Board skullduggery in the Clutha Southland Selection


Glenda Hughes, dabbling in selection skullduggery

There is skullduggery going on ?in Clutha-Southland with a shabby move against Todd Barclay which is being orchestrated quietly by the former MP, currently residing in Karori, and assisted by at least one stroppy board member intent on taking the presidency.

Richard Harman has the first signs of the skirmish:

[S]peaking yesterday to POLITIK, Barclay said he welcomed the challenge.

?The party has got a democratic process, and that’s one of the strengths of the party; anybody can put themselves up to stand in any electorate at any time,? he said.

?I think my team and I have done a great job over the past three years of working really hard to try and build up the seat to where it is now.?

Barclay implies that the electorate was slightly rundown when he took it over from English.

?Having a senior MP as the local MP for a long period of time has meant that he has obviously had other responsibilities whereas now I live here, I’m based here, and I’m doing a lot of hard work to try and build up what we’ve got in terms of the party infrastructure.?

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Skullduggery in the Hunua Selection?

Long time readers will know this blog does not support any candidate for selection in National seats, believing in fair play and ethics in selections at all times.

In 2011 WOBH outed the skullduggery in Rodney where Brent Robinson and Cehill Pienaar tried to jack up a selection by not following the rules or the unwritten selection etiquette of the party.

In 2011 the National Party was forced to abandon their selection in Rodney and start again because the electorate chair was trying to jack up the selection. The electorate chair was forced to resign the day after the selection, and deservedly so as there is no place for dodgy behaviour from impartial office-holders in the National Party.

In 2014 it appears that certain electorate chairs haven’t learned that they need to remain impartial.? Read more »

Skullduggery in Upper Harbour

imagesPeter ?Dopey? Goodfellow is allegedly not aware of the skullduggery going on in the new Upper Harbour electorate.

He is probably too busy quaffing wine and trying to think up excuses for not talking to Colin Craig this year, or working out who Brian Dobbs actually is. He should be all over the dodgy dealings in Upper Harbour, and he should be demanding that the party constitution is followed.

The skullduggery seems to be closely linked to the only man other than Aaron Gilmore who is known to use the line ?Do you know who I am?, Stephen McElrea”. Stephen?s other favourite phrase is ?the Prime Minister asked me? which skeptics consider about as likely as the Prime Minister asking David Cunliffe to join the National cabinet. ?One time in New Plymouth it is reported that he even name dropped the Prime Minister to bump some poor person off a flight to Auckland by stating that he was the Prime Minister’s electorate chairman and was need in Auckland by him urgently.? Read more »