This man should no longer be in education

via NZ Herald

Former Dargaville High School principal David Kenneth Bargh has gotten off too lightly.

A principal who stalked a young teacher, lurking around her home, has been censured by the teacher’s body.

Former Dargaville High School principal David Kenneth Bargh was convicted last April for loitering at the young woman’s home and unlawfully being in an enclosed yard.

Jessica McPherson, a teacher at the school Bargh headed, told the court she had lived “in constant fear” for months while he lurked in her garden late at night.

In a decision released today, the New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal said his behaviour amounted to serious misconduct.

It acknowledged evidence given in court that his actions resulted from a flare up in his obsessive compulsive disorder, which sparked a deterioration in his mental health.

He became “fixated” with McPherson, the decision said, and when he was discovered by police on her property appeared “somewhat confused”.

Bargh was censured by the disciplinary tribunal, and a number of conditions placed on his practising certificate, including a requirement he inform any employer of his obsessive compulsive disorder.

A friend of a witness to some of this “compulsive behaviour” wrote to Whaleoil after reading the above report.

I know the real story about this. I was living in Dargaville when it happened. He has got off with a slap on the wrist for being a genuine creep with many instances being unreported.

My friend who lives next door to the harassed school teacher chased him several times away from his own house and was the guy who actually nailed him to the ground and called the cops when he was finally caught.

He should NOT be teaching

This is what he is responsible for.

Bargh, who has worked as a teacher for 25 years, claimed there was no malicious or menacing intent, or sexual motivation for his actions.

He has accepted his conduct was illegal.

He was convicted of four charges in April last year and fined $1000.

In her harrowing victim impact statement, McPherson described how the “prolonged” and “calculated” stalking took a toll on her life, and how she attempted to protect herself from an unknown prowler.

“I was, and still am, forever flinching at every noise, knocks at the door and constantly looking behind myself both in and outside,” she said.

McPherson said she felt “anxious and violated” by the stalking and had been “living in constant fear”.

“I have been a prisoner in my own home,” she said.

Someone with such a severe disorder needs to be fixed before returning to work.  Not the other way around.


– Patrice Dougan, NZ Herald

Creepy Wikipedia vandal and stalker gets banned and cries to media about it

Stuff reports:

Justice Minister Judith Collins’ office has become embroiled in a Wikipedia war with ministry critic Roger Brooking.

Brooking is an outspoken critic of Collins and the Justice Ministry and was a prolific Wikipedia editor – now banned – under the username Offender9000.

Writing on his blog at the weekend Brooking said his entries had been slashed from lengthy articles to stubs of little more than a few hundred words.

He voiced concerns that Collins or her staff were behind the edits though admitted to Fairfax Media he had no proof.

A spokesperson for Collins admits to making minor changes but said they were up-front about who they were – claims backed up by Wikipedia logs and supported by a Wikipedia editor.   Read more »

Politicians and Twitter

I will tell any politician who asks me what my opinion is of Twitter for political engagement, that as a viable medium to influence voters it is tits.

Mostly you are followed by sycophants, or stalkers. Almost never by swinging voters seeking “engagement”. It is only really good for broadcasting or sledging.

If a paid consultant starts talking to you about “engagement via social media” as being relevant, stop paying them, and back slowly out of the room.

Most people at first believed that the new social media, in all its various manifestations, would be a very good thing for political debate. They thought it would make public life more open and democratic.

There is some evidence that this is the case. However, there is a great deal of evidence that the reverse is also true. Take the example of Twitter. Certainly it is a way of getting information into the public domain very quickly. But there is no room at all, within the constraints of just 140 characters, to make complex or thoughtful arguments.

Twitter, therefore, reduces conversation to what is, in effect, a series of newspaper headlines. As a result, many users enter a kind of competition to make the most striking or outlandish comments, in order to grab the attention of their audience – one reason why poor Sally Bercow came a cropper. This, in turn, creates a nightmarish political discourse that favours the short-term over the long-term, the sensational over the mundane, the false over the true, and the strident over the thought-provoking.  Read more »

People are Stupid,Ctd

This guysshould have more time added to his sentence, for wasting the court’s time and for being a cock.

New Zealand’s most notorious stalker has appealed his latest prison sentence saying he got confused about who he was stalking and lavished undue attention on the wrong woman.

Glenn Green is serving a 30-month sentence for two counts of criminal harassment, offending he began three weeks after getting out of prison in 2011.

Green, 42, aka Glenn Corleone, Goldberg, Carlionne, Casellano and Holden, appealed his sentence at the High Court in Auckland yesterday saying the judge had erred by giving him the same sentence for both his victims, when he had actually stalked one of the women much worse than the other.

Oh FFS, what a creep. Why can’t we have inventive sentences like a good beating with a golfball inside a sock?

Yet another reason why Name Suppression should go

On Saturday the NZ Herald ran an article about NZ’s most dangerous stalker. It named him and the details of his crimes.

If this man had name suppression then what has happened since could never have happened:

More women have come forward complaining of harassment by the man described as New Zealand’s “most dangerous stalker” since his release from prison last month.

In three weeks of freedom, Glenn Green is now a suspect in at least one new case – and possibly more – of alleged harassment, on top of the case involving a 19-year-old woman that put him back in custody last week.

Some of the new women are said by police to have a “public profile” – it is understood they have appeared on television.

Green, 41, appeared in North Shore District Court on Friday on a charge of harassment of a teenager and was remanded in custody until January 12.

Green denied the charge and his lawyer said that “as soon as he was told to desist, he did desist”.

Detective Sergeant James Watson, of North Shore, said a young Devonport woman had come forward with a further complaint against Green at the weekend after seeing his photo in the Weekend Herald. “Every person that comes and makes a complaint we can go and lay more charges,” Mr Watson said.

“He’s got 227 convictions.”

The woman had been “freaked out” by constant harassment similar to what was alleged for the 19-year-old, he said. The court heard that teen had left her family home and changed her phone number to avoid Green.

He had been out of prison for only a week when he started contacting her, said the police prosecutor in court.

Whale v Duck: The Origins of an Asymmetrical War

A month or so ago I went hunting, as shown on this blog. The hunting was great, and traveling around we had plenty of time to talk about politics, as my mate the hunter has a pretty good understanding of politics.

The political aim of the hunting trip was to work out how I could do maximum damage to Labour during this campaign, and we decided that their weak link was their campaign manager, Duck.

As the hunter explained, there are many different ways to hunt, and a good plan can take out most animals if the hunter is good enough. He explained that for some animals like rabbits and hares you are best going out on dusk or with a spot light and a 17 HMR like Hamills Manukau sorted out for me. Birds like Pheasants and quail you need flushing dogs or points to flush them out of thick cover. Ducks you need to decoy in and call, sitting concealed in a maimai. Cats you kill however you can as they are evil. Pigs you need to be as tough as old boots, or Paula Bennett, and have a pack of dogs that love hunting. Deer you need to be willing to put in the hard yards, cover a lot of ground and make the most of the limited opportunities you get for a killing shot.

Duck, despite being a Duck, cannot really be called in or decoyed because he is actually more like an old red stag during the roar, full of testosterone and vanity, and so hung up in his own past glory he cant see that he is being fooled by a hunter roaring at him. He herds his hinds and is frantically worried about losing them to young bucks.

Thinking about this the analogy is perfect. Duck has been thrashing around roaring, smashing his antlers against trees and making a lot of noise without achieving much. He is slowly losing his hinds to the young bucks and that is driving him insane with anger. Not too long ago he was the Monarch of the Glen, and all trembled in fear when he roared, now Nashy takes the 20 year old at conference, Iain takes the stenographer, and David walks hand in hand with Jacinda. Duck roars with impotent rage as those were his hinds, all hinds were his.

The hunter reckoned we could root Labour’s campaign by taking out their campaign manager. So I set up the hunt like you would targeting a big 16 pointer, a trophy stag who is past it.

I sit on a high point with good visibility at the top of the basin, roaring occasionally at Duck, and he thrashes himself into a foam, roaring back, attempting to dominate by bluster and bravado. His mind is so fixed on the other stag roaring at him that he does not notice that the young bucks are sneaking in and taking his hinds one at a time.

This is what has happened to Duck. He has been roared at, and he has roared back, forgetting that all that roar are not stags. He has been totally side tracked, taken away from his campaign managers role in an asymmetrical war that he cannot win against a blogger who has nothing to lose.

This year is going to be a long roar, and Duck is going to continue thrashing himself to a foam without realising the enemy is not the hunter roaring at him. And the real beauty of this asymmetrical war plan is not only is the old stag neutered but the young bucks won’t come to save him because that would be too embarrassing for the crippled old stag with no hinds.

The fixation of Labour and stalking

The Labour party and their functionaries and enablers at The Standard just cannot get past the fact that they deeply believe that John Key is a dirty rotten crook. So much so that they have had one of their supporters suggest a Magnum PI and Higgins led operation to stalk John Key and that the Labour Party funds such and operation.

My Labour Party sources tell me that Mike Williams remains fixated on the H-Fee case and continues to this day to rummage through the boxes of files he brought back from Australia, muttering to anyone who will listen that he’ll find something there, it is just a matter of time. Bear in mind that Mike Williams was also behind the well publicised server move and subsequent outing of The Standard as a Labour mouthpiece. They continue to this day remain to be fixated on John Key as their tag cloud shows.

One of their commentors has also got a fixation and has said just recently in a post, yet again, about John Key being on holiday in Hawaii:

i wish the standard had enough cash to send someone after Key on his hollidays [sic] to snoop around in Hawaii. what the hell does he do there anyhow? i hope it’s all savory activities. no strip clubs etc…. if he were going to indulge in anything that offends “mainsteam NZ” he sure as hell wouldn’t be doing it in Wellington.

at the very least an expat NZ asset could be developed to keep tabs on him.

Now roger nome thinks he say such things as this be he thinks he is relatively anonymous, but since I have an awful lot more traffic at this time I think it would be good for readers to know that this nasty individual is actually Phillip John Mason, a post-graduate student at Otago University and resident of Dunedin. This is the same guy who made defamatory comments about David Farrar on his Wikipedia page as an act of wanton vandalism.

The fact that Mike Williams and other Labour Party stalwarts and supporters continue to fixate on John Key and their deeply held belief that he is a dirty crook when all evidence presented thus far and before us in the public domain suggests that John Key is as shallow as a carpark puddle, suggests that Labour isn’t ready yet to move on and hasn’t realised it was this sort of subterfuge that was one of the 1000 cuts that brought them undone.

For some-one to suggest a Magnum PI and Higgins type operation, perhaps with the help of TC and his helicopter against John Key is highly likely to get someone killed. As a head of state holidaying in the United States it is likely that John Key would have Secret Service protection.