Killer Cows related to snakes

Now we know why Cows have become such killers, far more lethal than sharks, they are closely?related?to snakes:

Genomes are often described as recipe books for living things. If that?s the case, many of them badly need an editor. For example, around half of the human genome is made up of bits of DNA that have copied themselves and jumped around, creating vast tracts of repetitive sequences. The same is true for the cow genome, where one particular piece of DNA, known as BovB, has run amok. It?s there in its thousands. Around a quarter of a cow?s DNA is made of BovB sequences or their descendants.

BovB isn?t restricted to cows. If you look for it in other animals, as Ali Morton Walsh from the University of Adelaide did, you?ll find it in elephants, horses, and platypuses. It lurks among the DNA of skinks and geckos, pythons and seasnakes. It?s there in purple sea urchin, the silkworm and the zebrafish.? Read more »

Snakey looking guy injects himself with snake venom daily for 20 years

This is just strange…this guy has been injecting himself with snake venom for more than 20 years.

It could become more popular than P…though will be very hard to obtain in NZ.

The puss filled holes and rotting body parts might not make this a mainstream style activity.?Although crack mouth is pretty awesome and that doesn’t seems to stop people huffing the pipe.

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Awesome Creatures


And scientists warned that such a humungous serpent could destroy other creatures.

Kenneth Krysko, an expert from the Florida Museum of Natural History, said: “A 17-foot snake could eat anything it wants.

Stretching the truth a bit there surely. ?The snake has not met Parekura Horomia in the wild. ?Although carrying 87 eggs this monster surely is the envy of many a New Zealand DPB recipient.


Possums may be immune, but you aren’t

? Mashable

The other day I blogged about possums being immune to snake venom…all good, but you aren’t so watch out.