Sophia Pahulu

Langham Hotel responds to Kia Ora Gaza’s hate speech comments

On Sunday we posted about a woman who has commented with quotes from Adolf Hitler at Kia Ora Gaza’s Facebook hate speech site.

Her Facebook profile stated that she worked at the Langham Hotel and when I called the hotel they put me through to an extension that went to voicemail.

This morning I received the following correspondence from?Franz Mascarenhas the Managing Director of the Langham Hotel in Auckland.

Dear Cam,

I am writing in relation to the comments made on your website in relation to Ms Sophia Pahulu who claims to work at the Langham.

At the outset, may I assure you that this lady does not work for us and has not worked for us in the past as well. I have spoken with our Telephone Operator who took a call around 6pm yesterday from someone whom she recalls as David, and she told this person that she is familiar with the name as she received an email about her. She clarified that the lady Sophia does not work at Langham, to which he asked ? So is she using a fake Facebook page? She responded saying ?We will look into this.? ? Read more »

Disgusting anti-semitism on display from Kia Ora Gaza hate group

Kia Ora Gaza is promoting a speaking event from the NZ Palestine Solidarity Network on Facebook.


Once again Roger Fowler’s group is inciting hatred against Jews. ? Read more »