snouts in the trough

Why do Politicians Lie?

Len Brown is a TrougherIt isn’t so much the lies and the cheating that gets the politicians it is the excuses and the cover-ups and today we see len Brown caught by such an occurence.

Caught with his hand in the till, his first insticnt was to be silent, but when pressed for some reasoning behind his “borrowing ” of ratepayer funds for a “norty” with the missus, some groceries and a stereo system he had to lie.

He said an “administrative mistake” led to the Rendezvous Hotel booking being charged to his council credit card instead of his personal one. As well, when he bought the hi-fi system – it was “essential” to get it that day – he did not have his personal card with him.

Mr Brown could not recall the purchase of groceries at Foodtown Takanini, nor the event they were for, but accepted they were for personal use and reimbursed the council.

The lie is obvious, usually they are the best ones, but tell me a man alive today who has a wallet that doesn’t have his personal credit card in it but miraculously does have the council credit card. It isn’t like he has a rack of cards on his dresser and loads his wallet with the cards he thinks he will need that day.

He can’t profess to not know the rules, he is a lawyer. Len Brown has known this was going to come out since the day Jonathan Marshall asked him, along with other Auckland Mayors about their credit card expenses in relation to the drunken sot that runs the North Shore.

Now his Labour advisors, the painting burner David Lewis, and council funded flunky Conor Roberts are going to have to run more lies to cover the “borrowing” of all the money.

Labour’s paid bloggers at The Standard are trying desperately to bring Banksie into all this but they will fail on one basis. He doesn’t even have a Mayoral Credit Card.

“The people of Auckland are going to have to make some very big judgments quite soon about the person best qualified to lead the Super City and I pride myself on delivering affordable progress and being frugal with other people’s money,” he said.

Mr Banks said he had never had a credit card as mayor or when he was a National Party Cabinet minister.

“I just think they are such high risk and it leaves people open to temptation and abuse.

In the context of the Super City, if I get a run at the top job I certainly won’t have a credit card, nor will any other elected official.

No amount of spin or trying to blame this outrage on me or DPF can get away from the fact that Len Brown used the council paid credit card for personal expenses, Len Brown got his tame CEO to sign them off and Len Brown only paid the expenses back when sprung by the only real journalist this country seems to have.

Homo Troughicis Nelsonii

Maryan Street - TrougherYesterday the travel expenses of MPs were released. I blogged about the differences in travel between scum List MPs and real MPs. After that the tipline ran hot pointing out to me a reason why one scum List MP has such a massive travel bill.

By way comparison Maryan Street lives in Nelson, as does Nick Smith. For domestic travel Maryan Street spent $15,032 for the first quarter of this year and Nick Smith spent $8150 from Ministerial Services (travel for work as a minister) and $6079 from Parliamentary Services (travel for spouses and children). This is astonishing that two MPs from the same area have such different spending for domestic travel. One a minister of the crown and a vastly higher work load than a scum List MP has actually spent less on domestic travel than the scum list MP.

This is highlighted even more when you compare two scum List MPs, David Shearer and Maryan Street. My Little Pony, Jacinda Ardern lives in Auckland and her travel bill was almost identical to Maryan Street’s. David Shearer, a real MP from Auckland, spent just $5145 on domestic air travel.

Hmmmm….something isn’t right here. I decided to look at all the figures available for Maryan Street.

Jan 1 – 30 June 2009 (6 months) – $34,842

1 July – 30 Sep 2009 – $21,663

1 Oct – 31 Dec 2009 – $10,950

1 Jan -31 March 2010 – $15,032

Total (15 months) – $82,487

I then looked at Air New Zealand’s website to check how much a return airfare between Wellington and Nelson is. A flexi-plus airfare at popular business travel times is between $166 and $201 one way. I’ve averaged it out to arrive at a figure of $367.00 for a return flight. That means that Maryan Street has used 224 return flights against her account for 15 months. Or an average of 15 flights per month. Except the figures don’t show the real travel when looking at averages.

Jan 1 – 30 June – 15.8 flights per month

1 July – 30 Sep 2009 – 19.6 flights per month

1 Oct – 31 Dec 2009 – 9.9 flights per month

1 Jan -31 March 2010 – 13.6 flights per month

Now most MPs I know fly to Wellington on Monday night and return Thursday night and only when parliament is sitting but let’s be generous and assume 1 return flight per week even for weeks when parliament isn’t sitting. That should mean that over 15 months Maryan Street by travelling at the absolute minimum would have had just 60 flights instead of the 224 flights she has racked up against her Parliamentary Services account. Even is she travels twice a week that only gets us to 120 flights. There are about 450 days in 15 months so Maryan Street is charging return flights to Nelson to her account almost every second day. Surely not?

Then I remembered something.

Miss Clark’s former chief press secretary, Kathryn Street, has left for fulltime university study.

Maryan Street’s wife Kathryn Street is studying full-time at University. Good for her. I wonder though if she is studying at Victoria University? There doesn’t seem to be any Universities in Nelson and the closest would be Victoria University. Nice to have a partner who can pay for the commute, means you can stay in your own house instead of doing what every other student from Nelson would have to do and live in Wellington.

This is seriously taking great liberties with the intent of parliamentary travel for spouses and I would hazard a suggestion that this in fact should be called a rort. The taxpayers are coughing up about half of Maryan Street’s travel bill so that her wife can attend university. I certainly don’t think that is on. Remember too that Maryan Street is a scum List MP so there is zero reason for her to commute anyway. The troughing must end.

One less Labour Trougher

Best way to deal with troughers. Bring shame and humiliation down upon their heads until they resign.

Hemi Matenga has resigned as a Porirua city councillor, a decision some of his colleagues are applauding, but another has slammed their “hypocrisy”.

Kapi-Mana News understands Mr Matenga, who has not been present at any scheduled meetings this year, sent a letter to the council’s chief executive Roger Blakeley last Wednesday, informing him of his decision to stand down.

That day, prior to an annual plan meeting, councillor Euon Murrell raised a question around Mr Matenga’s continued non-attendance. Dr Blakeley said if Mr Matenga missed four consecutive meetings, or no-one moved his apology, he could be removed from his position? with three meetings coming up before April 1, he may have been out of a job in short order.

Councillor Denys Latham said he felt “embarrassed” and “inefficient” when people regularly asked him where “councillor X” was.

Good Riddance, now pursue him for his salary for non-performance.

Outing the Troughers

Super Trougher Judith TizardIn the past few weeks we have quite a number of troughers being outed. We have had Phil Heatley who was actually rather a lightweight trougher and fell on his sword for a mere $70.00. We have also seen Gerry Brownlee and other come under the spotlight on Ministerial Expenses with credit cards. We of course never saw such openness with the previous government. Some say it was fear of Heather Simpson, others tell a different story.

Recently an OIA was put in for the credit card statements of the ministers in the previous government. I mean who are we to point fingers if we have nothing to compare with. It was a reasonable request, one which should have been met reasonably quickly, there are certainly no state secrets contained with credit card statements. The 20 days has long since passed and now there are no legal grounds to actually deny this request. One thing though that the OIA rightly allows is for someone who’s details are in the documents get a chance to look at the details being released and to make submissions about those details. This right, morally, and under the law.

Surely the Leader of the Opposition would authorise the the release of those documents, there has been plenty of time. It isn’t without some irony that just weeks after Phil Heatley honourably fell on his sword was the distinct lack of comment by anyone from Labour. Not a peep from Tigerpig to gloat, not a smart remark about tory thieves from Clare Curran, compare that with when Richard Worth ignominiously exited parliament. Surely Phil Goff would have given his authorisation by now to release the documents?

The Whale can reveal, through one of his many parliamentary spies that the serious troughing of the last government is not Koru Club (though he does feature), not Five Chins, not even Phil Goff himself, but Judith Tizard.

I pity the poor staffers on the third floor of the parliament building , working late into the night doing a line by line audit of Judith Tizard’s copious credit card statements. It has been whispered in the hallowed halls that her expenditure is of such and extent that poor old Phil Goff can be forgiven for delaying his approval for release of the documents. It is rumoured that whole forests have been destroyed and a small army of parliamentary staff armed with hand trucks have had to be called in to shift the massive volumes of Tizard’s accounts.

Know this good people that is a very valid reason for the silence of Labour over troughing, for they know that when those documents hit the street the people will then know just how bad the troughing was under the Clark Ministry. That is why Labour are silent, they are quivering in fear waiting for the expenses bomb to go off.

Could we perhaps start to see the application of the OIA upon parliamentary services so no longer can MPs fill their boots with all sorts of egregious troughing antics. Will the Speaker moot a law change? Has he got what it takes to truly be a great Speaker remembered for transparency and honesty, something that has been sorely lacking in the parliament for ever. Do it Mr Speaker, open up the book of parliamentary Services so we may know those who sup at the trough excessively.

Keep Digging Charlie

Charlie Shovel really has no shame and his behaviour speaks volumes about why Labour is out of government. Somehow they think because the messenger is an ACT supporter it diminishes his behaviour. I doubt that the media and Charlie Shovel are correct when they say the kids were screaming. He even admitted on Breakfast this morning that the kid sitting next to BTP was quiet, so now we are down to two kids possibly screaming, one was 3 y.o. and the other 1 y.o. His story is complete bullshit.

Watch this video of Gladys this morning on Breakfast, then watch it again with the sound turned down. Anyone with even a basic understanding of body language knows this man is lying. He displays all the classic traits of a liar, but as a politician he should have learned to hide most of them by now. He is hopeless.

I feel sorry for Gladys he has lost his chance at the big time. He was regarded as one of the most talented Labour people, in a talent pool as deep as a carpark puddle, he was alleged to good understanding of business having actually earnt a crust not being a trougher and hard working. Instead of apologising and keeping his long-term leadership ambitions alive he decided to get all pious, nasty and typical born to rule socialist trougher. If he had simply apologised on Sunday night this story would have gone away. It is disappointing he has fallen over so badly in a way so out of touch with NZ, as much as Labour are scum, one day in the distant future they will run the country and we need guys like Gladys having influence rather than a bunch of union bludgers and teachers running the show. Meanwhile his felching friends and paid lap-bloggers have said that he is a father too. Well I’m sorry have a spank into a turkey baster does not a parent make. Sperm donor yes, but a father or parent, no. Watch the video.

Ouch! Harsh smackdown for Charlie Shovel

Oh Dear, Campbell really climbs into Charlie Shovel or Gladys as he is affectionately known.

Charlie Shovel , Gladys, Charles Chauvel

What follows is a non story really about an MP most of you have never heard of, getting frustrated with some noisy children on a flight from Auckland to Wellington.

What’s revealed by this non event?

Firstly the sense of entitlement felt by Mr Chauvel, an opposition list MP who whilst traveling at the taxpayers expense doesn’t want to mix with the taxpayers children it seems. That is the sort of let “them eat cake” attitude that goes some way towards explaining why Labour’s in opposition.

Rude and a Trougher!

Charlie Shovel , Gladys, Charles ChauvelWhat a proper Charlie. On Close-up tonight we found out that not only is Charlie Shovel aka Gladys rude as a pig to people with families, but also he was having a “nice relaxing” weekend in Auckland. He’s a trougher too!

Pray tell exactly what parliamentary business was he on in Auckland when he is a Wellington based List MP? Who paid for him and his husband’s “relaxing weekend” in Auckland? Was the accommodation put on the taxpayers bill too?

I think we all know the answers to those questions. Of course we paid for the lot, he is a Labour MP.

Then there is his performance on Close-up and with this whole issue. He must have the political brains of a pig as well. Anyone knows that you can’t win in an argument against a nice lady with three kids all under five. Then again the closest Charlie Shovel has come to a family is via a turkey baster.

The fact that he is un-repentant shows just how inept politically he really is. Even Tiger-pig would have apologised and quietly buried the story as a terrible mistake caused by over-work and tiredness. Not Gladys though, he heaps insult upon insult by calling the couple bad parents. That would have finally pushed Mrs Phillips over from not talking to the media to really talking quite a lot to the media. He is a fucktard.

I think we need also to have some rules about parliamentary travel. Perhaps Charlie Shovel is right and kids should be in the rear with the gear, locked in the bog or something similar. But what about MPs?, particularly low rent List MPs who really should have to travel in seats more becoming someone who hasn’t paid for it and if they did got a 90% discount. Down the back in the cheap seats…….oh wait, aren’t the kids down there?….no that won’t work at all.

This all reminds me of the time I was moving to Australia with my family, my daughter was just 1 and my son 2. With all the stress of moving from Wellington to Melbourne I decided to shell out for Business Class seats for the family to make the 3 and half hour trip somewhat sane. The kids were smal that the only one who would have made a noise was Master Whaleoil.

As we were settling down after boarding this fuckwit who was seated directly behind me calls of the trolley dolley and complains loud enough for the whole Business Class to hear about having kids in Business Class. The trolley dolley politely informed Mr Fuckwit that unlike him we had actually paid for our seats and would he like to sit down and prepare for take off. I wasn’t nearly so rude back then otherwise his hand luggage would have inherited a stinky nappy. I just kicked one of his shoes right down the back under the last row, my all-time favourite way to piss off asshole on planes. Watching him frantically searching for his missing shoe was hilarious.

So Charlie Shovel aka Gladys. Apologise, buy a gift, and be magnanimous instead of being a prize twat. Then again he is a List MP, sum of the lowest order.

The troughing of Labour

“Cut and Run” Phil Goff is unrepentant over nicking more than $30,000 of taxpayers money in order to fund his non-message bus tour. A minister in National resigned over inappropriate spending of just $70.00 showing far more integrity than “Cut and Run” Phil Goff. His sense of entitlement to dip into taxpayer funds to run his campaigns is repulsive

"Cut and "Run Goff with his snout in the troughLabour’s “Axe the Tax” bus trip protesting GST increases is costing the taxpayer about $30,000 – but Labour leader Phil Goff has defended it as the cheapest way to get around the country on an issue that affects everybody.

The Labour Party has chartered the bus for a fortnight-long nationwide trip protesting against the Government’s proposal to increase GST to 15 per cent, with compensatory tax cuts that Labour claims will advantage high-income earners.

The bus features a red “skin” with Axe the Tax signage and Labour logos.

A spokesman for Mr Goff said the costs were expected to be about $30,000, including for the bus charter, the signage and other material such as signs and balloons.

He is a trougher extraordinaire. He is supping along with his party at the biggest trough there is, parliamentary funding. We can only trust “Cut and Run” Phil Goff for the figures too because all of the funding that he has availed himself of has been from a post of taxpayers gold beyond the reach of the Official Information Act. We have to trust a man known less for his honesty and more for his spinelessness, that the figures are accurate.

Not only that “Cut and Run” Goff suggests basically that if we don’t like the bus, well he could always have used his minsterial limousine.

The bus was the cheapest way to get around the country and to places that were not on main transport routes.

It would cost significantly more for him to use Crown cars to travel around in and for other MPs to use individual forms of transport. The signage was attention-grabbing and ensured people knew exactly what the MPs were there to talk about.

What a fuckwit! Not only he lies again. The bus may be attention seeking, at least he is honest about for a man desperately seeking relevance but to say that the trip ensured people knew exactly what they ere talking about is a straight out lie. They are most certainly not talking about Axing GST completely and it is they are also NOT talking about dropping GST, and most certainly they won’t be talking about removing the increase in GST should the unlikely occur and they win office at the next election, so it begs the obvious question. Just what are they talking about?

Well I can tell you that those figures are highly suspect. For a start to wrap a bus that big with a full wrap, which is what they have done would probably come in at more than $10,000. That is a third of his $30,000. The rental of the bus would presumably includes a driver because I doubt any Labour MP has the necessary Class 2 licence and P endorsement to drive the bus. Let’s assume that a driver is supplied and he drives the maximum legal hours he can including all break required by law and rest stops of 12 hours per day. Let’s also be generous and say that the driver is paid at the top end of usual bus driver rates at $16p/h. The wages bill alone for the driver is $2688.00, there would also need to be accommodation costs in there, so that adds another $1170 for the two weeks. Labour would never spring for a nice motel for the driver, they would save those rooms for themselves. We are now almost at half of the cost of “Cut and Run” Phil Goff’s $30,000.

We still not have seen how much the daily charter is, the RUC, and the diesel fuel. In a bus like that the fuels costs would be about $150 per day, but that may be light. Still at $150 per day that is the not inconsquential sum of $2100. Now we are definately over halfway on the costs.

I think it is high time that “Cut and Run” Phil Goff produced the receipts to justify his figure of $30,000. I would suggest he will refuse out right given his taking umbrage at the suggestion he is troughing at our expense. To refuse would merely confirm my hypothesis that he is obfuscating on the costs.

The Speaker too needs to start thinking very seriously about the opening up of parliamentary services to greater scrutiny by removing the restriction preventing the OIA being used to prevent the public who pay for this silliness from seeing just how much troughing is going on. If he doesn’t it can only be a matter of time before there is a whistle-blower that dumps heaps of info in the hands of a blogger.