Kerre Woodham on Sterilising Toxic Adults

Kerre Woodham has joined the debate sparked by David Garrett about sterilisation of deadbeat parents, or as Kerre puts it Toxic Adults.

VasectomyHitler wasn’t the first to promote the sterilisation of undesirables but he was certainly responsible for sterilisation’s bad PR.

The concept of forcibly removing the reproductive capabilities of people deemed undesirable by the state is anathema to most thinking people, so it’s not surprising that politicians, including those from his own Act Party, have distanced themselves from David Garrett’s suggestion that woeful parents be offered $5000 as an inducement to stop breeding.

He wasn’t necessarily promoting forcible sterilisation, though; just suggesting that people who want to limit their fertility be given the option to do so.

It’s one of life’s cruel jokes that those who are responsible for the most vicious treatment of children seem able to pop out babies at will, while other people spend years of emotional pain and thousands of dollars trying to have just one baby they can nurture and adore.

Indeed yes it is a cruel joke that the scum that beat and torture children to death willy-nilly pop them out only to abuse and torture some more. I struggle to understand what must reside in the incredibly tiny minds of these scum for them to be able to do those things to a child.

Finally riddle me this, New Zealand has the highest vasectomy rate in the world, our menfolk trot along in record numbers for a date all of 15 minutes with a pair of scissors. They get a bonus day off or if they are precious wee things a week off for the privilege. I would bet dollars to donuts that the ethnicity statistics for those getting vasectomies voluntarily is hugely weighted on the side of Europeans. The numbers would be, I am sure, a long way different from the demographic make up of our population.

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