Do you want a home for $100,000 or less?

Are there any affordable homes in New Zealand for $100,000 or less? I let my fingers do the typing and searched Trademe for properties for sale for $100,000 or less.

A 20% deposit on a $100,000 house is $20,000. To pay off a mortgage of $80,000 it will cost you $220.42 a fortnight if you choose a table loan over 30 years.

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They’re nervous down in Palmy

Via Newstalk ZB website:

A family with four generations of in-breeding has been discovered in New South Wales, The Daily Mail reports.

It’s a case described as one of the worst in Australia’s history.

Children of what’s been called a horrifying incest ‘cult’ have been found living deformed, filthy and mute in scenic valley south-west of Sydney.

Brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts had sex with each other for decades.

Children were severely disabled with one girl, nine, unable to read or talk.

She was unable to bathe herself and did not know what toilet paper was.


I bet there’s a few cold sweats and paranoid head turning going on down in the depths of central Manawatu. The Valiants, Falcons and Kingswoods will be getting packed for a hasty mass exodus as we speak.

A pretty average editorial

Given the?Southland Times?broke the?Israeli non-spy story?after the Christchurch earthquake, that turned out to be just freaked out students wanting to get home fast , you can say it is one of the less high-brow among our nose-diving fourth estate.? There wasn’t much mention of the damage this accusative did to our ‘100% Pure Brand’ in Israel, or among Israeli Americans.

Now we all know that Fairfax, like the Horrid, only employs??decent journalists, trained and skilled’.? Well today’s?”A pretty average editorial“?shows some true ‘genius’. There’s unintended irony for you.

“A pretty average editorial” gets the Campbell Jive violins out right at the start:

“The average New Zealand business with a turnover greater than $700,000 a year spends 21 per cent of it on wages. The dairy industry, just 7 per cent.”

You can see where this is heading.? Those nasty dairy farmers need to employ a lot more people so they can have shit productivity as, I don’t know , a provincial newspaper based in Southland:? Read more »

Steals car because of sore feet, runs from crash scene

Sadly a lot of the stories I’ve posted about dimwits have come from Southland, but some clowns just need their nose rubbed in it. Take the following expert in jackassery:

A teenager who stole a vehicle because his feet were sore, crashed it into another vehicle the next day.

Nicholas Folster, 18, appeared before Judge Raoul Neave in the Invercargill District Court yesterday and admitted two charges of driving recklessly causing injury, stealing a vehicle and failing to stop after an accident on December 30.

He was remanded on bail to March 22 for sentence.

Prosecutor Penny Stratford said Folster stole an unlocked car while walking on Winton-Wreys Bush Highway.

He drove it to Te Anau and the next morning to Invercargill. While in Tweed St he put the car into a low gear, causing smoke to come off the tyres and the car to fishtail, she said.

The car continued fishtailing for about 1 kilometre before Folster lost control, crossed the centre line, collided with another vehicle with two people in it and continued into a fence, Ms Stratford said.

Folster ran from the scene. Read more »

Sorry Trevor I was wrong

I need to apologise to Trevor Mallard for yesterday’s post suggesting all manner of reasons for his new found affair with Invercargill.

I was totally off base.

The real reason for Trevor being appointed the caretaker labour rep for Invercargill and Southland is the resurrection of the Underpants Stealing Strategy.

1. Send Trevor to Invercargill

2. ???

3. Win Votes

Or perhaps Labour are just shafting Lesley Soper with the nearest blunt instrument they can find.

Kiwis too lazy to work

? Southland Times

It seems that Kiwi workers have a bad attitude for Kiwi employers,?preferring?instead motivated immigrants

Southland dairy farmers are finding immigrants more desirable staff than “dysfunctional” New Zealanders, a Lincoln University academic says.

University researcher Rupert Tipples said a lot of problems dairy farmers were seeing with Kiwis was that they might have a criminal record, social issues and did not want to work.

“In contrast, the migrants come in to work, make money, pay money back to their relatives, and they are highly motivated,” Dr Tipples said.

This month he invited 700 Southland dairy farmers to Winton to talk about immigrants working on dairy farms.

A Dairy Insight study he worked on in 2004 highlighted the need for immigrants in the New Zealand dairy industry.

Dairy farmers preferred employing immigrants for the entry-level jobs once deemed suitable for unemployed New Zealanders, he said.

“The unemployed New Zealanders, they have less skills and qualifications, and if you throw in something like `have you got a clean criminal record?’ All the migrants need to have that to get in the country.”

A Canterbury farmer once told Dr Tipples because of New Zealanders’ social baggage, he employed only Filipinos.

“Because you don’t have to do all the social work, [that] you have to do with the Kiwis. You’re their financial adviser, you’re their councillor and social worker, and a farmer at the same time.

“The guy said `I want to be a farmer, I don’t want to be doing all these social worker things, that’s not my stuff,’ yet that’s what comes when you have a dysfunctional Kiwi worker,” Dr Tipples said.

Most of the unemployed lived in the North Island, were young Maori and Pacific Islanders, and would not head south for work, Dr Tipples said.

“The major group of unemployment, at the highest rate these days is Maori and Pasifika youth. They probably come out of school with minimal qualifications, they probably live north of Hamilton, and the jobs are down here in Canterbury and Southland.”

Do they never learn?

? NZ Herald

Is someone going to have to go down to Invercargill and play the monorail song to the fools wanting to run one through Fiordland:

Fiordland National Park is at risk of being turned into a theme park if a proposed monorail through the Snowdon Forest goes ahead, a hearing in Invercargill was told yesterday.

Riverstone Holding Ltd wants to build the $150 million, 43km monorail from the Kiwi Burn entrance near Mavora Lakes to Te Anau Downs.

The Department of Conservation has indicated it will approve the concession, subject to public submissions.

All 19 submitters at the hearing, chaired by Graeme Ayres, opposed it.

Reasons for the opposition were destruction of ecological values, natural remoteness and solitude and the adverse effects on recreational use of the area.

Hunter Glen Dean said the monorail would destroy pristine natural areas which were easily accessible but still felt completely remote.

“This is a wilderness area that’s accessible to, in particular, locals, and this monorail concept is not something we want. I despise turning our conservation land into a theme park like Disneyland.”

How's that Global Warming feeling

Bomber accuses me of being a “denier”.

In reality he is the one who is a denier. Just have a look at all the evidence before us over the weekend that that warming feeling just isn’t coming anytime soon.

Southland farmers told to dump milk – because of massive snow falls in spring

Snow bad news for sheep farmers – because of massive snow falls in spring

Roofs collapse under weight of snow

Snowy Invercargill from the air

Southland businesses urged to stay closed

Federated Farmers president and Southland sheep farmer Don Nicolson said in all his life in the area he had only seen one other snow event like this, and that was in the middle of the 1996 winter.

“This couldn’t have come at a worse time for farmers. I have never had conditions in the middle of lambing quite like this. Snow isn’t normal for Southland as most people think – we don’t have penguins running up our main streets.”

To top it all off more and more people are starting to realise that there is sweet f.a. we can do about “climate change” and the money the government wants to steal off us to do it would be better spent elsewhere.

The proportion of people agreeing that climate change was a serious issue fell from 42.6 per cent last year to 36.3 per cent, the survey showed.

Ironically the Chinese have done more for improving air pollution by switching off their factories for a week than we could in an entire year. I am yet to see calls for the wholesale stopping of our industry so that we may be a bit cooler.

The simple fact is that we are still a whole heap cooler than the medieval warming period and economies flourish when the climate is warm. So?excuse?me for not giving a toss, “climate change” simply isn’t the world ending chicken little scenarion mad idiots like Bomber think it is.