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Who should read Truth this week?

Socialist Cindy aka Jacinda Ardern should be buying a Truth tomorrow….

Guest Post – Skinner Normanton

Headline of the day.

Greetings brothers,

By the look of her she would and does eat everything that gets within lunging distance of her mouth.

Which leads me nicely into a topic close to my heart (and stomach).

Gerry Brownlee needs to take one eye off the buffet and keep it on Mike Sabin because his crown as the fattest Tory may well be snatched by the incredible bloating MP Mike Sabin.

I spotted him today at a Cafe up north and he looks to have gained 20 kilos since I last saw him parking that sign written V8 in Kaitaia before the election.

In fact I would suggest that he has gained more weight since November than Socialist Cindy managed to put on her arse in her first six months on the parliamentary gravy.

Of course you are going to have to take my word for it on the Sabin heft because as I lined up behind a palm to snatch a pic on the iPhone I got a murderous look from the table next to him which was populated by the gym bunnies who looked like they were considering a lynching if  I was snapping them in the sweaty lycra.

Despite the privilege of guest posting here it is not worth getting a kicking from the middle aged mummies just to snatch a pic of Mike Sabin.

My Little Pony's fashion disaster

Jacinda ArdernOK, I know we’re not meant to talk about what My Little Pony Ardern (as an aside that Wikipedia page is pathetic, talking about achieving nothing in 29 years of sucking oxygen)…what she was wearing but…

…if I was running for Auckland Central then I am pretty sure I’d be wearing something made by an Auckland designer – especially to a fluffy interview like with the Sunday News.

There are huge numbers of designers (and even design students) to choose from in Auckland, especially in the Fashion Capital of New Zealand where the Mayor of Newmarket, Cameron Brewer, is always hawking their wares… so why a designer from the Socialist Republic of Christchurch?

How on earth can you take anyone seriously as a politician when they say things like “I think I’m quite a simple person”. No Socialist Cindy, you don’t think, and we know that you ARE simple.

-A reader contribution via the tipline.