Don?t call them cyclists

Just when you think we?ve reached peak SJW stupidity a bunch of experts are demanding that we stop using the word cyclist. Yes, you read that right. quote.

Experts are calling for the word “cyclist” to be banned because they believe the term “dehumanises” people who use bikes.[?]QUT professor Narelle Haworth conducted a survey of 442 people across Australia and found 55 per cent of people who didn’t use a bike described cyclists as “not completely human”. End of quote.

A Newspaper

Yeah, right. I bet they got that stat from the “road maggots” and not by directly asking those who don?t cycle. quote.

Quote:The study also found one in five drivers deliberately blocked cyclists while one in 10 say they’ve purposely cut them off.End of quote.

I have my own statistics. Eight out of 10 cyclists turn into “road maggots” who think they?re entitled to the whole road as soon as they put on a bit of Lycra. And the same eight in 10 think they?re too good for cycle lanes.

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Christchurch SJWs flex their muscle

Source: Free Speech Coalition

There?s no doubt that SJWs have been emboldened by the Christchurch terrorist attack. Predictably, Red Radio takes their side. quote.

Quote:Just four days after the mosque attacks that claimed 50 lives, some Christchurch residents are tackling the tough questions.

A public forum last night, organised by EduAction and the Canterbury Progressive Network, attracted about 200 people and their ideas for making the city a better place.End of quote.

Progressive. Well, what else would they be called? quote.

QuotOne of the events organisers, Paul Hopkinson, said he wanted to give people the chance to answer “where to, from here?”

[?]Among ideas put forward were calling out people for any casual racism, and supporting ethnic minorities by buying from their stores.End of quote.

Like this kind of casual racism? quote.

Funny how these people are going after conservatives and anyone who says anything against leftist dogma. Yet if it had been a terrorist attack by an Islamist it?d be all, ?We can?t judge all Muslims? and, ?It was just a lone attack, nothing to do with Islam?. quote.

Quote:Arthur Monteath-Carr called on parents to be mindful of what their children could be exposed to and the communities they might be spending their time with.End of quote.

Which is one degree of separation from saying spy on your workmates. quote.

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‘Intersex’ people offended by chocolate

You?d think that a chocolate bar to raise a bit of money for Plunket wouldn?t offend anyone. But nope, at least not according to Stuff, as apparently there?s been a ?backlash?. quote.

Quote:Whittaker’s latest chocolate block has been criticised for erasing people in the rainbow community and promoting “antiquated” gender stereotypes.

The new Coconut Ice Surprise blocks, made to support Plunket, come in blue or pink, and customers find out which colour they’ve received when they open the block. The product is a take on baby gender reveal parties, which have become popular in New Zealand and worldwide.End of quote.

Sounds like a bit of harmless fun. quote.

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Chief exec of Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP invites fake woman on panel. Wonders why real women got irate.

It seems that Conor Twyford, the chief exec of Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP, is all hurty that real women got angry after she invited a fake woman onto a panel. Naturally the far Left the Spinoff goes into bat for her by providing ‘her’ with a guest post. quote.

Quote:Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP does exactly what our name suggests. We exist to support survivors of sexual abuse, their families and wh?nau, throughout Wellington, Porirua and K?piti. We have been doing this since 1985, and we support people of any age, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

Before I get any further, it is important to reiterate that sexual abuse and violence happens overwhelmingly to women. Sexual violence is a gendered issue. For centuries, women and women?s bodies have been treated like property ? something to be owned and consumed, used and abused.End of quote.

Actually, violence is more male on male?by far, but we won?t go there. Quote.

Quote:And the same patriarchal culture that enables this has allowed other vulnerable groups ? boys, gender minorities, people with disabilities and others ? to be targeted too.End of quote.

Yep, all white man?s and capitalism’s fault. Quote.

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Oh boo hoo, suck it up cupcake and stop blaming blokes

An SJW after spotting sexism in the distance.

A Newspaper writes: Quote:

QuoteSurvivor’s latest victim says living in a Thailand jungle was “10 times worse” than she expected, calling one night “unbelievably terrible”.

Wildcard entrant Franky March was eliminated during last night’s episode of Survivor NZ after her tribe, Chani, lost another immunity challenge[…]

She told the Herald she developed a misconception [since last October] that the show was going to be easy.

“I half thought, ‘They probably have a semi-shelter set up, and they probably have soap, and? maybe a Portaloo even?’ But no, there was none of that,” says March.End of quote.

In other words, she hadn’t watched one episode. Quote:

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Lorde Needs to Take Lessons From Her Bestie

Two weeks ago, on her 28th birthday, Taylor Swift posted a picture to Instagram that her guitarist took during a recent show at an arena in London.

The photo shows Swift centre stage, spotlight shining down as she plays her new music in front of thousands of fans.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better year, all thanks to you,” Swift wrote in the caption.

A fairly innocuous post – but not if it’s 2017, one of the most tumultuous years in modern US history, and not if it’s written by Swift.

The headlines started rolling in. Nylon: “Of Course Taylor Swift is the Only Person Who Enjoyed 2017.” HelloGiggles: “Taylor Swift ‘couldn’t have asked for a better year’ while we’re all living in Hell.” Cosmopolitan: “Taylor Swift Says She ‘Couldn’t Have Asked for a Better Year’ and The Internet Is Mad.” (Naturally, her fan base took issue with this internet anger.)

With Social Media, you can’t do or say anything without offending at least someone. If Taylor Swift ever posted a pic of some Granola she had for breakfast within a nano second at least one person will post a reply about starvation in Africa.

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In the 1990’s this was a joke but today it is our reality

BOSTON - JUNE 24: Protesters objected to the MFA's "Kimono Wednesday" event, where the museum invited visitors to try on a replica kimono in front of Claude Monet's "La Japonaise." The museum had kimonos for people to try on and pose as Camille Monet did in the painting. (Photo by John Blanding/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

BOSTON – JUNE 24: Protesters objected to the MFA’s “Kimono Wednesday” event, where the museum invited visitors to try on a replica kimono in front of Claude Monet’s “La Japonaise.” The museum had kimonos for people to try on and pose as Camille Monet did in the painting. (Photo by John Blanding/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

The below comedy sketch was made back in 1992 but watching it today it is actually a realistic representation of what is currently going on inside Western Universities and on social media everywhere.

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Social Justice the musical


Another nasty SJW attack on My Food Bag

My Food Bag has been attacked on social media before and I wrote about it at the time. Now an ex-political?journalist who works for New Zealand’s largest union and describes herself as a “Union spin doctor,” has instigated another nasty attack.


One of the social justice warriors Dave Phillips, who shares?Jessica William’s bandwagon has “Union Thug” on his facebook profile. I think this neatly sums up the calibre and motivation of the people involved in this hit on a reputable business. The photo of him includes a badge that reads “Die Scab




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