More hypocrite-driven road-lice lies

Guest post

Have a read of this post by Bike Auckland, bragging about bike numbers being up in Auckland.

Then have a look at the Skypath patronage figures – the ones ratepayers will be underwriting:


(click here for a larger view) Link fixed now

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Len’s latest boondoggle, the SkyPath, passes resource consent

The SkyPath cycleway has passed resource consent. The road maggots are celebrating. So too is the mayor.

That, however, is just resource consent. It’s way different from a suitable business case. And it’s potentially exposing the ratepayers to another assault on their wallets for subsidised transport options for the liberal elite.

Auckland’s SkyPath has won resource consent , but one councillor is sounding a warning.

Cameron Brewer says the proposed covered pathway under Auckland Harbour Bridge could result in unforeseen costs for ratepayers if usage of the tolled route falls short.

“I’m all for the private sector funding new capital projects, but the worry with SkyPath is that ratepayers could be liable for any operational shortfalls if very ambitious patronage targets are not met,” Mr Brewers says.

?In the past it has been proposed that perhaps ratepayers could make up the financial shortfall if patronage numbers fall below 75% of forecast. That?s a real worry when the promoters have forecast annual numbers at 781,384 ? that?s over 2,000 users a day on average in the first year alone,” he says.

“What?s more, promoters believe numbers will then continue to rocket to supposedly over 2.1 million users annually. It?s pie in the sky stuff.”

Although resource consent has been gained, Auckland Council also still has to approve the business case for the project.

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