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Goff wants to be mayor – so trashes PPTA schools

Phil Goff gets up union dominated schools in South Auckland who are failing their students.

At last week’s Auckland mayoral debate on Morning Report, the city’s four main candidates blamed ‘white flight’ on a divided society and poor schooling.

Mark Thomas said the council’s role was to provide more affordable housing and better facilities.

John Palino said it reflected Auckland’s changing society.

“I mean as far as schools, why pakeha go to different schools is because parents want their children to go to better schools.”

Phil Goff also blamed poor education at many of the south Auckland schools.

“My kids went to one of those south Auckland schools, it’s a decile one school, Papakura. I don’t think that it does its duty by the students that go there. I think we are not getting the quality that we need in some of those schools.” ? Read more »

Radio New Zealand avoids the obvious: Fat Bastards and diabetes go together

People living in the lower socio-economic South Auckland area are twice as likely to suffer from diabetes as those who live in the more affluent areas of Epsom, North Shore and central Auckland, a study has found.

The study conducted by the University of Auckland, and published today in the NZ Medical Journal, found that geography played a part in the distribution of diabetes.

The study leader Daniel Exeter from Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the university said there was an inequity in health outcomes across electorates and contributing factors include levels of deprivation and access to different types of food.

“Research has shown that areas of high deprivation have much more ready availability to convenience food.”

The study analysed data from 63,000 people diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes across the region in 2011 who were aged 30 years or over.

The highest rate of diabetes was 17.3 percent in Mangere and the lowest was 3.2 percent on the North Shore even after adjusting for age, gender and ethnicity. The prevalence of the condition in the Auckland region was close to the national average at 8.5 percent.

I’d like to coin a phrase for this.? Let’s call it the KFC Factor.?? Read more »

The only thing worse than road maggots is window washers


There is a real epidemic, particularly in South Auckland, of window washers.

You know the ones. ?The gang thugs put on the?streets to extract cash from motorists by smearing dirty, greasy water all over your windscreen.

At one particular intersection I travel thru (pictured above) they are actually operating right under the noses of a policing centre.

Last week the police began trespassing window-washers in the area around the intersection of East Tamaki Rd and Bairds Rd, after reports of disorder, vehicle crime and wilful damage.

Manukau Business Association chief executive Kerry Burridge said they had asked the police to act several times after repeated threats to their security guard.? Read more »

The battle for the Pasifika vote

Bottom line is, nobody cares about the Pasifika vote, until it is time to vote. ?And they know it.

Despite big Labour majorities in the top three Pasifika electorates, voting age participation in Mangere, Manukau East and Manurewa was down and among the lowest for all general electorates.

Labour MP for Kelston Carmel Sepuloni said it had been a problem for the past three elections and needed to be “seriously addressed” for 2017.

She said young, educated Pasifika who were born in New Zealand were the key to reversing that falling turnout and to the future of the Pasifika vote.

National Party list MP Alfred Ngaro said the challenge for all parties was to recognise Pasifika voters were no longer migrants.

Most are now “Kiwis of Pacific descent” who are younger, more educated and looking to do things differently from their parents.

“There is no more traditional vote. The vote has shifted and changed and if we’re not cognisant of that, then I think we’re gonna miss the mark,” said Mr Ngaro.

Alfred Ngaro believes younger, Pasifika New Zealanders will be attracted to National’s message that individuals can aspire to more for themselves and that cultural obligations to church and family need to change.

But Carmel Sepuloni said collective cultural values were not being abandoned in the push for higher education and better jobs.

“We’re encouraged to do that for wider family and community. But if the principle of collectivism dilutes the longer we are here, will there still be that alignment to the Labour Party? I’m not sure.”

What the hell did she say? ?Collective cultural values and principles of collectivism dilutes? ?I swear, I don’t understand Pasifika talk. ? Read more »

Meanwhile, in the real world of politics… “It’s like a war”


Exciting cloak and dagger stuff aside, we have an election coming, and Matthew Theunissen reports on National’s “courageous” move to launch in South Auckland

The National Party will turn its back on glitzy SkyCity to launch its election campaign at the Manukau Events Centre.

The last three launches have been at the SkyCity Convention Centre in the CBD but next week the party will switch to a Labour stronghold. Read more »

It is Impossible to overstate how much trouble Labour is in in South Auckland, Ctd

It would appear that Labour in South Auckland is in dreadful trouble.

Sure the evidence is anecdotal but let’s examine what my Labour sources and campaigners on the ground are saying about South Auckland.

I have been picking up this change over the past couple of weeks so I called around a few Labour stalwarts and this is what they told me.

One said that last night there was a campaign meeting in South Auckland with all the Labour candidates and David Cunliffe. It could muster only 100 people and most of those were hardened Labour stalwarts.

The photographic evidence certainly proves this.


Say hello to Vernon Small sitting just in front of Matt McCarten at the back

Read more »

It is impossible to overstate how much trouble Labour is in in South Auckland

One of the typical occurrences on election night is that National’s lead is generally curtailed at the end of the night as the South Auckland booths come in, and a huge lot of Labour votes are finally added to the pile.

Signs are that 2014 will be the first time this will not happen.

If you had to pick the most working class Labour heartland in South Auckland, few would disagree with Otara being near the top of the shortlist. ?So when David Cunliffe visits Otara for a an election campaign public meeting, you’d expect them to look a little like this:


So it must send ice water running through McCarten’s veins when this was the actual outcome: ?? Read more »

Aaaand another one



A two-year-old boy has been killed by a car in Papatoetoe.

Police say he was run over in the driveway of his home just after six o’clock last night.

It’s believed the boy’s father was reversing up the driveway when the toddler rushed out to greet him. ? Read more »

Juxtaposition of the Day

Via Stuff Mobile

Via Stuff Mobile

Juxtapositions are a whimsical way to remind us of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

This is South Auckland

My friend just recieved this txt msg…see if you can translate it.

Some context to help you decipher: The sender is 16, two kids, lives in South Auckland, owes money, is behind on payments.

One of the 99% no doubt.