One of Hooton’s corporate wrecking crew busted with $250k fine

Matthew Hooton is heading up the corporate wrecking crew of self interested parties intent on destroying Chorus so they can trouser even more profits.

One of the crew is Slingshot and their parent CallPlus. And we can judge them and their honesty by the massive fine they were just stung with in the Auckland District Court.

Slingshot – the consumer division of ISP CallPlus – has been fined $250,000 after pleading guilty in the Auckland District Court today to 50 charges it faced under the Fair Trading Act in relation to the marketing of its telecommunications services.

“We have accepted the findings of the Commerce Commission and the fine that was issued today,” CallPlus CEO Mark Callander tells NBR.

“We have cooperated fully with the Commerce Commission throughout this process and we have taken this matter very seriously. Most importantly, we have apologised to the 27 customers who were impacted by the actions of the third party telemarketing company, Power Marketing. It is good to finally resolve the matter so we can focus on the opportunities ahead.”? Read more »

Speaking of the Internet and dishonest people…

The Herald, Krim Dotcon’s paper of record, gleefully reports that Orcon have found enough suckers to fall for their advertising allowing them to increase their customer base by 70%

New Zealand telco Orcon says its sales jumped 70 per cent in the month after it launched an ad campaign fronted by internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.

Orcon, which accounts for about 5 per cent of the broadband market, uses Dotcom as part of a campaign to “rid New Zealand of data caps”.

The campaign, which includes television and social media advertising, began at the start of October and an Orcon spokesman said sales were up 70 per cent during that month compared to the 30 days prior. ? Read more »

Final copper price decision today, bet you Hooton’s rent a mob are outraged

According to my Wellington mates, later today the Commerce Commission will be announcing its final wholesale copper broadband price decision.? Predictably, Vodafone and Hooton?s ?axe the copper tax? coalition of CallPlus, Slingshot and Orcon will no doubt demand the government not intervene so consumers get the lowest possible internet prices.

What Hooton is hoping no one remembers is that we?re talking about wholesale copper prices ? the charges internet retailers pay Chorus.? Not the price consumers pay.

Most of the internet retailers who access Chorus? copper network have not confirmed they would pass any reduced costs on to consumers.? As usual Orcon is using?weasel words

?This being said, some internet retailers such as Orcon have committed to pass on?at least some?of the commission’s draft price drop to customers if it is finalised.? ?? Read more »

Telcos sting consumers with an internet tax

Matthew Hooton and his band of lefty loonies are trying to spin their ?copper tax? campaign, but Hooton’s reputation is in tatters. His campaign has failed miserably and his ego has taken a battering.

Word around town is that he is blaming Sue Chetwin from Consumers NZ??for his campaign?s failure. Apparently he reckons Chetwin is crap at running his lines in the media and he is thinking of giving her a red card. It?s always someone? else’s fault eh, Matthew!

Today there has been another interesting turn of events.

Orcon and Krim DotCon have launched a campaign to scrap data caps on internet usage.

As much as I loathe Crim Dot Com, he raises an interesting point in the TV advertisement for Orcon:

?Bullying corporations are restricting your internet data just to make more profits.?? Read more »

Media finally catch on to Hooton’s tricks

Matthew Hooton will be crying into his cornflakes this morning, which will take the edge off the hangover somewhat. The media are finally starting to see through his highly misleading campaign.

In an editorial in The Press yesterday, the paper gets to the heart of the issue ? the campaign is just designed to line the pockets of groups like Vodafone, Slingshot, Orcon and CallPlus.

A well-organised campaign is being orchestrated on the matter, it is true, suggesting a Government proposal would amount to an extra “tax” on broadband users of some $600 million over the next five years.

This glides over the fact that the shareholders of Vodafone, one of the largest international telecommunications companies in the world, and hundreds of times bigger than Chorus, stand to benefit if the other side of the argument prevails.

Labour’s prime objection is to the Government’s intervention into something it believes should have been left to the Commerce Commission. There would normally be some validity to that argument. Since Chorus’s monopoly of the copper network is deemed to make it unsafe to leave pricing to the free market, the next best option is an independent regulator.? Read more »

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