Steve Gibbons

Wind power destroys your house values

If you needed another reason to hate wind power, the preferred choice of the green taliban and useful idiots like David Farrar, then this should be the final kicker for you.

We al;ready know they kill thousands of birds, use squillions of rare earth metals, don’t work as often as they are needed, are uneconomic unless heavily subsidised are visual and noise pollution.

Wind turbines destroy house values.

The presence of wind turbines? near homes has wiped tens of thousands of pounds off their value, according to the first major study into the impact the eyesore structures have on house prices.

The study by the London School? of Economics (LSE) ? which looked at more than a million sales of properties close to wind farm sites over a 12-year period ? found that values of homes within 1.2??miles of large wind farms were being slashed by about 11 per cent.? Read more »

Backing Down from a Sledge

If you are going to sledge make sure it doesn’t undermine your own leader’s sledging:

LABOR MP Steve Gibbons has caused a stir by calling Tony Abbott a ”gutless douchebag” and Julie Bishop a ”narcissistic bimbo” on Twitter.

It is Mr Gibbons’ use of the word ”bimbo” that will cause the biggest headaches for Labor given Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s aggressive campaign against the Opposition Leader’s alleged misogyny.

Mr Gibbons later offered a qualified apology on Twitter, saying, ”Apologies to those offended by the use of the word Bimbo [sic]. I’ll replace that word with ‘Fool’ [sic].” He also deleted the offending tweets.

Mr Gibbons has a history of provocative statements. He called Kevin Rudd a ”psychopath with a giant ego”, during the former prime minister’s leadership challenge earlier this year.

Opposition spokesperson for the status of women, Senator Michaelia Cash said Ms Gillard should ask Mr Gibbons to stand down from his position as deputy chair of the standing committee on regional Australia and forfeit all the benefits associated with the role.

But asked whether all politicians who make misogynistic remarks should be required to resign, Ms Cash demurred.

”It is the Prime Minister herself who has set what she says is the standard for accountability in relation to this type of inappropriate behaviour,” Ms Cash said.