Social engineering

Ridiculous social engineering from Auckland Council

I don’t know how Bernard Osman doesn’t have his intestines leap up and and strangle him to protect his brain from further hurt inflicted by the Auckland Council.  Check this out

The sale of synthetic drugs could be banned in poor suburbs such as Otara, Mangere and Henderson and small residential shopping centres under a policy being developed by Auckland Council.

The council is drawing up rules where retail outlets of psychoactive substances can operate, including a ban within 300m of a high school, 100m of a primary school and 500m of an existing store.

It is hoped the rules will be in place by the time synthetic drugs are due back on sale next year.

The Government made an emergency law change in May stopping the sale of all party pills and synthetic cannabis until a rigorous testing regime is in place.

Under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2013, councils can produce a “local approved product policy” to regulate where legal highs can be sold.

Under the draft policy approved by the regional strategy and policy committee yesterday, retail licences cannot be granted in areas of high deprivation

For this to work, the Council will have to officially declare what areas are included and excluded from these “high deprivation” areas.  Now, I don’t want to be coy, we know where the good streets and the bad ones are, but this is just good intention fraught with unintended consequences.   Read more »

Gee what should I do?

I got this email overnight, I’m so worried, what do you think I should do?

I mean surely they couldn’t delete my account?

Useless phishing tossers

Oh wait, now I understand it is for my costume account…phew!