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What an easy way to blag a root and actually get paid for it:

A Dutch man who remained a virgin until the age of 34 is now the proud father of 82 children, some of whom are kiwis.

New Zealand women who used a ‘baby-making’ service set up by the Dutch man may not know their children are linked to up to 80 other children worldwide, the?Daily Mail?newspaper reported.

Ed Houben, now aged 42, launched his business after becoming frustrated with his sexless life and had fathered 82 children in just nine years – 45 girls, 35 boys and two unknown.

He has another 10 children on the way.

His growing “family” of 82 live in Berlin, Holland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France and New Zealand.

The oldest child is nine and the youngest two months old.

Houben is now far removed from his previous life as a 34-year-old virgin still living with his mother.

He runs his baby-making business for free, when sperm banks generally charge thousands of dollars for artificial insemination, the?Mail?said.

The business sees women come to him from across the world or he can go to them if they cover his travel expenses and accommodation.

Since the launch of his business he’s been getting lucky – he says he sleeps with around 15 childless women a month in a bid to make their quest to become mothers a reality.

With a no strings attached policy, he asks his partners to sign documents waiving any legal claim to child support.

“My girlfriend says that what I do only makes me more interesting,” he told Germany’s?Der Spiegel?magazine.

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