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Are they going to enforce bag checks too?

The wowsers want to wreck Pasifika Festival by banning and enforcing a soft drink ban:

The country’s biggest celebration of Pacific culture will be held at Western Springs this weekend.

Fighting Sugar in Soft Drinks (FIZZ) founder Gerhard Sundborn, who called for the ban, said 25 percent of a child’s sugar intake was from sugary drinks. ? Read more »

Duncan Garner joins in the media driven frenzy over sugar

The media are aiding the health troughers by campaigning against sugar ?and products containing sugar.

Instead of blaming fat bastards, like pie wrecking?Duncan Garner for the shape of their bodies they instead seek to blame supermarkets, food and beverage producers and sugar manufacturers.

On top of that they advocate for the same sorts of measures against the products that are used against tobacco.

People said it would never come to this but there is not other way to label articles like Duncan Garner’s “Killer Fizz” claims.

The fizz is killing us, and it?s time we put the spotlight on sugar and the supermarkets. So I?ve been out and about.

An Auckland Countdown store was selling these two products this morning for just $1 a bottle. It?s 1.5 litres of flavoured Fanta ? it?s killer fizz and the flavours are grape and blueberry.

What?s worse is that it?s positioned in the aisle to target kids and their parents as they walk past ? just so they don?t miss it. It?s just flavoured sugar and it?s making us all fat.

Yes, I know it?s called a “loss-leader” to get people in the store, but I?ve got a real problem with this marketing and this practice.

Sugar is evil. It?s killing us and there?s plenty of evidence around to prove it.

The fizz isn’t killing us, fat bastards with a lack of self control are killing themselves. ?? Read more »

Crampton on the anti-sugar jihad

Eric Crampton writes at NBR about the anti-Sugar jihadists about to trough it up at a symposium about how sugar is the new health evil besetting New Zealand.

Via?Dave Guerin, I find that?Auckland Uni is hosting?a symposium: “Sugary Drink Free Pacific By 2030?” The press release notes Richard Johnson and Robert Lustig as keynotes. Lustig is famous for his “fructose is toxic” position;?Johnson’s pretty similar.

The first day’s sessions will discuss just how evil sugar is. The second day’s sessions will cover policies to reduce sugar, including a keynote from a guy who’s eating a lot of sugar and making a movie about it, a talk by Tony Falkenstein advocating a soda tax, a talk on lessons for advocacy, and one called “An endgame to SSB [sugar-sweetened beverages] in NZ by 2025?”

Tony Falkenstein is likely the same Tony Falkenstein whose day job is putting water coolers and filters in NZ offices: they’re called “Just Water”. I doubt he has any particular expertise in soda taxes, other than that they hit competitor beverages.?He’s also the one helping organise some class action suit against Coke and the beverage companies. I’d thought that part of the deal with the Accident Compensation Commission was that New Zealand didn’t really have class action liability suits; I expect that it’s largely a publicity stunt for Falkenstein’s water company. I think we had one of his water coolers before we moved offices; I think I can see a budget line item that the Department can pretty quickly do away with as part of our ongoing budget cuts.? Read more »

Flakenstein donkey deep in class action against Coke and Frucor Execs

Yesterday I ran a?post about a bunch of Australian lawyers seeking to run a class action against the likes of Coke and Frucor, highlighting Tony Falkenstein?s involvement.

image003 Read more »

Will Len Brown try this diversion tactic?

While Auckland?s lame-duck Mayor struggles on trying to give the impression he?s actually doing something, a tin-pot little shire council in Australia has decided to axe the sale of soft drinks at its functions and events.

With Len?s clever PR team desperate for more distractions from the pending EY Report into his dalliances, maybe they?ll copy Eurobodalla?

Where is Eurobodalla Shire Council you ask? I?d never heard of it either, so had to have a look at where this world leading metropolis actually is. It?s the A on the map, in the middle of butt-fluff no-where on the South Coast of New South Wales. ? Read more »