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Cry Baby of the Week

Someone seriously needs to build a bridge and get over it.

Look at this cry baby who is having a sook in the courts over a Secret santa present 2 years ago.

A former Canberra public servant has told how his career was ruined by a heartless “Secret Santa” prankster.

Ngoc Luan Ho Trieu says he never got over the cruel gift he was given by an anonymous colleague in Christmas 2012.

Ngoc was working as an economic modeller when he was targeted by the unnamed colleague with a present that clearly implied his economic modelling work was animal poo.

As part of his team’s Kris Kringle, Ngoc was presented with a plastic reindeer.

“When you press its tail it gives you a chocolate dropping, and a play dough with handwritten words ‘Luan’s modelling kit’,” the economist said.

Teehee, that’s funny. I once gave a stinky work colleague some underarm and soap.

But wait…someone wants to be outraged and a victim.

“I was shocked and very upset.

“That really spoiled the joy of the division’s Christmas lunch so I quit halfway through it.

Teehee, that’s funny.

“I had many sleepless nights after that, and always felt heartbroken when going to work the following days.”

Things got worse when colleagues told Ngoc that the anonymous joker might have been one of his bosses.

“The problem is the present is from a Secret Santa so I do not know who gave it to me so that we can talk it over,” Ngoc said.

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Be offended, nothing happens


Offensive? Sexist? No it’s a bloody shirt.

I see some more people are “offended”, this time at a shirt someone wore.

British physicist Matt Taylor broke down in tears on Friday as he apologized for wearing a shirt featuring a collage of pinup girls in various states of undress.

Taylor, a project scientist at European Space Agency (ESA), had brimmed with excitement as the ESA Philae lander successfully separated from the Rosetta spacecraft on Wednesday.

Taylor’s shirt sparked a storm on social media, with many commenting that the images on it were “sexist”.

On Friday, wearing a non-descript navy-blue ESA hoodie, Taylor offered an unsolicited apology for wearing the controversial shirt.

“I made a big mistake and I’ve offended many people. And I’m very sorry about this,” he said before starting to weep, and receiving a reassuring pat on the back from ESA operations manager Andrea Accomazzo.

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On being offended

Some people have said that I deserve everything I got because people were offended. Well think about that for a moment…if we can no longer say something because people are offended then we can no long say anything.

Jokes will be forbidden, the news media silenced because someone somewhere will be offended by something.

Being offended is meaningless. Steve Hughes accurately and correctly asses this issue.

Stephen Fry also comments on “being offended”.



If you are offended by this website then go and read others.

Be offended somewhere else. No one forces you to come here.

If you want an apology for being offended here it is:

Straight…it’s the new gay

Yesterday the post about Creepy Colin the Sloth really went off…

It got me thinking so I did a bit of research…and found this video about straight being the new gay…

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