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Snapper photo - Miss Whaleoil

Snapper photo – Miss Whaleoil

Since we can’t talk politics why not go fishing? Master Whaleoil did yesterday and brought this snapper home for dinner.
Cam was going to make him throw it back because he thought it was under sized but we used the fish guide on the side of the Kayak to confirm that it was 2cm over the requirement ( phew )

With Cam bringing home duck and venison this year and now Master Whaleoil bringing me home snapper I am one happy camper .


Uh oh, I’ve seen this before

Winston Peters went fishing


Uh oh, where have I seen this before?

Oh that’s right…

David Shearer - Dead Fish

Is this the new indicator of a politician at the end of their relevance?

I’m surprised Winston agreed tot hat photo, a young more wily Winston would have realised the political connotations of holding up two dead fish.


– ?NZ Herald

Snapper bag limit no April Fools joke

David Shearer - Dead Fish

Remember the snapper debate? ?It could have taken down a government, and instead it claimed the leader of the opposition.

Snapper fishers will need to lengthen their rulers and return more fish to the sea from Tuesday as measures to restore the country’s most popular fishery take effect.

This is the last weekend when recreational fishers can legally take home as many as nine snapper with a minimum size of 27cm in the Snapper 1 fishery, which covers the east coast of Northland, the Hauraki Gulf and the Bay of Plenty. ? Read more »

Snapper can lose you elections

It isn’t looking good for Nathan Guy

Here’s a major scandal in the making…

A photo of small New Zealand snapper being sold in an American supermarket has fishers up in arms.

The snapper were for sale in a Costco supermarket in Los Angeles in a pack of four with a total net weight of 3.44lb (1.56kg). The price was US$24.05 ($29.08).

The minimum legal length for commercially exported snapper is 25cm.

NZ Fishing World?was given the image by a reader and posted it on the magazine?s Facebook page on Wednesday.

So New Zealand is selling oversized whitebait commercially?

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Comment of the Day

On Snapper by regular commenter Bloke in Takapuna:

As a mad-keen fisho of over 40+ years, I?m ?ok? with most of this. Certainly the commercial netters and long-liners need greater scrutiny and observation due to their huge take on the fisheries.

But the reduced bag limit and increase in size ? on balance ? is a good thing for NZ overall. On my boats in the past and when fishing with friends, our own personal ?limit? has always been 30cm+ and not once have we ever been tempted to keep the total bag limit of snapper ? even when fishing for a few families. Fresh is best. Frozen ? not so much.? Read more »

Snapper Quota: No one happy, balance must be just right

No one is happy on the Snapper issue. Recreational fishers are mad, commercial fishers are mad as hell and the environmentalists aren’t happy either.

Sounds like the government got the balance just right.

Recreational fishers say they are the losers despite winning the “rights” to all of a 500 tonne increase in the total allowable catch in the country’s prized snapper fishery.

An increase in the minimum legal size from 27cm to 30cm and reduction in daily bag limit from nine to seven are the key rule changes for the troubled Snapper 1 fishery announced yesterday by Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy.

Commercial fishers are aggrieved that they are denied a slice of the total catch increase; environmental groups say the decision does nothing to rebuild the fishery and the recreational sector say they are the only ones taking a cut.? Read more »


Green taliban want Snapper cuts to go further

Oh dear, if all the fishermen thought that National and Nathan Guy were chumps and were threatening to change their votes because Labour and David Shearer?[Insert #Laborsgottalent winner’s name] were going to save their fishing rights, then they need a re-think.

The green taliban loons that Labour will need to prop them up if they get close to the Treasury benches think that what has been proposed so far isn’t far enough.

Did you wonder why the Greens haven’t said boo about snapper? Wonder no more.

?We are supportive of the Ministry?s proposed interim target of rebuilding the snapper stock to 40% of its original biomass,? said EDS Policy Director Raewyn Peart.

?This would allow fishers to take greater numbers of fish in the long term as well as providing environmental benefits.

?However, we were disappointed to find that all three management options proposed by the Ministry would fail to achieve such a rebuild, and will likely see a further decline in snapper stocks. This is inconsistent with the requirements of the Fisheries Act and the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act.? Read more »

Hook, Line and Sinker, Shearer fell for it, now he is gutted

David Shearer - Dead Fish

Robertson can’t believe Shearer went with his suggestion

Claire Trevett agrees David Shearer is dead (fish) in the water.

It is one of the most absurd political juxtapositions in history, this bizarre contest between snapper and the spooks.

It began with the Prime Minister himself who announced more people were concerned about proposals to reduce the snapper take than by the GCSB Bill.

It was admittedly rather glib. It was also very clever politically.

It sparked indignant outrage on the left, which was of no bother to the Prime Minister. What he meant, probably with some truth, is that he only really cared about voters concerned about the snapper because those who were more concerned about the GCSB Bill were highly unlikely to vote National anyway.

Those particularly fevered about it are, naturally, the opponents of the GCSB Bill.

Little do they seem to suspect they are now playing into Key’s hands. As a result of the outrage, the snapper proposal continues to be controversial long after it would normally have subsided – which was at National conference when every minister in Cabinet, including Key, spat on it from a great height.? Read more »


Yup, this is what jumping the shark (or snapper) looks like…

Shearer’s next cunning stunt?

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