Sick Nazi Orgy F1 Boss, Max Mosley, wants the pics removed by Google


Max Mosley has obviously never heard of the Streisand Effect as he seeks to sue Google for not removing images of his BDSM orgy in nazi attire.

Former motorsport boss Max Mosley has asked lawyers to look into serving an injunction on Google in the wake of the landmark “right to be forgotten” ruling by the European Court of Justice.

The ruling has so far led to more than 1000 people applying for historical information to be removed from the search engine. ? Read more »

A true tale of seduction [plus POLL]


Let me tell you a little story…it is a true one and only the names have been changed.

My mate Martyn is the GM of a company where the majority of the workforce wear steel-caps and overalls…in other words not a company where the workers sitting around on computers all day. They work with their hands and the work is hot and dirty.

He was telling me about one of his employees who we shall call Carl.

Carl is a bit of a ladies man and single…before Christmas he hooked up with a trolley dolly who by all accounts was a spectacular root and very adventurous in the scratcher. Apparently there wasn’t anything that she wouldn’t do and had a voracious sexual appetite that knew no boundaries. Carl by all accounts is no dud root himself. Read more »


A pat on the back low enough and hard enough never hurt anyone

Now that our politicians have allegedly ignored the vast silent majority and passed a gay marriage bill perhaps we should revisit another bill that was passed despite massive public discord:

Smacking does children no harm as long as they know it is for the right reasons and feel loved, a study has found.

Being a strict mother can be good for children as long as the discipline is tempered with a little love and affection, the researchers claim.

But parenting groups and charities have reacted angrily to the findings, maintaining that a child can suffer long term damage from physical discipline.? Read more »

Spanking School Kids in Texas

How will Colin Craig cope with equal rights for grown women to be allowed to spank school boys – it’s a conundrum.

Like many cities in Texas, Springtown schools use paddling as a form of punishment.

But when two teenage girls there reportedly suffered bruises after being paddled by male assistant principals, some parents complained. They weren?t upset about the punishment itself, but instead that the school violated the policy requiring an educator of the same sex as the student to dole out the paddling.

So the school district has changed its policy ? to expand, not abolish, corporal punishment. Board members voted Monday night to let administrators paddle students of the opposite sex, after Superintendent Michael Kelley cited a lack of women administrators to carry out spankings.

The new policy says a same-gender school official must witness the paddling, which is just one ?swat,? and that parents also can request one spanking per semester. In all cases, a parent must give written permission and request it in lieu of another punishment, such as suspension or detention.

Yep, they are buying it because it is a love story

Because men read Penthouse and Playboy for the articles, clearly women read Fifty Shades of Grey for the compelling love story:

It is a tale of erotic obsession so racy that fans know it as ?mummy porn?.

Yet EL James has claimed that the extraordinary success of her?Fifty Shades of Grey?novels is down to old-fashioned romance rather than sex.

The trilogy has sold 31 million copies worldwide, overtaking?Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?and?The Da Vinci Code?in Britain, because it tells a simple love story, the author said.

However, James said she was unhappy that teenage girls are reading the books because the content is strictly adults-only.

The 49-year-old writer made a rare public appearance on Wednesday night to promote?Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album, a tie-in featuring music that ?inspired? her writing and features in the books. It includes pieces by Chopin, Debussy and Rachmaninoff.

Her hero, brooding billionaire Christian Grey, plays classical piano when he is not seducing a young woman, Anastasia Steele, in a variety of sado-masochistic scenarios.

Asked if female readers were attracted by the adventurous bedroom scenes or the fantasy of dating a ludicrously rich man, James replied: ?No, it?s the love story. Women like to read a passionate love story.

?There is sex but as the books go on the sex changes as the relationship changes. You see the evolution of it.?

Sure they are…we believe you.

What they said

Kiwi brothel operator and dominatrix Mary Brennan on how busy they will be during the Rugby World Cup:

”The English are known to be particularly deviant. Whenever I hear an English accent I know there’ll be some good business there.”

Interesting, so the Poms have come here for a spanking on the field and off the field.

Trevor Mallard – Part 1

Trevor seems to be suffering since his senior moment on a cycle, apart from his deliusions which I will cover in a separate post, his hip and shoulder seem to be causing him a great deal of pain. I understand he is spending a huge amount in the wheelchair off camera and out of sight of the media.

Here are some handy links for him to assist with his recovery. Because I’ve been ill and I know how hard it is to get through recovery.

Safe Sexual Positions Post Hip Replacement Surgery

Approved Positions
Positions for Intercourse which Do Conform to Precautions of Total Hip Replacement

Trevor take note: Not these ones….and I guess the Swiss Ball at Annette’s is out. I wonder if the Police have returned it yet?

Avoid Positions
Positions for Intercourse To Be Avoided Following Total Hip Replacement