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Hooton on the addled thinking of Winston Peters

Matthew Hooton has no love for Winston Peters…once calling him a word that is no longer used on this blog, on television.

He writes in the NBR about what it is that Winston Peters may or may not want.

The left is in despair.

Eminent left-wing scribe Chris Trotter says the election is “all over bar the counting.”  He fears a collapse in both turnout and Labour’s support, humiliating David Cunliffe and resulting in an “unparalleled National victory” for John Key.

From his comrades’ perspective, he is undoubtedly too curmudgeonly.

With the exception of 1999, all MMP elections have gone to the wire.

Even in the weeks before Bill English’s nadir in 2002, there was a mathematical possibility of a National/NZ First/UnitedFuture/Act coalition, limiting Helen Clark to one term.

In 2005, National’s Don Brash, along with the leaders of Act, UnitedFuture and the Maori Party, held talks with Winston Peters about forming a government but Mr Peters chose to give Ms Clark her third term.

More recently, Mr Key scraped home in both 2008 and 2011 by the narrowest of margins.

If Ms Clark hadn’t so slavishly backed Mr Peters through the 2008 Spencer Trust fiasco, she would have won a fourth term.

Similarly, only the go-slow by Mr Cunliffe and his supporters in the last weeks of the 2011 campaign stopped Phil Goff from making Mr Key a one-term prime minister.

If unemployment stays higher than forecast, wage rises are a bit lower, doubts emerge over the fiscal surplus and the official cash rate is closer to 4% than 3% in September, then the gap between National/Act/UnitedFuture and Labour/Green/Mana will narrow.  Mr Peters will again decide who will be prime minister.  Read more »

Help keep the No sign alive

Fundraising is progressing well, help us win the NO sign so we can shove it in Winston’s face repeatedly during the campaign.

Winston’s original NO sign is up for auction by the press gallery tonight, with the proceeds going to the families of CTV and Press employees killed in the earthquake.

Thanks to the 58 people who have already pledged a contribution towards our bid to win the NO sign. I’m pleased to report we have now raised enough money to outbid the Prime Minister who said he would bid $5,000. Superb.

However there may be other bidders. Winston has said he will not bid for the sign, but as we know with Winston “NO” means “YES”. I’ve heard a rumour that the Spencer Trust may bid for the sign, and if they win the auction, then the sign will be burnt to ashes quicker than Helen Clark’s forged painting was!

So please keep those contributions coming. The more we get, the more likely it is we will win – plus the more money gets raised for families of those who died in Christchurch. It’s a win-win.

As I originally said, if the framed sign is won by Whale and me, we will ensure it turns up to as many of Winston’s meetings as possible. It will be wonderful. We’ll just have someone silently holding it up at the wave back of the room – no need to heckle or interject – it will be a silent reminder to people about how he lied to the media and the public repeatedly.

After the election, our intention is to then permanently loan it to the Backbencher pub opposite Parliament, where it can be displayed permanently – along with a statement providing context for it.

Pledges can be e-mailed to me. We’ll supply payment details tomorrow, if we actually win it.


No Commission of Inquiry, Broad will run Cover-up

John Key has been strong armed by Bill English into quashing requests for a Commission of Inquiry into the slip shod investigation of the theft of the Don Brash emails.

Instead Howard Broad has appointed a senior police officer to review the file. We all know where this is going don’t we. looks like there will be a big sale on whitewash shortly.

Howard Broad says “There are considerable difficulties running Commissions of Inquiry in parallel with open criminal cases,”

Well we have to ask just why is it still active when The Police previously said it was closed, and why are details supressed.

I just bet what Howard Broad really meant to say “a Commission of Inquiry would lead to considerable difficulties”, especially for him and some other connected parties.

It seems the murk has continued despite a change of government.

WORLD FIRST: Whaleoil Wrong, Admits it

In a world first, I can reveal that I made a mistake in a blog post. Over the weekend, I criticised Fran O’Sullivan for suggesting that Police Minister Judith Collins could launch an inquiry into the dodgy business of Howard Broad’s politically corrupt handling of the “investigation” into the theft of Don Brash’s emails and subsequent cover up.

In fact, Fran was right and I was wrong.

According to the Cabinet Manual and the Department of Internal Affairs’ very useful document “Setting Up and Running Commissions of Inquiry“, any Minister, including the Police Minister, can set up a Commission of Inquiry. Commissions of Inquiry can inquire into any matter of major public importance or concern to the government of the day. Any Minister may propose an inquiry, but must consult the Prime Minister and the Attorney-General first, prior to submitting the proposal to Cabinet. Before giving its approval, Cabinet should seek advice form the relevant Minister’s office, the relevant department, DPMC and the Crown Law Office.

So Judith Collins can act. And she should. She has previously said she is worried about the public perception our police bosses are politically corrupt. If she doesn’t act, it looks like the new government is hiding something.

PS. Over at Kiwiblog, Farrar made the same mistake. Will he admit he was wrong, and join WOBH’s call for an inquiry?

The first of what one hopes is a long march through the bureaucracy

Fat, busyboy, beachball Cindy Kiro is stepping down and not a tear will be shed at her departure.

Now to start the long march through the civil service.

Top of my list would be Barry Matthews who must surely be close to expiring the confidence of his minister.

Second on my list is Howard Broad, after the unfortunate motorway incident on Friday and a week of coppers letting prisoners go the tumbril must surely be drawn up in front of his office.

Independent Inquiry needed into Police

I think with the increasing revelations of political spying going on there must be an independent inquiry set up to look closely at this whole business.

I must confess that I am conflicted with this. Clearly the Police have been spying, we know this from the evidence released thus far but also from the lack of investigation into previous spying allegations involving the theft of Don Brash’s emails.

It is highly ironic that those who benfited most from that spying episode and those who made huge political capital out of it are now also victim of the same tactics and methods.

Nevertheless there is now too much speculation for the status quo to be tolerated and thus we must have an Independent Investigation into the goings on at the Police.

Commissioner Howard Broad, his Deputies and the various units involved must be brought before the inquiry and questioned at length over who exactly authorised these spying activities.

Previous Police Ministers including Annette King and Phil Goff need also to testify beofre the inquiry.

There needs to be public confidence in our Police force but with years of political machinations involving prosecutions of opposition members and not any for Government members under suspicion there is now little or no public support for the Police.

There has to have been a reason for the spying otherwise wfor what purpose was it conducted. It appears that Labour may well have been spying on its supposed friends as well as their enemies.


Who needs a Boris-ing?

With the Executive being sworn in today I think it is time to compile a list of candidates for Boris-ing.

It is time for a clean out so I nominate the following for immediate Boris-ing. Feel free to add your suggestions and why in the comments.

  • Mike Williams, his multiple positions are untenable with the new government.
  • Howard Broad, Helen’s patsy in Police HQ.
  • Lyn Provost, Helen’s spy in Police HQ.
  • Barry Matthews, CEO of Corrections, couldn’t run a bath let alone a department.
  • The NZTA board comprising Mike Williams, Alick Shaw, Gary Moore and Christine Caughey. They are all Labour stooges.
  • Diane Yates, another Labour lickspittle appointed to boards with no skill set apparent.
  • Anyone David Cunliffe appointed
  • Any appointment made in breach of the cabinet manual in the three months prior to the election

Sucker-punched over Rail

Treasury has released papers that show just how badly Michael Cullen was suckered in by canny negotiators for Toll Holdings.

The real problem lay in Labour’s desperation to do a deal, once Toll realised that it was all about scalping the taxpayer for as much as they could.

Documents posted on the Treasury website reveal that in late 2006 officials valued the New Zealand’s rail system at $120 million, some $570 million less than the price the government paid for the business in July this year.

The paper trail clearly shows that throughout the lengthy sale process, Toll had the upper hand in the negotiations because it knew the government was not buying for commercial reasons. Toll also knew that the crown was under time pressure because it had to continue adequate funding to secure the financial viability of the rail business.

The taxpayers were sold a pup and paid for pedigree papers on a mongrel. Michael Cullen is a numpty extraordinaire.


3D Politics as house descends to farce

ACT MP Heather Roy has termed today as 3D Politics, Delay, Deny, and Denigrate. She couldn’t be closer to the truth as Labour cynically manipulated the Standing Orders so that they could implement phase one or the first D, Delay.

In 9 years under Labour, there have only been 5 ministerial statements about matters of significant national importance – relating to issues such as 9/11 and Kiwi troops killed in East Timor. Not for spending over a billion dollars on Michael’s Trainset, not for anything else and today, the day when Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Member of parliament of no fixed abode is set to get yet another grilling in the house over his obfuscations, lies, bribes and corruption we get a a ministerial statement and an hour of waffle about how Howard Broad has decided, sort to maybe implement Tasers and that he has written a letter to the MP’s to tell them.That’s it!

Helen Clark has failed on her 1999 promise to introduce new standards of honesty and transperancy into New Zealand politics. She has in fact bebased it and corrupted New Zealand politics and the civil service.

There can no longer any doubt that Police Commissioner Howard Broad has been bought and paid for by Helen Elizabeth Clark and her Labour party. Today was the final proof of that corruption.

HTFU Broad

Raids ‘hurt’ is regretted: Broad – 30 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Police Commissioner Howard Broad has acknowledged and expressed regret over the hurt caused to Maori by last year’s anti-terror raids.

The frank admission was made during a speech at a Wainuiomata Marae hui in which Broad also spoke of differing opinions with his advisers over the raids. He did not rule out a future apology to Maori.

Harden the fuck up Broad. The police action is currently under review and you have just undermined that review with a mewling, pathetic display of your wetness.