Steve Gibson

“No Sh*t Shylock” meets the “nasty little creep”


Steve Gibson’s selfie sans John Key

Even Steve Gibson couldn’t stop himself being star struck by John Key

He called him ”Shylock” and a ”nasty little creep” but Labour’s Rangitata candidate Steve Gibson was among those queueing to shake hands with John Key during the Prime Minister’s election trail walkabout in Timaru [yesterday]?afternoon. Read more »

The power of the market in politics

Laura McQuillan remarks on Dirty Politics.

Why’s everyone so angry this election??Is it Labour’s woeful poll results? Is it consternation that your hypothetical block of cheese from National is still three years away?

What seemingly began with an angry man and his blogger mates writing expletive-laden emails is spiralling out of control. Now, it appears everyone from keyboard warriors to politicians (both legitimate and wannabe) is going feral. It?s the election of the angry email you hoped would never see the light of day.

That?s the lesson of Dirty Politics: While Whale Oil himself apparently has zero regrets, his mates are quietly self-flagellating in embarrassment about their knobbish behaviour being pasted online for all to see.

I have every right to be angry that the left has stooped to criminal activity to attack me and my mates. But I am not angry. Anger is too debilitating, it lets them win, and I refuse to let them win. The bottom line is that it isn’t an offence in NZ to be a knob, or rude, or offensive.

It is a crime however to hack and steal peoples emails.

The backlash from their communications being laid bare has sparked an online community of trolls never seen before in New Zealand. Anonymous Twitter accounts are popping up by the day, apparently for no purpose other than to attack political journalists’ integrity and accuse them of bias.

These trolls may have mastered social media, but they get a Not Achieved for their skills in the English language. The F-word does not for an intelligent political debate make. Journos are used to accusations of being “repeaters” and “churnalists” ? those words usually levelled by Slater himself. But now, it’s web-based troglodytes accusing every journalist, no matter what the story, of spinning the National Party line. I guess that’s the result of getting your news from The Daily Blog? ?? Read more »

Greg Presland, advisor and friend of David Cunliffe, asked the hard questions

Matthew Beveridge has the story

Yesterday?Whale Oil carried?a story about the use of an anti-Semitic term by a Labour Candidate to describe the Prime Minister.

Steve Gibson also claims that he was not aware of the meaning of the term. However, Greg Presland, whose post the comment was made on, is a lawyer. [Steve Gibson]?is claiming on Radio New Zealand that he was just repeating comments that he has heard elsewhere.

However Greg Presland should also be being questioned about his knowledge of the term. Does he claim that he was not aware of the meaning of the term?

Greg Presland is a close advisor and friend of David Cunliffe and was one of the lawyers involved in the setting up of the secret trusts used to fund?David Cunliffe?s leadership challenge. He has held office in the Labour Party, including being electorate chair for David Cunliffe?s New Lynn electorate, he is a member of the Waitakere Ranges Local Board, and is described by The Daily Blog as a ?labour activist?.

Matthew is onto it. ?Why is Greg Presland’s judgement not being questioned? ?Either he is very bad at being a political advisor, or he tacitly approved of anti-Semitic slurs on his own Facebook page. ? Read more »

You can’t fault Timaru Labour candidate Steve Gibson for his dedication


If he thinks that explaing policy to?constinuents involves tearing strips of them, I don’t see too bright a future for him.

Last chance saloon for Labour’s anti-semitic candidate

David Cunliffe says that his anti-semitic nasty Rangitata candidate Steve Gibson is on his last chance.

Labour Party leader David Cunliffe says the party’s Rangitata candidate Steve Gibson is “on a last chance” for insults directed at Prime Minister John Key.

Gibson has apologised for comparing Prime Minister John Key to Jewish Shakespearean villain Shylock in a public Facebook comment.

Gibson said he apologised unreservedly for calling called Key “Shonky Jonkey Shylock”. Gibson also described Key as “a nasty little creep with a nasty evil and vindictive sneer”.

Gibson today said he was “unaware of the connotations” of referring to Key as Shakespeare’s greedy, money-lending Jewish character. ?? Read more »

Cunliffe only interested in putting out local fires

David Cunliffe told Radio New Zealand’s?Morning Report?programme the comment showed “terribly poor judgement”, though he believed Mr Gibson when he said the comment was not intended to be a racial slur.

He had spoken to Mr Gibson and told him the comment was not acceptable.

Labour’s Rangitata candidate is apologising for an anti-Semitic comment he says was intended to criticise the Prime Minister’s economic policy and not his Jewish heritage.

In a social media post, Steve Gibson referred to John Key as Shylock, a Jewish money-lender in Shakespeare’s play the Merchant of Venice.

While we’re on the subject David, any view on the constant anti-Semitic attacks on John Key’s hoardings?

Of course not.

More “vote positive” stuff from the Nasty Party



Oh look! ?Legal eagle, trust specialist Greg Presland and the brains behind David Cunliffe was at it a few weeks ago, but look at Steve Gibson, calling John Key “Shylock”.

Shylock?is a fictional character in?Shakespeare‘s?The Merchant of Venice. A Venetian Jewish moneylender, Shylock is the play’s principal antagonist.?

Of course, none of the Anti-semitism that is coming John Key’s way has got?anything do do with party officials. ?I mean, Greg Presland jumped straight on top of that and said “Eh, we don’t do that sort of thing here.”


Who is Steve Gibson? Read more »

Pray…it’s the only thing he’s got…and hope

David Cunliffe is being told to pray…it’s the only hope he’s got.

David Cunliffe just can’t catch a break. Even his oldest childhood friend doesn’t fancy his chances in September’s general election.

”The local candidate [Steve Gibson] for the Labour party is a complete and utter idiot,” Pleasant Point sheep farmer Andrew Steven tells the Labour leader. ”And I had to throw him out of the house and demand the cheque back … I’d like to support David but I can’t support the local candidate,” he says.

Pray, is Reverend Sue Dickson’s advice. Cunliffe says he does – daily. ”You are doing the right thing … having your faith connection when everything seems to be kind of lost,” she counsels.

Naturally Cunliffe isn’t ready to accept that’s he lost – but Dickson has a point.

With just two months before voters go to the ballot box, the latest brace of polls have Labour languishing in the mid-20s. Personal support for Cunliffe has dipped below 10 per cent. Party disloyalty once again reared its head at the weekend, with an insider sniping to media about the leader’s week-long skiing holiday.

In fact, the family break was just three days – and on Friday Cunliffe was in the rural South Canterbury town where he spent his teenage years.

It was part of a media drive to boost Cunliffe’s public profile – and an opportunity to catch up with those he grew up with.

”There are huge numbers of people who are only just waking up now to the fact that we’ve got an election this year. They are saying who is this guy, we need to get to know him … and I’m going to let people in,” Cunliffe explains.

Read more »

Someone needs to tell The Cunliffe he’s dreamin’

It looks like The Cunliffe has taken the blue?pill which?allows him to remain in the fabricated reality of the Labour Matrix, therefore living the “illusion of ignorance” of his leadership…such as it is.

Labour Party leader David Cunliffe claims National voters strategically answered a recent poll question to raise doubts about his leadership.

Meeting with supporters and Rangitata candidate Steve Gibson in Timaru yesterday, Cunliffe addressed the latest poll, which showed a net 13.6 per cent of those surveyed were more likely to vote for Labour if he were no longer leader.

Cunliffe said National voters had stated they would vote for Labour without him because “they want to destabilise the Labour Party”.

Gibson told supporters: “If nobody’s gonna stand up for David Cunliffe, I’ll tell you what, I bloody well will”.

Gibson called Cunliffe “a bloody decent bloke” but said “some people are just a bit unsure about him”.

Cunliffe said the Green Party’s decision not to stand a candidate in the Rangitata electorate was “very kind of them” but insisted it was entirely “a matter for the Green Party” and he believed Gibson could win an electorate seat. ? ? Read more »