Steve Abel

Greenpeace going to court again pretending they aren’t involved in politics

Greenpeace is suing the Electoral Commission because the Commission has said that their advertising is a political advert and must contain a promoter statement.

Environmental groups are taking the Electoral Commission to court over a ruling on a climate change campaign.

Greenpeace, Forest and Bird, WWF and others launched the Climate Voter initiative last month.

But the Electoral Commission says the campaign counts as an “election advertisement”, and is therefore subject to rules around wording of communications and spending restrictions.

Greenpeace says the ruling could gag grassroots advocacy groups – and the organisations are planning to take a freedom of speech test case to the High Court.

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This would look good as a rug


Greenpeace have been grandstanding again.

The doors of the National Party’s central North Island conference were barred when a gate-crashing polar bear lumbered up to the security guard.

Greenpeace New Zealand was behind the gimmick that was designed to challenge attendees to consider climate change as “the polar bear in the meeting”.

The life-size bear padded up to the door of Hamilton’s Kingsgate Hotel about 8.45am on Saturday, accompanied by Greenpeace energy campaigner Steve Abel, but the pair were denied entry.

“Our intention was to highlight the fact that [National] is a party and a government thus far, over the last six years, that has done not only extremely little on climate change but many things that make the problem worse,” Abel said. Read more »

Green taliban lying over exploration in the Great South Basin


Shell drill ship Noble Discoverer

On?Newstalk ZB the other morning, Greenpeace Green Taliban hypocrite, Steve Abel, stuck his nose into?Shell?going after gas in the Great South Basin.? They hate anyone with a real job or any ambition aside from sucking on the tit of limp-wristed hippies and smelly Green Party members.

You have to give it to the Green Taliban, they are so bent and twisted that it’s amazing they can walk at all.??ZB quotes this idiot as saying:

“It’s in extreme depths and very inhospitable waters, and it risks some of our most abundant fisheries as wildlife.

WTF?fisheries.??So Greenpeace and RFC Gareth Hughes who wants to chuck fishermen out of work to save some Orca entrees, now says fishing is a reason why we ought not to be looking for oil.

While the MSM don?t have the stones to take on these eco-Nazis, we do.? You may recall that in?September 2012, Greenpeace spoofed Sanford?s sustainable fishing advert.

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Greenpeace, spreading fear and raking in cash

They’ve just finished a bizarre event in Beijing, where they attacked the world’s leading clothing manufacturers and tried to stir up more public unease (this time about toxic chemicals in your clothes).

As reported in the UK Independent’s “This Week’s Wackiest Web Stories“:

“Greenpeace put on a ‘toxic’ fashion show in Beijing to point out use of hazardous chemicals in clothing.”

And now Greenpeace has announced a political, fear-mongering, job-destroying tour of NZ by their flagship, the?Rainbow Worrier Warrior.

“Greenpeace New Zealand campaigner Steve Abel said a campaign would begin at the first port of call in Northland about the risks of deep-sea oil drilling.”

Just what Northland needs – a shipload of foreign fundraisers, spreading propaganda about careful modern exploration, picking locals’ pockets while trying to ensure they don’t get jobs.

But they may not get the welcome and the handouts they expect:

“The new?Rainbow Warrior?is sailing towards Dunedin to campaign but a Dunedin city councillor says residents should decide on the future of deep-sea drilling in Otago.

Dunedin City Council’s finance, strategy and development committee chairman Cr Syd Brown said he was unaware?Rainbow Warrior?was coming to Dunedin to campaign against deep-sea drilling.

“If they choose to oppose the exploration of minerals, that’s their choice, but they don’t have the right to impose their will on anyone or the city of Dunedin.”

Because the drilling was for gas, and not oil, there was less environmental concern, he said.

He had met oil companies and had been reassured their health and safety standards were greater than the New Zealand Government required. Deep-sea drilling would create big economic gains for Dunedin, he said.

“Which we lack at the moment.””

Their political meddling isn’t needed here. ?If they need some money, Russell Norman can print them off a few million and fax it to them.