Steyr AUG

Australia’s new Rifle

Australia has announced what the new Army rifle is going to be. Presumably it will flow thorough into our armories.

After a few failed attempts, the Australian Army has finally decided on their next-gen rifle. They will be upgrading their Austeyr F88 (Australia’s Steyr AUG variant) to make is more modular, ambidextrous, lighter and easier to accessorize. New ammunition (presumably a modern 5.56mm load), an underbarrel 40mm grenade launcher and electronic control system will be developed alongside the rifle. The upgrade will be done by Thales Australia.

image 001 tm tfb Australias next gen rifle, the  EF 88 photo
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Aussie troops in Afghanistan

via The Brigade

Interesting load out, especially on Steyr AUG.

Aussie Troops in Afghanistan


Aussie Troops

via The Brigade

Nice shot of Aussie troops and the Steyr AUG.


Friday Firepower – Steyr Aug Marksmanship game

via The Firearm Blog

I read The Firearm Blog everyday, today I found this awesome game. Be warned it is very addictive and also hard. discovered a?fun web-based flash game based on the New Zealand Army?s marksmanship training.

steyr aug 1 tm tfb Steyr AUG Marksmanship web game photo