Sonny Bill Williams

What’s wrong with this photo of Sonny Bill Williams?


This photo was tweeted with the word “Grateful”

When I was a young parent there was one thing I was immovable on and I was often surprised at how some mothers at the local Kindergarten who claimed to love their children were entirely flexible on the issue.

Have you guessed yet what is wrong with this happy family snap?
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Pot, kettle, black, Mister Rattue

Chris Rattue thinks there is a witch hunt being run against Sonny Bill Williams because he likes to hang out with ISIS-supporting hate speech preachers who have anti-gay beliefs.

It’s hard to work out whether BMW is speeding towards a crisis or away from one. But the famous German car maker has been slow on the uptake when it comes to Sonny Bill Williams.

SBW has been a Muslim since about 2009 which means there is a very good chance he has associated with his religion’s clerics for seven years. BMW signed SBW as an ambassador late last year. Now they are suddenly worried about the clerics he hangs out with, and particularly one who is violently anti-gay. ? Read more »

Sonny Bill Williams praised by anti-gay Imam Ismael Menk

Imam Ismael Menk was banned from six UK universities in 2013 for his extreme anti-homosexual views. He described same-sex acts as, “filthy”, “wrong” and “acts of immorality”.

Menk was recorded as saying: “With all due respect to the animals, [homosexuals] are worse than those animals”.

While he lives in South Africa, Menk travels the world teaching his religious views and his visits to countries, especially those in the West, are often met with controversy.

Supporting Menk by re-tweeting and praising his comments saw Australian navy Captain Mona Shindy last year forced to shut down the social media account she ran to promote Islam in the navy.

The friendship between Sonny Bill Williams and Menk has been well documented on social media. The closeness of this relationship has caused complainants to question whether Williams endorses Menk’s homophobic beliefs.


Whaleoil and Gay Express articles lead to review of Sonny Bill William’s BMW sponsorship

Whaleoil covered Sonny Bill William’s friendship with an extremist Muslim hate preacher in the following articles.

Time to change cars?Sonny Bill Williams appointed BMW brand ambassador?-?October 26th 2016?

BMW?s SBW PR disaster spreads?-?November 17 2016

Advice from Sonny Bill Williams ? choose your friends wisely?- January 1st 2017

Online magazine Gay Express also covered the story.?BMW?S LATEST AMBASSADOR LINKED TO ANTI-LGBT+ FIGURES?

Sonny Bill Williams’ friendship with a radical preacher has drawn complaints from community groups and forced his sponsor to respond…

BMW is “re-looking” at its ambassador deal with Sonny Bill Williams after complaints about the rugby star’s association with controversial Muslim clerics.

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BMW’s SBW PR disaster spreads

Sonny Bill Williams in his BMW with the missus in the back seat where she belongs

Sonny Bill Williams in his BMW with the missus in the back seat where she belongs

Back at the end of October we wrote about BMW appointing known supporter of Islamic terrorism, Sonny Bill Williams, as their brand ambassador.

Many people posted on their Facebook page and now the issue has spread to the LGBT community, who are upset that SBW associated with known anti-gay Islami activists and to the wider motoring community.

Of more concern to BMW, probably, is that SBW is now in conflict with his All Black sponsors, Ford.

The core issue is BMW New Zealand having recently announced it has named the rugby and rugby league icon as a brand ambassador.

The deal provisions the player, presently recuperating from injury, with one of the brand?s more elite products, the $161,000 xDrive 50i, the flagship of the X5 sports utility range.

That arrangement has since been criticised by BMW owners – whose concerns have ranged from how Williams dresses and is perceived to act in public to his religious and perceived political choices – and an on-line commentator, a reaction that the brand now admits it was unprepared for. ?

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Time to change cars…Sonny Bill Williams appointed BMW brand ambassador

Sonny Bill Williams has been announced as BMW NZ’s new brand ambassador.

BMW is obviously not interested in the gay, Jewish or tolerant person market here in NZ.

I wonder if BMW knows that Sonny Bill Williams hangs with, is mates with, and respects anti-Israel, anti-Jewish and anti-Gay, banned hate preachers:

Sonny Bill Williams cuddles up to hate speech preachers

Sonny Bill Williams cuddles up to hate speech preachers

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Sonny Bill Williams doesn’t want Syrian children bombed


The images of dead children tweeted by Sonny Bill Williams are purportedly casualties of a Russian airstrike on a Syrian school.

Without picking sides, Williams wrote: “What did these children do to deserve this? This summer share a thought for the innocent lives lost everyday in war.” Read more »

Face of the day

Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill Williams

Today’s face of the day, rugby star Sonny Bill Williams, has been criticised for tweeting photos of two dead children following his visit to Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon. Dead children are the reality of the brutal conflict. Twitter is full of graphic images. ISIS use twitter and facebook to show off their atrocities. Photos of the holocaust made people uncomfortable too, but without them it is even easier to pretend that the atrocities are not happening or never happened.

While I find the ideology that Sonny Bill Williams follows abhorrent, I nevertheless applaud his genuine attempts to help Syrian refugees by drawing attention to their plight. The photo of him with a girl not wearing a hijab, makes me think that his visit is not about promoting Islam but is about helping people in need, no matter what their religion.

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Muslim blood letting


Sonny Bill Williams tweeted the photo above to his followers. ?It is him in the process of having blood sucked out of his body using a number of suction cups, as recommended by Muhammad no less.

Sunday Star Times?reporter Adam Dudding decides to go try it out for himself… ? Read more »

Finally. Someone willing to call Sonny Bill Williams out

SBW is a bastard. ?I’m on record as not liking people code hopping just to get another jersey on their record when they haven’t earned it by delivering at local, provincial and national level first. ?But when he gave his Rugby World Championship medal to a random kid, I was quite frustrated about it.

John Roughan puts my feelings into words.

What a strange thing it was that Sonny Bill Williams did. All the previous strange things in his career have been blamed on his manager but there was nobody in Sonny Bill’s ear when he decided to give his Rugby World Cup winner’s medal away.

It was his own spontaneous gesture to a lad who had run out to the All Blacks during their victory lap and had been tackled by a Twickenham security guard. The kid was not hurt and probably not surprised to be tackled. Williams and Steve Hansen picked him up, put an arm around him and Williams steered him back to the fence where on a parting impulse he gave the kid his medal.

A trifle excessive, I thought. Also a bit demeaning for the prize the All Blacks had just won, and I wondered what his teammates thought. I also hoped the boy’s parents would realise it was a needless gesture, probably made in a moment of excitement when the man was not thinking clearly, and one he would later regret. ?? Read more »