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The National Party Board Election (Ctd)


This weekend’s National Party Board election is going to introduce at least two new board members to the board.

The Party needs to carefully consider the skill set required to be a successful board member, and the skill set required on the board.

Since Scott Simpson was lost to the board when he became an MP, National have lacked a board member with the mongrel required to win tight campaigns. The National Board has been blessed by an absolutely woeful opposition, so this lack of mongrel hasn?t been a problem.

Unfortunately this is not going to continue, so it is important that National get some real fighters back on the board. ? Read more »

Does a National Party Board Member need to be a Regional Chair?


Thanks for all the comments and tips about the upcoming election for the National Party Board. As regular readers will know I?think that National need to bring some mongrel onto the board and replace Tim McIndoe with Scott Simpson, the best dark arts practitioner in National. The party membership as a whole has to elect another two board members and it is important that this decision is correctly taken.

All the candidates for the board are worthy souls, but some are more worthy than others. One of the comments that has come through is from the dinosaurs who pine for the old days when the National Party had an executive committee that was large and unwieldy and managed to let Bill English and Michelle Boag take National to 20.93% in the 2002 election. In those days Regional Chairs automatically became board members, and there are some who say that this should be reinstated. ? Read more »

The Upcoming National Board Election, Ctd


Thanks for all the comments and tips coming through about the National Party Board Election. Not surprisingly most of the comments have been strongly in favour of the PM?s favourite for a board slot, Stephen McElrea.

For those who don?t remember McElrea was the go to guy for straightening out the pinkos in Broadcasting, getting appointed to New Zealand on Air, which had always been the preserve of the liberal elite wankocracy.

This pissed off the wankocracy who were smart enough to realise that the PM didn’t put his fix it man into NZ on Air to encourage them to run documentaries on what a pack of uncaring bastards all right wingers are, and that National are slightly worse than Attila the Hun when it comes to fairness and equity.

McElrea stood up for what he believed in, and did the job the PM asked him to do. The pinkos went mental about this, but he stood his ground and showed the kind of mongrel the National board needs, especially if Scott Simpson doesn’t get invited back as the caucus rep.

In November McElrea, a NZ On Air board member, voiced concerns about the timing of a NZ On Air-funded documentary on child poverty that was screened on TV3 four days before the election.

McElrea, 61, is also the chairman of Prime Minister John Key’s Helensville electorate committee and one of the regional deputy chairmen of the party’s northern region. ? Read more »

The Upcoming National Party Board Election, Ctd

The National Party board election is coming up soon, and as previously mentioned all round good guy and burner of the midnight oil Grant McCullum is leaving, much to the disappointment of the night owls in the party.

The three contenders for the board are Stephen McElrea, Andrew Hunt and Glenda Hughes.

All three have real strengths, though the National Party board has been lacking in political low bastardry since my oldest friend in caucus, Scott Simpson, traded his board position in to become MP for Coromandel. Since Scott has left the Board has lacked the kind of rat cunning that political parties really need.

There are a number of MPs that have outstayed their welcome in caucus and need to be moved on, and the current board doesn’t look like it has anyone who will be able to sidle up to an MP and say ?Lindsay old chap, it might be time for you to go and spend some more time with your family?. To do this the board member has to have the support of the PM, or the whispers can be safely ignored. ? Read more »

The Upcoming National Party Board Election

The National Party Board has an election for the first time in many years.

Caucus favourite and all round good bloke Grant McCullum is retiring, much to the disappointment of all those who have enjoyed many late nights out with him over the years. The National Party will be a sadder place for not having Grant around, and the party needs to consider how it brings the fun-loving type onto the board as the rest are very, very boring compared to Grant.

The other retirement is the (unfortunately) underwhelming scion of one of New Zealand?s most stellar families – Malcolm Plimmer, whose health is compelling him to retire. ? Read more »

Skullduggery in Upper Harbour

imagesPeter ?Dopey? Goodfellow is allegedly not aware of the skullduggery going on in the new Upper Harbour electorate.

He is probably too busy quaffing wine and trying to think up excuses for not talking to Colin Craig this year, or working out who Brian Dobbs actually is. He should be all over the dodgy dealings in Upper Harbour, and he should be demanding that the party constitution is followed.

The skullduggery seems to be closely linked to the only man other than Aaron Gilmore who is known to use the line ?Do you know who I am?, Stephen McElrea”. Stephen?s other favourite phrase is ?the Prime Minister asked me? which skeptics consider about as likely as the Prime Minister asking David Cunliffe to join the National cabinet. ?One time in New Plymouth it is reported that he even name dropped the Prime Minister to bump some poor person off a flight to Auckland by stating that he was the Prime Minister’s electorate chairman and was need in Auckland by him urgently.? Read more »

What a waste of money

? NZ Herald

Where is Stephen McElrea when you need him?

More details have emerged about a new local reality series that delves into the lives of young Maori living their dream on the Gold Coast.

The GC?- similar to?Jersey Shoreonly not so trashy – follows the nine 20-somethings as they work and party hard with the goal of retiring sometime in their 30s.

No on-screen date has been set but the NZ On Air-funded show starts on TV3 sometime soon.

Though the Mozzies – aka Maori Aussies – play hard in Australia’s “ultimate party town” they are focused on business ventures and building their own personal empires.

They have not forgotten their roots and wear their tattoos proudly, acknowledge their iwi affiliations, and use te reo as well as GC slang.

Cast members include single rugby player Tame Noema, musician DJ Tuini, former?X Factor?contestants Jade Louise and Nuz, personal trainer Alby Waititi and singer Nate.

Their favourite phrases include “mumsies” (meaning girlfriends), “neff” (friend), “creep on” (scoring girls), “publics” (pubic hair) and “what doing?” (what’s up?).

What is going on in Helensville? Ctd

Following on from yesterday’s post I had a friendly call from Stephen McElrea who assures me that there is no way he is standing down from the electorate chair position and there is no skullduggery going on.

This will probably disappoint those who know Stephen?s exceptional track record in broadcasting, where he is one of the few competent right wingers who can help National implement their policies. It is far easier to find an electorate chair than it is to find a man of Stephen?s standing in broadcasting, which is dominated by left wingers.

What is going on in Helensville?

The tipline has been running hot with people concerned about the petty party politics going on in John Key?s electorate.

Apparently Stephen McElrea, the electorate chair, is stepping down, and is attempting to pass the baton on to his and the buggers muddle?s choice without anyone else becoming involved.

Readers will remember that Stephen is the highly regarded media specialist who is on the board of New Zealand On Air, whose strong background in media hasn?t stopped him from being a hamfisted political operative in the past. This includes his most recent faux pas, where he ended up being called on to resign after he and senior member of the buggers muddle faction Alastair Bell (and sitting board member)?complained about some left wing propaganda on TV just before the election.

I do not approve of skullduggery of any sort in the National Party, and especially not skullduggery that reflects badly on the party. If there is a contest for electorate chair in Helensville it should be open, transparent and honest. The party could do worse than appoint Tamaki Electorate Chair Andrew Hunt to oversee the process as he carried out the Tamaki selection last year without any hint of the dodgy dealings that went on in Rodney, Coromandel, North Shore and Epsom, where the buggers muddle tested ethical boundaries.

Right idea, poor execution, Ctd

Current NZ On Air logo

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The two National party officials involved in the NZ on Air debacle over the poverty documentary, Stephen McElrea and Alistair Bell, really should have known better how this would play out politically. Their ham-fisted efforts have allowed the opposition to get an early start to the new election cycle and get headlines that could have easily been avoided.

With Bell putting his name to the complaint it can now be safely dismissed as politically motivated rather than a real complaint from Mr and Mrs Jones of Warkworth….and Stephen perhaps could have got another board member to raise the issue and then recused himself from deliberations due to his?perceived?conflict of interest.

Instead Alistair Bell rightly faces accusations of ineptitude that a Board member would lay a complaint, allowing the complaint to be ignored. And Stephen McElrea faces accusations of political meddling. Both situations could and should have been easily avoided.

The ninth floor will be rightly indignant and probably a bit short with these two for a bit.?It may well have upset Alistair Bell’s tilt at the presidency this year with such an inept performance and lack of political smarts.

What amazes me is that Bell came out of the murk, shadows and fog of the back rooms where he prefers to operate and stuck his head above the parapet. It may well be the first time he has done this, usually?preferring?to mount deniable whispering campaigns. More the pity is he got his head shot off.

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