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Jew-hating professor leaves Auckland Uni after outcry

Scott Poynting, the professor who hates Jews and whom we busted for his anti-semitism, will no longer be poisoning students at Auckland University.

A?University of Auckland professor is to leave his job after an anti-Semitism row sparked by a letter to the Waikato Times.

Acclaimed hate crimes expert?Professor Scott Poynting??compared an?Israeli company?employing Palestinians to a German company employing Jews. The commentary?rankled various groups, including the New Zealand Jewish Council and a fellow academic, who?complained to the university,?branding the professor’s letter?to the editor as anti-Semitic.

University?Vice-Chancellor Stuart McCutcheon addressed the complainants in a letter, which he detailed investigations had been undertaken. The institution had?found Poynting not?guilty of professional?misconduct and it had been suggested to Poynting he should write a second letter to the editor of the Waikato Times?clarifying he was not intending to make anti-Semitic remarks, McCutcheon said.

Poynting had refused to write a clarification, so McCutcheon apologised?on behalf of the educational institution.

“… I do acknowledge that the way in which Scott?Poynting?expressed himself caused considerable distress to many members of the community. On behalf of the University of Auckland, I offer my own sincere apologies for that distress,” McCutcheon wrote.

However, the final line of McCutcheon’s?letter saw the New Zealand Tertiary Education Union (TEU) wade?into the debate.

“Professor?Poynting’s?employment with the University of Auckland concludes on 30 June 2016.”

It was important to note Poynting was retiring in June, as had always been the case,?TEU organiser?Enzo?Giodani?said.

The university, however,?would not confirm the manner of his departure.

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Pressure mounts on Auckland Uni Professor Scott Poynting’s anti-semitic letter

The other day I received a legal letter from Professor Scott Poynting’s lawyer saying that my calling him anti-semitic was defamatory.

I replied at length explaining ?Professor Poynting’s problems with making that claim.

I pointed out the numerous public complaints on the University of Auckland’s Facebook page and now it seems one of his own colleagues is upset and has written to the Waikato Times also.

Scott Poynt?ing, in a re?cent let?ter to the Waikato Times (Novem?ber 28), made the com?par?i?son of Pales?tini?ans work?ing for So?daStream with Jews hav?ing worked for IG Far?ben.

Not only was the his?tor?i?cal con?text of the anal?ogy faulty, but the tacit ref?er?ence to the mil?lions of Jews killed by the Ger?mans dur?ing the era of the Third Re?ich was ap?palling, and seem?ingly de?lib?er?ately de?signed to min?imise the scale and sig?nif?i?cance of the Holo?caust.

Pro?fes?sor Poynt?ing must surely apol?o?gise for the hate?ful?ness of his com?ment.

Paul Moon Pro?fes?sor of His?tory, Auck?land Univer?sity of Tech?nol?ogy?

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