married nephews of prime ministers Winston Churchill and Harold Macmillan, respectively. Deborah and Diana both married wealthy aristocrats. Read more »

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High Times

?The Sisters of Cannabis

Self-proclaimed Nuns Fervently Fight for their Right to Grow Cannabis

The Sisters of the Valley?s ?abbey? is a modest three-bedroom house on the outskirts of Merced, in a cul-de-sac next to the railroad tracks. (Sister Kate calls the frequent noise from passing trains ?part of our penance?.) When visitors come to the door, Sister Kate asks them to wait outside until she can ?sage? them with the smoke from a piece of wood from a Russian tree given to her by a shaman.

Sister Kate lives here with her ?second sister?, Sister Darcy, and her youngest son.

But these aren?t your average nuns. The women grow marijuana in the garage, produce cannabidiol tinctures and salves in crockpots in the kitchen, and sell the merchandise through an Etsy store. (Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the active ingredients in marijuana that is prized for medicinal qualities and is not psychoactive.) The women perform their tasks wearing long denim skirts, white collared shirts and nun?s habits. And while their ?order? is small ? last week they ordained their third member, a marijuana grower in Mendocino County known as Sister Rose ? they share the same dream as many California startup founders: scaling.

The sisters say they are in touch with women in New Jersey and Washington state who may be interested in joining up. ?They?re out buying jean skirts and white blouses,? said Sister Kate. ?We want there to be women in every city selling medicine.?

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