So, what about all those fake male champions?

For this week?s article and as a follow up to last week?s?article I?ve decided to attempt?to answer the following questions:

Where are all the fake men wanting to compete in men’s sports?

Are fake women in reality just average male athletes competing as women so that they can be winners?

On the male to female side there’s our very own Laurel Hubbard. He has had a mediocre career although he did set some junior records all the way back in 1998. Then after a bit of gender reassignment and competing as a woman, he managed to get himself ranked as number one in the 2017 World Masters Games, 2017 Commonwealth Championships, 2017 Oceanic Championships, and number two at the 2017 World Championships.

Not that changing his gender had anything to do with his new found success of course.

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This is not okay: Trans gender boy wins girls only Wrestling championship

Mack Beggs, a 17-year-old transgender boy from Texas, has won the Texas state girls wrestling championship. That title caps off an undefeated season for Beggs, who went 57-0.
It also throws a gallon of gasoline on the fire of a huge controversy over whether Beggs should be allowed to compete against girls, since she is actively receiving testosterone injections as part of her transition from female to male. Those testosterone treatments have many believing that Beggs has an unfair competitive advantage when matched up against biological girls not receiving treatments.

If a sports person uses performance enhancing drugs they are not allowed to compete or have their awards stripped off once their use has been discovered yet an exception is unfairly being made in this case for politically correct reasons.

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It happens rarely, but Labour and I agree on something


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The government shouldn’t help Joseph Parker’s bid for the world boxing title in Auckland in December, Labour says.

Parker’s promoter Dean Lonergan has asked the government to help pay the bill for hosting the event.

Lonergan is reported as saying the bout may need seven-figure contributions from sponsors and the government if the fight for the WBO world heavyweight title was to go ahead.

The government said the application was being assessed and it didn’t yet have a view on it. Read more »

Whaleoil Sport Quiz

2015 Sporting Bragging Rights

Guest Post:

A new sporting year, with some great competitions to look forward to, including two big world cups!? It could be a great year for NZ sport, or an opportunity for a NZ team to claim the age-old chokers tag which the All Blacks so famously claimed the last time the World Cup was in the Northern Hemisphere (the only time we haven?t finished in the top four).

Can you pick the winners of some of the biggest sporting events of 2015?? Do you pick with your heart or your head?? At the end of 2015 will you have the bragging rights? Use the comments to make and/or explain your choices for some or all of these big events. ?Even if you know nothing about sport, have a guess, you might just beat us all!

Super Bowl XLIX? -? February 2

The teams still in the hunt:




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Andrew Little admits to his role in Dirty Politics

In a rather silly article about John Key’s improved golfing prowess, Andrew Little has admitted to his role in Dirty Politics.

Labour leader Andrew Little, also a keen golfer, said Mr Key obviously had spare time on his hands.

Despite enjoying the game, Mr Little did not rate his own skills on the golf course – “I’m a hacker.”

Nice of him to admit he?s donkey deep in dirty politics. I wonder when the others will come clean?

But seriously, this article is a story how?

Is it the Herald’s attempt to say John Key is more concerned with his golf handicap than running the country? ? Read more »


Poms whinging again about Haka

Every time the All Blacks go to the UK the Pommy media proves what every Kiwi knows about bloody Poms, they are whingers.

They are once again moaning about the haka.

Ahead of the All Blacks v England match at Twickenham this weekend, the chief sport writer at Britain’s Daily Telegraph, Oliver Brown, has attacked the Kiwi side’s use of the haka. Far from being a vibrant display of power, it is, he writes, “hidebound by political correctness, such is the terror at executive level of offending the world’s No 1 side”. Brown has form: he caused upset last yearwhen he revealed the motivational mantra on the All Blacks’ team-room wall ahead of an All Blacks-England clash. The Herald reposts his piece on the haka in full below.? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

A Punt Gun, was used for duck hunting but were banned because they depleted stocks of wild fowl

A Punt Gun, was used for duck hunting but were banned because they depleted stocks of wild fowl

Punt Gun

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Sepaktakraw. Never heard of it before


Len Brown’s Unitary Plan will literally force you to turn the lights off

Bernard Ormsman explains this ridiculous situation

Club tennis players will have to down rackets at 6pm if a little-known clause in Auckland Council’s draft Unitary Plan makes it through to the final document.

The “strange and unexplained” hours have been discovered by the Pompallier Lawn Tennis Club in St Marys Bay.

Under the draft plan, floodlights adjoining residential areas must be turned off at 6pm on Sundays and public holidays. This is a change to the existing time of 10pm, seven days a week.

Sports clubs will be able to keep the lights on until 10pm from Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays.

What pencil neck idiot decided that Sunday was a special day? ?What is so special about a Sunday? ?Especially in a multicultural and religiously diverse city when people don’t start work on Monday and Sunday isn’t a rigid day of rest?

It’s an arbitrary rule, especially if 24 hours McDonalds, supermarkets or service stations are operating less than a few hundred meters up the road. ? Read more »