Our Pinko Mate Highlights the Problems for Miccio

As predicted earlier dodgy local government ratbag and incumbent mayor of Nelson Aldo Miccio has enraged the internet protectors. David Farrar puts the boot in.?

This is outrageous. ?If he was a commercial operation, he would be in breach of the?spam?act. As it stands I believe Miccio and the Council are in breach of the Privacy Act as they are using private information not for the purpose it was given.

What is disturbing is the Mayor says he would do it again.? Read more »

NZ?s dodgiest LBP Nominee ? Aldo Miccio

Nelson ratbag - Aldo Miccio

Nelson ratbag – Aldo Miccio

Nelson mayor and former wonderboy Aldo Miccio has got a kick in the arse for breaking election rules.

Nelson mayor Aldo Miccio has been found in breach of election rules and received a ticking off from the electoral officer.

A complaint was made by Gaire Thompson about how Mr Miccio obtained email addresses and why campaign material headed Miccio4mayor was sent with its mailing address as 110 Trafalgar St which is the city council’s Civic House.

Electoral officer Warwick Lampp yesterday looked into the issue.

There were Office of the Auditor General guidelines around the use of council resources and and communications with candidates and the public during the election period which precluded the use of council resources for campaigning purposes, such as council premises, said Mr Lampp.

Common sense should prevail and a candidate should use their own or their campaign manager’s own physical address for authorisation, which was clearly not the council address, he said. ? Read more »

Recognise this guy? It’s not Trayvon Martin

I keep getting sent emails asking me if I recognise this guy:



I do actually.? Read more »

An email from a fan?

It’s nearly Christmas…people send me all sorts of emails. This email is from someone who might be fan…I think.

From: [email protected]

Message: You got ant credability [sic] mate?
You sound like a right “dickie licker” to me.


and another 5 minutes later:

Email: [email protected] ace

Message: Are you Michael Laws in drag?
It’s frightening to think rednecks like you are influencing public



While you were winning gold . . .

Spammers never sleep, and unfortunately they have cottoned on to the fact that on, the website of Bond and Murray, they have a ‘guestbook’ where fans can leave messages.

Unfortunately it seems to be unmoderated, so now that Bond and Murray have won their gold, perhaps they can remove all the wedding dress spam?from their website?



Made stupid to catch stupid

? NZ Herald

Nigerian scammers make their letters ridiculous to weed out smart people, and trap the stupid people:

Nigerian scam letters include carefully designed flaws, complete with misspellings and pidgin English, in order to weed out the intelligent and leave only the most vulnerable targets, new research says.

Offers of millions of dollars from a Nigerian prince are intentionally unbelievable in a scam technique perfected to target the vulnerable, gullible and elderly, according to the study.

A research paper by Microsoft’s Machine Learning Department, entitled ‘Why do Nigerian scammers say they are from Nigeria?’, has found the formula is a cost effective way at “reducing the false positives”.

“Far-fetched tales of West African riches strike as comical… (but) our analysis suggests that is an advantage to the attacker, not a disadvantage,” wrote principal researcher Cormac Hurley.

“Since his attack has a low density of victims, the Nigerian scammer has an overriding need to reduce the false positives.

“By sending an email that repels all but the most gullible, the scammer gets the most promising marks to self-select, and tilts the true to false positive ration in his favour.”

Helping Grant out

Grant Robertson is seeking some help. He wants suggestions on how to improve Wellington.

It is an interesting site. It carries an authorisation statement, but not a single logo of the Labour party, nor a parliamentary crest so he must be paying for it himself which would be a first for a socialist.

It also asks for contact details. Grant has done this before. There is?no privacy statement about what he plans to do with people’s emails? ?Is this another of Grant’s email harvesting exercises?

If you sign up to give Grant suggestions for Wellington then expect to be spammed with begging letters from Chris Flatt and Labour.

As for ideas, here are some of mine:

  1. Do something about Wellington’s shithouse location
  2. Same for the shithouse weather
  3. Remove 50% of the bureaucrats to improve the general populace
  4. Shift the government departments to Palmerston North to improve rent rates for the productive sector businesses
  5. Make all politicians who promote public transport catch?the?airport bus instead of taxis ir crown limos

Green’s ethical vacuum

Earlier in the year I busted Labour using harvested emails and now it appears the Greens are using address details and employment information that they are neither enititled to; or have harvested with the collusion of the NZEI.

Not only do they appear to condone and organise vandalisation they are also sending direct mail with addresses notained from data that they shouldn;t have access to. The Greens to need to explain how they obtained the information required to send targeted letters like the one below.

This was sent in via the tipline:

The attached was sent, unsolicited, to my daughter.?? It can have come only from NZEI or her former employer. ?She is happy for you to use it, if you so choose, with her name and address redacted.

Greens Ethics

New show for TVNZ?

I see the repeaters at the Herald have finally caught up with me on the Serepisos story.

UPDATE: A Judge in Wellington has set Poo-piss a tough Apprentice-like task: Find $4 million in 3 days. Tick tock. It took more than 3 days for the Prime Ministers Earthquake fund to raise that much cash.

With the news that Terry Poo-piss might have been stung by a scammer I thought TVNZ might be planning a new show.

Terry Serepisos is The MuguFor those who don’t know, Mugu is a term used by the scammers among themselves to describe their intended victims. Roughly translated this term mean “big fool”.

For some laughs check out Bait a Mugu and

Gee what should I do?

I got this email overnight, I’m so worried, what do you think I should do?

I mean surely they couldn’t delete my account?

Useless phishing tossers

Oh wait, now I understand it is for my costume account…phew!