Hacking and Double Standards in the media

Everyone know that I was hacked but a gutless coward who skulks in the shadows.

Our?media as a result of the hack treated the conduit, Nicky Hager as a hero,?pursued me, my friends and hounded people out of jobs.

We had done noting wrong, nothing illegal and yet they pursued us. We were vilified in the media, in social media and yet the fact remains that we did nothing wrong.

Our only ‘crime’ was to have differing political views to the hacker, to Nicky Hager and to the haters who vilified us.

Those same investigative journalists have never once attempted to investigate who the hacker was, who was involved or why they did it. There was zero balance., it was just a feeding frenzy in an attempt to unseat a popular government.

Now they are speaking at hacking conferences making themselves complicit in the hack.

Simon Brew at Den of Geek talks about the Sony hack and the lack of ethics from news outlets and journalists who have revelled in the hack.

Then, we’re at the Sony hack. This wasn’t a leak of a set picture, or a tip off from a source. This was people hacking into a company’s servers, stealing private information, and making it available without their consent. Thus, not only have certain films leaked, but so have documents relating to an assortment of Sony projects. These involve major franchises and a lot of human beings.

The major news outlets couldn’t wait to delve through them and run the stories.

Let’s make no bones about this either: there were some juicy, major stories in there. Huge ones in some instances. However, I can’t shake the feeling that they were obtained by theft. That outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter – to name just a handful – are, ultimately, benefitting from stolen property, and feeding on the spoils of it. Some are reporting it as a leak. But it’s not a leak. It’s an illegal hack. Bluntly, a theft.? Read more »

Fight Dotcom At His Own Game

Whaleoil has proved that Kim Dotcom doesn’t like it back up him.

Apparently Hollywood studios want proof of Dotcom’s offshore assets and maybe even his onshore ones.

Well Kim started this little war so in my view it is game on.

Kim put up $5 million as a reward for any whistleblower who could help them in their case.

I say the Hollywood studios should match that for anyone who can help with theirs.

It is a rounding error on a balance sheet for each of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Disney Enterprises, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Universal City Studios Productions, Columbia Pictures Industries, Warner Bros Entertainment, Warner Music Group, UMG Recordings, Sony Music Entertainment and Capital Records.

$5 million would buy you a “whistleblower” in the offshore industry for sure. ?Kim had and has midgets looking after his files offshore who are barely making a New Zealand minimum wage.

$5 million and those files may end up, well, anywhere really…….

Photo Of the Day

Not Superman. Pacu Jawi or a cow race can be called in Indonesian is a traditional game that is contested attraction in Tanah Datar district, West Sumatra, Indonesia.  Picture: Irwansyah, Indonesia/2014 Sony World Photography Awards

Not Superman. Pacu Jawi or a cow race can be called in Indonesian is a traditional game that is contested attraction in Tanah Datar district, West Sumatra, Indonesia.
Picture: Irwansyah, Indonesia/2014 Sony World Photography Awards

Cow Race Indonesian style (Pacu Jawi)

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Will the DUALSHOCK4 controller improve your gaming?

They can stop bludging too

I hate subsidies and I fail to see why movie moguls, who make billions, need us to subsidise their movies. It is just corporate welfare and they need to stop bludging too. Bludgers are bludgers no matter what they look like:

The Government is under pressure to raise the 15 per cent subsidy it offers to lure foreign film and television companies, to compete with an Australian proposal raised by Hollywood heavyweights who dined with the Prime Minister this week.

John Key met the heads of Fox, Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Sony and MGM studios at a dinner hosted by Avatar director James Cameron and his associate John Landau on Thursday with actor Cliff Curtis and Weta supremo Sir Richard Taylor.

The meal followed a day of meetings in Hollywood for Mr Key, including a visit to the set of TV show Body of Proof, where he was introduced to the cast, including former Desperate Housewives star Dana Delany.

Up for discussion at Thursday’s dinner at the Landau home were alleged internet pirate Kim Dotcom, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the 15 per cent subsidy NZ pays film companies to secure their business.

Taxpayers have spent more than $500 million in the past decade subsidising Hollywood productions, including Sir Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings. Subsidies for The Hobbit are expected to reach $60 million.


Tech Tuesday – The Bloggers Camera

from Mashable

This is just what I have been looking for as a compromise between video and stills for the blog. Especially as it is election year next year and I am in process of organising a reprise of the Blogmobile with The Manatee.

Sony?s Bloggie Touch camera captures Full HD video and 12.8-megapixel still shots with the simple touch of its single record button. The large touch screen showcases your photos and videos, which are stored on built-in memory. Its size makes it readily available from your pocket or purse, and you can easily upload your photos and videos to your favorite social networking sites while you?re on the go.

At $159 US it seems a real bargain. I wonder if Sony NZ would like to sponsor one for the Blogmobile and for election year.

Sony Bloggie

Sony Bloggie