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Tolley: giving money and food away doesn?t solve the problem

The churches are politicking again. Perhaps it is time to look, once again, at their status.

As usual the Media party take their side despite clear contradictions between the claims made and the facts in the report.

The government is dumping responsibility for desperate people on the charitable sector, say New Zealand’s Christian social services.

A new report from the NZ Council of Christian Social Services, released today, says demand on social service organisations has soared, while government support has shrunk, particularly in the form of food grants.

Read the full report online here

Executive officer Trevor McGlinchey said like many of the people they served, social service organisations were under huge financial stress, with government funding staying largely static for the last eight years.

Desperation to find housing, food and sufficient income to survive had become “the new normal” for many families, he said.

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Intriguing plan to deliver better outcomes for kids who are off the rails

I don’t think any of this will be earth-shatteringly new, but it’s interesting to have some numbers put against it.


The National Urban Maori Authority (AUMA) conducted the research and chief executive, Lance Norman, told The Nation programme the cost of failing a struggling child was $145,000 per year.

This compares to $28,000 per child each year in up-front investments that Mr Norman says, if put into the right programmes, could stop children going off the rails.

The AUMA processed data from the Ministry of Justice and says savings could potentially be as high as $50 million a year.

The AUMA is proposing a social bond which is where investors make a profit from the Government if a social service agency meets certain targets. This means the Government pays for outcomes rather than just providing services.

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Married Pedophiles allowed to bring young girls into UK

Home Office powerless as legal loophole leaves underage child brides free to join husbands in Britain.

Actions not words: Home Secretary Theresa May delivers a speech at a child sexual exploitation conference

Actions not words: Home Secretary Theresa May delivers a speech at a child sexual exploitation conference

If the girl is wed lawfully in her homeland her husband cannot be prosecuted under UK law, Theresa May?s Home Office said.

Officials made the admission after the Bishop of St Albans Alan Smith asked the House of Lords what steps the Government was taking to protect girls already in under-age marriages from coming into the UK.

Schools minister Lord Nash told him social services and police might be involved if there were child protection issues, but the law as it stands cannot stop child brides entering the UK in the first place.

Might be involved? Might! They are pedophiles.These young girls are being abused. No Nation with any decency would recognise a child bride as a legal marriage. This is insanity.

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Homelessness is a choice

Labour is promising to eradicate homelessness. Why?

The Labour Party will promise today to “eradicate” homelessness through its root causes, including helping teenagers to find somewhere to live if they can’t get on with their parents.

The party’s policy for the homeless, to be unveiled in Hamilton today by housing spokeswoman Moana Mackey, will also propose tighter regulation and a mandatory register for boarding houses.

Labour recently pushed for an inquiry into boarding houses by Parliament’s social services select committee after Ms Mackey found what she called “disgusting” conditions in some Wellington boarding houses. But the inquiry was cut short when Parliament rose for the election.

Ms Mackey, a Gisborne-based list MP, said there was no coherent policy on homelessness because the issue fell between agencies such as Housing NZ, the Ministry of Social Development and the Department of Building and Housing.

So let me get this straight. Labour was in government for 9 years and not a squeak was made about homelessness. Now they are in opposition it is urgent and requires attention.

In modern New Zealand with a gold plated welfare state the only reason there is homelessness is through choice. Plain and simple it has to be choice. It is either through?lifestyle?choices and addictions that result from that, but choice nonetheless or just plain reticence to seek assistance. Either way it is still through choice.

Another b.s. policy launch from Labour, desperate to appear relevant, yet proving they aren’t.