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National budgeted $2m, spent $8m on keeping people in motels for three months

…if you think the housing pressure’s going to go off the boil in Auckland anytime soon, think again. Forty four percent of those settling here, or more than fifty six thousand, were bound for our biggest city.

The Government’s now being damned by its opponents for turning around the migration flow and being damned for keeping the Auckland gates open.

Labour’s saying the main reason why they’re flocking to Auckland is because the Beehive has no plan for regional economic development, on how to distribute our new migrants around the regions. If it was only that simple. Read more »

Not sure if this was clever Paula


Normally Whaleoil wouldn’t give Simon pimp-the-poor Collins much credit, but this time the numbers are hard to dispute:

The Government has abandoned a target of increasing the numbers of subsidised social housing places to 65,000, despite growing reports of families living in cars and garages.

A pre-Budget report released by the Treasury today shows that the target for social housing places has been cut from 65,000 to 64,100, apparently for fiscal reasons.

Labour housing spokesman Phil Twyford said it was “a broken promise”.

“It’s just more evidence of this Government running down of state housing and social housing in the midst of a housing crisis.” Read more »

Sorry Wendy, but it isn’t your house to keep


Social housing tenant Wendy Ross feels “like a criminal”.

“I haven’t done anything wrong … I’ve worked, I’ve paid my taxes, I’ve raised my family, so why are they trying to make me leave my home?”

Last year we brought you the story of Ms Ross who, having lived in her three-bedroom Whanganui state house for more than 30 years and raised her family there, had been told she would have to move out.

She has now been given a date for her marching orders – July 18 – though that has only strengthened her resolve to remain in the house she considers her home. Ms Ross, who works for the minimum wage as a carer and lives alone, has been told by the Ministry of Social Development that she is no longer eligible for a state house. Read more »

More good news


Jobs up, confidence up, inflation down and main benefit numbers down. ?What else can go wrong for Labour?

The number of people on the social housing register — the waiting list — has fallen 4.6 percent compared to the same time last year. Read more »

Maori will do a better job than the government

I’m glad to hear it.? And it is sort of the point…

The Maori Party has defended its backing for the sale of thousands of state houses, saying iwi will be able to take on the homes and do a better job than Housing New Zealand.

A bill which paves the way for National’s sale of up to 8000 Housing New Zealand properties passed into law yesterday, with the support of Act, United Future and the Maori Party.

Opposition MPs attacked the Maori Party during the bill’s third reading.

Green Party MP Marama Davidson said the Maori Party’s argument that iwi could purchase some of the houses was not a good excuse.

“That is the tiniest possibility,” she said. “I will say that that is not enough … justification for the Maori Party to support this legislation because we know that privatisation has never collectively benefited Maori.”

Labour MP Carmel Sepuloni said she was shocked with the Maori Party’s vote of support.

“That is on record now, and it will not be forgotten,” she said.

The Septic Tank’s at it again, keeping Maori in their place as victims who need to be cared for by the State.? Read more »

New social housing rules enforced from today

Those looking for state homes could be thrown off the waiting list for 13 weeks for turning down a house “without good reason” more than once.

Currently, potential housing tenants can turn down three homes deemed reasonable before action is taken.

Additionally, they’ll also have to name at least three suburbs they want to live in, as opposed to one, currently.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett said people being “overly demanding” had been slowing the process down.

“Too many people have been refusing offers of social housing properties without a good reason and this is delaying others from getting into homes that suit their needs,” she said.

Ms Bennett said 414 houses out of 10,000 offers had been rejected without good cause in 2015, including for reasons such as wanting a garage or a bigger back yard.

You basically get given a free house, many times on top of free money, and these people can say “no”? ? It’s about time harder rules were enforced. ? Read more »

Government looking for the social housing pot at end of the the rainbow

There is just one huge problem with the plan to sell off state houses to social housing providers.

Nobody’s buying.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett has told community housing providers that they need to become sustainable businesses and not to depend on Government grants.

In a speech to a Community Housing Aotearoa conference in Wellington, the minister said she was concerned that housing organisations had an expectation that large scale capital grants were the only way to grow the sector.

“It is quite simply not a sustainable way to grow,” Mrs Bennett told an audience of around 150 people.

Instead of depending on grants, she said, organisations needed to be commercial to be sustainable.

“That will mean looking at ways to build your balance sheet and your financial capability, or forming a consortium to get it.”

It could also mean working with iwi, other housing providers, larger financiers, or companies with experience in large scale asset management.

“The Government has signalled that we expect providers of all sizes to be seriously looking at all options to build a sustainable business,” Mrs Bennett said. Read more »

More good news: Fewer bludgers need social housing

The number of people needing social housing has fallen 20 percent over the last 12 months.

The Social Housing Register stood at 4467 at the end of September, a decrease of 1132 compared with the same time last year.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett released the latest figures today.

“Every person who is on the register or applies to be has a different set of needs to the next,” she said. Read more »

Losers to go for a walk, sorry? hikoi, to highlight state housing sale


Stop selling our state houses protest hikoi to parliament -?John Minto

SHAN (State Housing Action Network) is organising a protest hikoi to parliament to demand National MPs and their allies stop the sale of state houses.

Groups of state house tenants and supporters will come from all over the country to converge on parliament on Tuesday 13th October (the first sitting day of parliament after the holiday recess)

“We are appalled that in the middle of a housing crisis for low-income tenants and families the government is trying to sell state houses to the private sector.” Read more »

Tauranga and Invercargill the first cities to sell state houses

via radiolive

via radiolive

The Government is about to begin selling up to 2000 state houses to social housing providers, with homes in Tauranga and Invercargill first on the block.

About 1140 houses in Tauranga and another 370 in Invercargill will be sold to registered providers from tomorrow as part of the Social Reform Housing programme.

Tenants affected in Invercargill and Tauranga will be able to stay in their homes when they are sold, with the properties to remain as social housing unless the Government decides otherwise. Read more »