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Mark Steyn continues his attack on media via Hannity

Mark Steyn continues to hold the media to account.

Truth Revolt reports:

Fox News Thursday night, Mark Steyn appeared on Hannity to discuss Charlie Hebdo, Islamic terror, and the media, sparing no mercy for the “eunuchs” of the American press and our comedians and satirists. Steyn?scoffed at the idea that American press outlets are standing with journalists in France, noting that American papers didn’t reprint the images the Hebdo?cartoonists were killed over. Steyn?also directly attacked the American impulse to give cover to Islam every time a new terror attack occurs.

The media congratulates itself on its bravery incessantly. And one of the most disgusting things it’s done in the 24 hours since this happened is to maneuver Islam into the victim seat again. Islam always wants to play the victim role.

Steyn addressed the idea that American media are “standing with” or are showing “solidarity” with the journalists suffering and dying in Europe for daring to challenge Islam’s desired authority. He had no patience for the empty pen gesture that was nearly ubiquitous in the last two days. He wondered why the press will not show the cartoons.

I think the pen gesture you just mentioned is pathetic really. I would be more impressed if people were to actually hold up copies of the Charlie Hebdo covers, that those cartoonists died for. They knew the risk that they were taking.

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Thursday nightCap

Between Colbert’s style, interesting…

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Colbert and Fox News family rallies behind Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson

There is much support for Phil Robertson, now Fox News has jumped into the fray.

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Good Pundit, Bad Thinker

Russell Brand has made a big splash in recent times. However some do not like what he is about or saying.

I don’t agree with Brand’s politics but I think he is clever in many that he speaks well to his intended audience.

Parker Brown at The Atlantic disagrees though:

In a?review?of Russell Brand?s 2007 memoir, Andrew Anthony of?The Guardian?asked: ?What will become of Russell Brand??

More than five years later, the answer is that he?s developed a sideline career as a pundit of sorts:?writing?a piece about an encounter with Margaret Thatcher in the Temple in London, published the day after she died;?embarrassing the hosts?of?Morning Joe?in the summer (?Is this what you all do for a living??); editing?a special edition?of the?New Statesman; and?calling?for utopian socialist revolution during an interview with the BBC?s Jeremy Paxman, a move that has been tremendously popular, getting support from?Time?and?Gawker.

This level of engagement isn?t usually in the purview of celebrities or comedians, but Brand isn?t typical here; he begins his memoir with lines from Percy Shelley, after all.

Over the last few years he has been edging towards seriousness, flirting with it at first, then finding its allure too great to return to writing solely about sex and heroin. As a comedian, Brand is witty, dark, and funny (?I was born with my mouth open, and my umbilical cord wrapped around my throat, as if I was thinking, ?Well, if this is all there is, I?m off. Check please,?? he writes in his memoir). But the Serious Brand?s ideas?with the gravitas, and with the humor pared away?aren?t very good. In the case of calling for a socialist revolution, they?re quite awful. ? Read more »

North Carolina gets smart, ignores alarmists

The North Carolina state government has got smart. They are ignoring alarmists and their insane predictions about climate change. Even better they have passed a law about it.

A new law in North Carolina will ban the state from basing coastal policies on the latest scientific predictions of how much the sea level will rise, prompting environmentalists to accuse the state of disrespecting climate science.

The law has put the state in the spotlight for what critics have called nearsightedness and climate change denial, but its proponents said the state needed to put a moratorium on predictions of sea level rise until scientific techniques improve.

The law was drafted in response to an estimate by the state’s Coastal Resources Commission (CRC) that the sea level will rise by 39 inches in the next century, prompting fears of costlier home insurance and accusations of anti-development alarmism among residents and developers in the state’s coastal Outer Banks region.? Read more »

Broadcast networks want more indecency

They had this coming

Andrew Sullivan and Stephen Colbert on the election

After you get thru the gay excitiment at the start there are some very good points made in this interview.

A challenge for Donald Trump worth $1 million

Stephen Colbert has a challenge for Donald Trump…it is worth $1 million to charity. This is in response to Trump’s challenge to Obama:

Stephen Colbert has raised the stakes on Donald Trump’s offer to donate money to a charity of Obama’s choice in exchange for his school transcripts and passport details: Colbert will divert $1M from his SuperPAC to Trump’s favorite charity if Trump allows Colbert to put his balls in his (Trump’s) mouth.