spanish inquistion

Killing in God’s name

Killing in God’s name has been around since Adam was a boy and God has so many names….

Allah, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Lord of the Hosts, Father, Abba, Most High, Elohim, El-Shaddai, Yahweh, Jehovah and Adonai to name just a few.

How many religions have murdered in the name of their holy book or god this century? I don’t see why people like soon to be ex-president Obama have so much difficulty naming the problem because it is a problem that has been around forever.

Religious extremists/fanatics have been using their God and their holy book as a justification for slaughter for centuries so religiously motivated slaughter is nothing new. The only thing that is different in modern times is that the majority of terror attacks around the world come from people who call their God Allah and who follow the teachings of the holy book called the Koran.

The Spanish Inquisition was a Judicial Institution initiated by the Kingdom of Spain in effort to combat ‘heresy’. In reality, it consolidated the power of the monarchy and was used to justify the brutal torture of thousands of non-Catholics…the Inquisition is probably the darkest chapter of Christian history, lasting hundreds of years and claiming countless lives

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Canadians launch new Porn Channel

The Canadians have taken the Kiwi Charter concept for television and elevated the concept….or that sunk the concept to new depths.

Federal regulators in Canada have granted Alberta-based Real Productions approval to launch a new digital pornography channel, which promises to serve up at least 50 percent domestic content.

Apparently Canadians have been complaining that most of their TV porn is American and locals are finding it hard (I know) to break into the industry, thus the Canadian version of the Charter Committment.

The CRTC oly requires 15% local content so going through to 50% shows real commitment to Canadian programming. There is a catch though, the regulator stipulated the license will only be issued once Real Productions enters into an agreement with at least one licensed distributor.

I wonder if Sky would like to pick this channel up? Or maybe Freeview?