A Bunny Boiler Bloke

It is a rare breed, the bunny boiler bloke. I hope the Police dog used to “flush him out” enjoyed having a good chew on the creepy little tool:

An obsessed lover built a hideout inside his ex-partner’s house and used it to spy on her.

The 25-year-old man – who has name suppression – spent many hours in the hidden cavity, under a flight of stairs, and stocked it with clothes, bedding, food, candles, torches – and an arsenal of weapons.

He also cut holes in the plasterboard of the hideout and created trapdoors, giving him access to the whole house.

He was caught after he emerged from the hiding spot and lashed out with a spade when another man visited his former partner at the Lower Hutt home about 3am on April 1.

Police arrested him later that day after he was found hiding under the home in Epuni.

He was taken to hospital with bite wounds after a police dog was sent to help flush him out.

In Wellington District Court this week, Judge Peter Hobbs sentenced the man to three years and seven months’ jail on 10 charges that included aggravated burglary, assault with a weapon, threatening to kill, assault on a woman, wilful trespass, being unlawfully in a building and wilful damage.

The judge said the man wasn’t the first to become “unhinged and obsessed” after a breakup but the offending was premeditated and “completely inappropriate”.


The Bunny Boiler Song


Surely this has to be called “The Bunny Boiler Song”

She’s back! The face of the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme has resurfaced with a lip-dubbed medley of popular songs that have lyrics sometimes deemed creepy.

New YouTube sensation Laina Walker, however, makes the tunes even more frightening with with her over-the-top facial expressions and wide-eyed glares into the camera.

Blogging synchroncity

Blogging is funny…there are many days when I am writing about something or other and I read in my feeds a post that supports, enlightens or opposes what it was that I was writing about.

Today is no different. This morning I blogged about a stalker, and this afternoon I sat down to go through Mashable and they have an article about fake Facebook profiles and who typically sets them up.

I think the research is flawed. Mostly the people who set up fake profiles are creepy, bunny boiler type personalities intent on stalking. They are up to no good…they are either watching what you are up to but in a sneaky way knowing that due to their own crazy personality flaws and insane behaviour that you would never friend them if you knew who they were.

It is the same kind of behaviour that jealous and bitter ex-wives/husbands exhibit watching every move that their former partner does like they are some sort of crazed minder of their business. Then one day out the blue they just nut off blowing their cover and proving why in reality they are sad, friendless losers and have to pretend otherwise.

I had a mate who used to complain about his ex-wife’s new boyfriends, car, house etc…till I told him to get over himself, he gave her the flick and still he is thinking about her. Close the door and move on….or get back with them if you are so obsessed with their every move.

Then there are the “friends” that simply collect “friends”, the more in the news, or famous of high profile the better. Again this behaviour says more about them that it does about me.

Facebook does provide challenges though. I advise anyone who asks, especially politicians that Facebook is not a place for proselytizing your ideas. You are either talking with sychophants who agree with your every word or the enemy who are sitting waiting for our next social media screw up. Facebook for politicians should be tight, controlled and family and real friends only.

But then again we are only human and we fall for the trap of faux-popularity. My personal policy is to put it all out there…that way you can’t be blackmailed, can;t be accused of something you aren’t and you are never worried about what someone might say or think.

A good rule of thumb is never put anything on Facebook that you wouldn’t put on a postcard…a little dated I know but it still holds true. The point is that anyone can get what you have on Facebook, it just takes time and these days not much of that.

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Hello Stalker

Sometimes stalkers come to my notice. Their actions give them away.

They are sitting there lurking and watching Facebook profiles. Once you know what to look for it is easy to discover them.

Phillipa Sturges…is a friend of mine on Facebook (well not now)..she is only friends with well known people…banal useless profile updates and most importantly easily discoverable photos of other people claimed as their own.

Nineteen mutual friends…Lives in Kaitaia, I think not. Funny ow none of her friends live in Kaitaia.

Take this picture (left) It also happens to be a picture of actress Krista Allen…an uncanny likeness including the same shirt, sunglasses and jewelry.

Tin Eye is such a useful tool:

Profile Picture 1: match

Profile Picture 2: match

Profile Picture 3: match

That is pretty conclusive evidence that Phillipa Sturgess is fake.

Then there is Google Image Search.

Even the photo of her with a bloke is pinched from another site. Only a truly creepy person would find photos and crop them to suit some sort of fantasy existence.

Phillipa Sturges is an inept attempt at lurker. For those people who are my friends who are also friends with this fake tart might I suggest a de-friending. It will either be some Labour tragic or a bunny-boiler psycho bitch that is just days away from making your life miserable.

Tim's right….I can't believe I just said that

Tim Shadbolt is sailing very, very close to the wind. This is his advert that will hit the papers tomorrow. it may wellll already be illegal even though it will be published one day before the "regulated" period. You see it advocates against Labour and for National and thus gets captured by section 65 one of the little known clauses that actually regulates free speech for all time, not just the campaign period. Graeme Edgler is of the opinion that Tim could well be in trouble, precisely for section 65. This is why I fought against the legislation, and why I will continue to fight against it.

I don't like tim Shadbolt, I don't like his poltics but i do like that he has seen this law for what it is. I will also defend the right of Tim Shadbolt to say whatever he damn well likes. Unfortunately for the left they are now morally bankrupt after supporting the bill. Clark and Cullen and Winston and Peter and Jeanette have destroyed the ideals of freedom that leftists usually march in the streets for.