3 more weeks of warmer weather – how is this possibly bad?

It is bad because the Media Party must promote that an earlier and warmer spring is bad.

Rising global temperatures due to climate change will bring spring to the United States about three weeks earlier than usual in the decades to come, scientists say.

While those who are weary of winter may welcome such news, scientists say the shift will also have long-reaching impacts on the growing season of plants and the animals that depend upon them.

“Our projections show that winter will be shorter ? which sound greats great for those of us in Wisconsin,” said Andrew Allstadt of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, a co-author of the study in the October 14 edition of the journal Environmental Research Letters.

“But long distance migratory birds, for example, time their migration based on day length in their winter range. They may arrive in their breeding ground to find that the plant resources that they require are already gone.”

The research predicts the dates of leaf and flower emergence based on day length, and suggests spring will arrive a median of three weeks earlier over the next century. ?? Read more »

A lovely day for swimming…

A reader emails

These are so beautiful … ? on my friend Barbara’s pond.? On their behalf she lives in fear of cats,

hawks, pukekos and eels …? and has seen many similar families reduced to one or two?:-(

This land is in our Flat Bush area and is designated for high density housing, so in the near future this lovely haven will be no more !!

It is known as progress? ….

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Global Warming bites Britain in the arse, freezing weather kills thousands of pensioners

Balmy spring weather in Britain

Balmy spring weather in Britain

Britain is freezing in spring. The warmists still insist the planet is warming, and they want us to attempt to cool it down. Meanwhile the freezing temperatures have killed an extra 2000 pensioners.

When will the f*ckwits who think climate change making the earth cooler is a good thing start to apologise. History has shown us that civilisation flourishes in warm and ebbs away in the cold. Yet they insist on pushing us down the path of cooling the planet.

Freezing Britain’s unusually harsh winter could have cost thousands of pensioners their lives.

This month is on track to be the coldest March for 50 years ? and as the bitter Arctic conditions caused blackouts and traffic chaos yesterday, experts warned of an ‘horrendous’ death toll among the elderly.? Read more »