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By Pete

The Cameron Slater that started blogging 9 years ago was sick, angry and lashing out. ?What he wrote was vile, upsetting and visceral. ?Yet there was a constant kernel of truth and a continuous provision of information and insights into the political process you could never get anywhere else. ?A small audience began to grow.

As was the thing, back in the day, allowing non-moderated comments to appear was part of the deal. ?It was a point of pride.

The theory was that smart readers would realise that the views of commenters were not those of the blog or its operator. ?And Cam personally felt (and still does, if we’re to be honest), that free speech is sacrosanct to the point where he would allow anything to be written.

The problem was that he assumed readers would not connect those comments to him, and instead judge?only the writer of such comments.

It’s no secret that since I’ve gotten involved, I’ve been busy mainstreaming Cameron Slater. ?Knocking the rough edges off. ?Making him sleep on things for another day before putting ‘pen to paper’. ?That certainly improved the general acceptability of the blog, and the audience grew. ?But we seemed to be hitting another barrier.

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A Conspiracy Theory


I?ve noticed over the last few weeks that if you reply to a tweet from one of the mainstream media saying something about the?Criminal Nana?Party, within minutes someone (usually anonymous and with a photo that is picked up from somewhere else) will come over the top and carefully chide you.

Not chide in the Labour or Greens??fuck you? style, but enough to make you think they?re a member of the public who thinks you being rude (which, to be fair, I always am).

I made the connection tonight after replying to a tweet posted by RadioLive reporter Felix Marwick that was chided. ?I checked out the tweeter and realised they hadn?t been around for long.

So I checked out some of the others. ?They have been around since around early June ? ironically around the same time the Criminal and Nana parties joined forces.

Then I saw something else yesterday that grabbed my attention.

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Yes, you are a slut, case dismissed

? Herald Sun

An Australian woman has found out that the defence to a charge of defamation is the truth, and it took a jury just 27 minutes to find that talkshow host Steve Price didn’t defame her when he called her a slut:

SINCE when has it been acceptable to call a woman a “slut” on radio?

Former Melbourne Talk Radio host Steve Price has just been cleared of defaming Sydney woman Charmyne Palavi on Sydney station 2UE.

Palavi, known as the NRL Cougar, sought damages after Price called her a slut in 2009.

It was in the wake of an ABC TV?Four Corners?program, which Palavi used to describe her sexual escapades with professional League players.

Last week a jury took only 27 minutes to dismiss Palavi’s case, causing Price to crow that he had been “vindicated”.

But while Price might have won the battle, he’s lost the war with women.

For a start, why is Palavi singled as a “slut” rather than the men she had sex with?

As Palavi wrote on, even after the show aired, players kept contacting her.

“It’s like a drug to them. They want to go where their teammates have been before them,” she said.