Bad day for a bad wog as SAS sniper scores a century

The Daily Mail reports:

An SAS sniper’s 100th hit killed the Islamic State chief during the battle for Mosul, it has been revealed.

The sniper, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, took out the ‘highly valued target’ as Iraqi special forces and teams of SAS troops probed the outskirts of the city.

According to Patrick Williams for the Daily Star Sunday, the terrorist was killed with a single bullet through his body armour.

A source told the paper: ‘The sniper had a two second window to shoot the IS commander.

‘He took the shot and the bullet almost cut the terrorist in half. ? Read more »


Photo Of The Day

Photo: Unknown Source. H?yh? after being awarded the honorary rifle model 28.

Photo: Unknown Source.
H?yh? after being awarded the honorary rifle model 28.

Simo H?yh?

The White Death – World’s Greatest Sniper

Simo H?yh? was credited with over 500 kills in his service during the Winter War with his service cut short as he was wounded by a Soviet sniper. Simo was shot in the face with what turned out to be an exploding bullet and he was taken out of action due to these wounds. The total time that Simo H?yh? served in the Winter War was 100 days with about 500 kills credited to him. His record is truly remarkable and is long since remembered in the nation of Finland.

H?yh?’s specialty was his knowledge of the forests, his enduring patience, and his impeccable rifle marksmanship. A sniper by trade, he would dress up in all-white camouflage, sneak through the woods with only a day’s worth of food and couple clips of ammunition, and then lie in wait for any Russian stupid enough to wander into his kill zone.

Simo H?yh? was born in 1906 or 1905 (there seems to be two dates of his birth depending on the reference materials) in Rautaj?rvi, Finland.? The town was in the shadow of the Soviet Union and as was the case with many border areas, the home of Mr. H?yh??was lost to the Soviets in the spoils of the Winter War.? Like many of the towns and villages of this region the area was rural, and Mr. H?yh? was what people would call an outdoorsman spending much of his time outside letting his skills sharpen.

In 1925 Mr. H?yh? joined the Finnish Army for his one year of mandatory service.? He must have been suited well for the Army in some regards as when he left he had achieved the rank of corporal.? Later Simo H?yh??joined the Suojelskunta (Finnish Civil Guard) serving in his home district.?The Civil Guard is a difficult organization to explain but putting the Civil Guard in US terms it is much like a very well-trained National Guard Unit.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo Coloured: Unknown Source: Lyudmila Pavlichenko sniped a confirmed 309 Axis soldiers, including 36 German snipers, during WWII.

Photo Coloured: Unknown Source: Lyudmila Pavlichenko sniped a confirmed 309 Axis soldiers, including 36 German snipers, during WWII.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko

Sniped A Confirmed 309 Axis Soldiers

?Including 36 German Snipers, During WWII.

While most of the world shied away from putting women on the front line, the Soviet Union did not, recruiting about 2000 women as snipers during WWII, one of which turned out to be one of the most successful snipers in history, Lyudmila Pavlichenko.? She still holds the record for the highest confirmed kill total of any female sniper in history and is not that far off?Simo H?yh??s all-time mark of 542 confirmed kills

In June of 1941, 24 year old Ukrainian Lyudmila Pavlichenko was attending Kiev University, studying history, when Germany invaded the Soviet Union.? When this happened, she went down to the local recruiting office to sign up for the infantry.? The recruiter she spoke with suggested she was better suited for a role as a nurse or in a clerical position.? Not to be dissuaded, she pulled out her Voroshilov Sharpshooter badge and a marksman certificate, both of which she?d earned while a teenager as a member of the OSOAVIAKhIM, which was a society that trained non-military people as young as 14 years old in military tactics and other such things in case they would someday be called into service to ?defend the Motherland?.

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Left wing campaign backfires against American Sniper

As is usual from the left wing, when something happens that they don’t like they bring out the ban hammer and attack all and sundry for their efforts.

They no longer believe in freedom of expression.

Ever since American Sniper came out there have been attacks from all the usual suspects. Michelle Obama even found time to attack the movie because it was about blokes and not women. The stupid cow didn’t even realise that it was a film about the life of a real person, Chris Kyle, an American hero. Instead she had to make a stupid political point about why it wasn’t a movie about a woman sniper.

All the left wing outrage has done though is guarantee the success of American Sniper.

American Sniper? has broken another record. ?? Read more »

Sledge of the Day – Former sniper Bryan Sikes smacks out Michael Moore in open letter


Bryan Sikes is a former sniper and Green Beret and now a professional shooter.

He took exception to Michael Moore calling sniper cowards when he was talking about the movie American Sniper.

I love how he calls him a ?mouth breathing, Crisco Sweating Waste Of Space Not Worthy To Be In The Presence Of A Sniper.?

Mr. Moore-

Good afternoon there sweetheart, I hope this finds you alive and well. You can thank our men and women of the armed forces for that, by the way, and that also includes us cowardly snipers. It seems you?ve found time between licking the jelly off your fingers and releasing your grasp of a bear claw to tweet some junk about snipers being cowards.? ? Read more »

Good shootin’ Tex

Yordan Militch is an attention whore

Who is?Yordan Militch?

He bought medals off Trade Me, pinned them to his chest – and made up elaborate tales about life as an SAS soldier.

Yordan Militch captivated crowds with stories of picking off the enemy as a sniper, and saving his mates from dangerous situations.

But his tall tales came to police attention after he spoke at an educational course in Hastings last year.

He admitted yesterday that he just got carried away.

“I thought I was something I wasn’t, and that was it.”

Militch wore six medals when he spoke at the Landmark Forum and described himself as one of the most decorated soldiers in New Zealand, the police summary presented to the Napier District Court said.

He described serving in Afghanistan and East Timor, and being deployed as a sniper.

He claimed he was awarded two medals for saving his mates, and the others recognised his peacekeeping efforts.

It is an interesting personality trait when people blatantly lie about themselves in a way that’s easy to verify. ?We’ve seen the extended story of Pearl Going on Whaleoil over the years, and now Yordan joins the ranks.

It is clearly a mental condition that seeks attention and reward for things that you never actually achieved in real life. ? Read more »

Still got it

The Super Bowl is a gun-free zone. Oh really?


The photos were released without permission by a company that manufacturers [sic] one of the parts of the rifle. They were sent to the company as a thank you for their private feelings of accomplishment. …this was nothing spectacular.

This sniper is in the same hide for every NFL game in that stadium. ? Read more »


An Aussie sniper team has nailed a Taliban commander at a staggering?3079 yards (2815 meters) with a Barrett M82A1.

Earlier this year a Commando sniper team was secreted in Helmand. Through binoculars at a distance invisible to the naked eye they spotted a group of Taliban. The soldiers having means of identifying targets went through a process of obtaining verification and permission to engage.

Two marksmen using Barrett M82A1 50 calibre rifles simultaneously fired. The bullets were six seconds in the air. One killed the Taliban commander. It is not known for certain which sniper fired the fatal shot.

While there have been no triumphant press releases, in the tight global Special Forces sniper community the shot is much discussed, because it seems certain to be a world record.

As the bullet yawed through the thin air on a windless morning, GPS aids measured the distance at 2815m. That amounts to 2 1/2 times the length of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The targeted Taliban would not have heard the gunfire.

The previous world record achieved by British Corporal Craig Harrison occurred also in Helmand in November 2009. Firing from a distance of 2475m, Harrison killed two Taliban.

Do the count…Boom…1?Mississippi, 2?Mississippi, 3?Mississippi, 4?Mississippi, 5?Mississippi, 6?Mississippi, Smack!

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