SPCA publishes List of Shame but doesn’t name anyone

“Cool”, I thought. About time we had public shame as?part of the repercussions of wrongdoing.

[SPCA] 2016 List of Shame’s five worst offenders:

1. A Christchurch man was sentenced to 15 months in jail for inflicting injuries on his six month old puppy, including more than 11 fractures to her head, jaw, legs and ribs. She was later euthanised.

2. A Te Kuiti man was sentenced to four months community detention and disqualified from owning dogs for 10 years after witnesses reported seeing him beat his dog, which was found with bruising and swelling.

3. A Horowhenua woman was sentenced to 120 hours community work and disqualified from owning horses for 2 years after her malnourished animal had to be put down for humane reasons.

4. A Shannon man was sentenced to 200 hours community work and disqualified from owning production animals for 5 years after SPCA inspectors found one bull calf dead and a second unable to stand on his property. The second animal was later euthanised.

5. A stray and emaciated puppy was euthanised after being taken into the Rotorua SPCA unable to stand and suffering from the contagious and painful parvovirus. The people responsible have not been found.

So what’s the point? ?Not a single person is named. Read more »


The SPCA are totally disconnected from real life

Apparently, sticking a pig as part of a hunt now requires an in-depth investigation by the SPCA:

Video of a boar being killed during a fishing trip has stoked controversy after being posted on social media.

Ray Crake told the Herald he was out fishing with his grandchildren in Waikato harbour when he saw the boar. They killed it after pulling it onto their boat and last week posted the video to Facebook.

The SPCA is now investigating the killing.

Crake said the boar had been “chased by hunters and ended up swimming in the water.” It would have “just swam around until it drowned,” he said.

“We sort of watched it on the mud flats until it eventually made it into the water, and we saw it swimming so we thought we’d have a go at it.”

Crake said he was surprised to see the 63kg pig so far out into the harbour but killed it with a knife after dragging it into the boat. Read more »


Auckland has 20,000 colonies of what?

Feral cat with bird it has killed

Feral cat with bird it has killed

The number of unwanted cats and kittens over the Christmas period has left one SPCA full to the brim.

Every summer, litter upon litter of kittens pour into SPCA clinics across the country, and this year’s no exception.

Over the past month an Auckland clinic has been flooded with the furry friends, receiving as many 30 to 80 a day.

“At the moment we’ve got 450 foster families and each foster family has one or a whole litter of kittens, so it’s probably up around the 600 mark at the moment,” says SPCA Auckland CEO Angela Midgen. Read more »


Vicious horse torturer’s appeal refused


THE COURT of Appeal has delivered a knockout blow to two brothers jailed for one of the worst cases of animal cruelty ever in New Zealand.

Douglas John Williamson and John Blackwood Williamson were convicted in July last year and sentenced to 16 months behind bars on charges of wilfully ill-treating six horses, ill-treating another horse, and failing to ensure for the physical health and behavioural needs of five horses.

They were also banned from owning animals for five years, and ordered to pay reparations of $7000.

When SPCA inspectors visited the defendants’ Halswell property on March 29, 2010 they found 22 horses in various states of distress.

A stallion was found in a small, dark stable covered in urine and faeces with little water and no feed exhibiting behaviour associated with stress.

A bay standard bred colt was about the size of a yearling despite being two-and-a-half years old and was unable to stand. The colt was immediately euthanised.

Of the 21 horses removed from the property five were subsequently euthanised.

The remaining 16 horses were drenched and put on a feeding plan. ?? Read more »

New Zealand’s Favourite Grandmother on the right side of the issue of stray cats

The science supports Maggie Barry’s death to cats policy.

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Federated Farmers can’t see anything wrong with this photo

Screenshot 2015-03-15 at 19.23.08

The Ministry for Primary Industries has confirmed it’s investigating the condition of cattle photographed by a passenger on a Cook Strait ferry. Read more »

SPCA throw Bob Kerridge under the bus for telling the truth

The SPCA has distanced itself from claims by one of its officials who linked dog attacks to the owner’s ethnicity.

Auckland SPCA head Bob Kerridge said ?people of some ethnicities had no idea of their responsibilities and “don’t care”.

But his boss, Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals chief executive Ric Odom, said responsible dog ownership was not a matter of race.

“Bob’s comments are his personal views and do not reflect the views of the SPCA,” Odom said.

“We proudly work with anyone who shares our common vision and would be horrified if Mr Kerridge’s comments led anyone to think that his personal views on ethnicity were shared by the SPCA.

“They are not.”

The SPCA believed responsible dog ownership was something every dog owner should practice regardless of their ethnicity or socio-economic status.

Weasel words. ?Of course it is what people?should do. ?But Bob was observing what is happening now. ?And is it really such a surprise that the same area where they back over kids in the driveway with monotonous regularity, the pets come of third best? ? Read more »


So, start putting them down

No one wants cats, except crazy cat ladies, evil little creatures that they are…so much so that the SPCA is over run with unwanted cats.

The cat population at Auckland SPCA has reached critical levels and families willing to adopt pets are urgently needed.? Read more »

The only way to stop dog attacks is to kill and ban all dogs

Dogs bite.

Some dogs.

And when politicians get in the way, they decided that mandatory chipping of dogs would solve that problem. ?Just like mandatory number plates reduces accidents.

But until now, we register dogs. ?This has just been a taxing mechanism to place the cost of bad dog owners with the part of the rate payer that also own dogs but are well behaved.

Don’t ask me, it makes no sense, but that’s reality for you.

Of course, we still would like to reduce the number of dog biting incidents, so what would be a good step?

Weeding out bad dogs? ?Or bad dog owners?

Simon Day reports

In the wake of a number of serious dog attacks, a majority of New Zealanders want dog owners, not just their dogs, to be compulsorily registered. Read more »

Gareth Morgan on fire today, now he is smacking up the SPCA


Gareth Morgan has said two sensible things today. First he smashed up the anti-progress green taliban and now he is smashing up the SPCA.

Bird breeder Gavin Wilkinson who humanely trapped a wandering cat that was killing his chickens, is to be applauded for destroying the cat, (See this 3 News Article?http://goo.gl/qKTmR?).

We have a terrible hole in our legislation around wandering pets that do damage to our wildlife, destroy other people?s pets when they invade, and spread disease. The SPCA?s stance on defending the rights of cats to wander, kill, and spread disease is inexcusable and those truly concerned about cruelty need to demand that the SPCA returns to its core business ? preventing cruelty, not championing Bob Kerridge and his unconditional love affair with cats.

On this matter of wandering cats causing mayhem, politicians are showing their normal cowardice and need to stand up and acknowledge that the law is an ass, people are having to take matters into their own hands and destroy cats that are out of control. 90% of cat owners are totally responsible and acknowledge their cats should be confined, but the 10% who are not, together with Bob Kerridge and this sad SPCA outfit need to be called to order. Their behaviour is not acceptable in a country that values private property rights and the rights of our wildlife not to be slaughtered. If these politicians don?t stand up and be counted then of course vigilante-type action will increase. It is a direct result of political negligence.? Read more »