Ron Mark – Conduct unbecoming – Swears in parliament

Remember this image…Ron Mark flipping the bird in parliament.


The man has form, and today in Question 5 he told a government member to “shut the fuck up”.

The man is a disgrace.


Pagani on dole bludgers and roofing

It seems that Shearer shouldn’t have only told his MPs to STFU but should have got the message through to his own cheerleaders as well. ?Josie Pagani has done one of her classic very long opinion pieces on her facebook. ?First Josie laments about the sexism on The Stranded, then she defends Shearer’s right wing sensibilities and then ends with advocating there are ways to make welfare work other than handing over money. ?Yep, the traditional Labour base will love that.

Josie really should get a blog. ?She doesn’t so I will give her a “guest post” here.


Labour is the nasty party, Ctd


Andrew Little is exceedingly dim. Considering that he is a lawyer you would think when faced with litigation you would STFU. That is a lawyers usual advice.

Instead the legal genius that is Andrew Little decides what he will do when faced with defamation action is to throw even more defamatory allegations around.

”She’ll have all the things she has done in her political career that are contradictory to her claim that she is above and beyond reproach.”

Little said people had come forward to him unsolicited about her conduct as a lawyer in Auckland.

”Whether that sort of stuff gets put into a defamation court case, who knows, but she won’t want to go to trial and be under the spotlight.
I just bet he has had Mike Williams sifting through pages and pages of cases that Judith Collins was involved with and ringing litigants trying to find people who were upset.

Green Infestation: Delousing underway

In case regular readers hadn’t noticed the site has been infested by Greens tonight.

That is because they have sent out an alert to their members and now they are astro-turfing their message all over my site.

From:[email protected]?[[email protected]]
Sent:?Monday, October 17, 2011 5:xx PM
Subject:?[Alert]: Whaleoil – STFU Gareth Hughes

New announcement in the Online activists group:

To comment on this, go to the post?on Whaleoil. Use the?activist resources?for reference.

There are no rules of engagement with the green menace, the Whale Army has a free fire zone, defoliant may be used.

A special message for Trevor Mallard from his caucus

The worlds best 100 movie shut up’s.



Is any one else sick of hearing from Ken Ring?

Why can’t he just STFU?

Moon Man Ken Ring is predicting more misery for quake-ravaged Canterbury.

The self-described weather expert has warned that another big one will rock the area next month in a recent post on his website. Ring denied he was out to scare people.

“I’m sure if people want to be scared, then they won’t want to read the website if they identify it as the cause of their fear,” he said.

People were free to ignore him and “it’s up to individual choice what people read” on his website.

Ring’s predictions have sparked outrage and panic after he claimed to know earthquakes were coming in Christchurch through a study of the moon.

Enough already.

Dear Kyle Chapman

Kyle Chapman is a sad, pathetic, inbred, scum-sucking, circle-jerking loser. We shouldn’t show outrage at him and his 5 friends who want to march up Queen Street. They should just be pointed at and mocked.

WARNING: This video is NSFW (Not Safe for Work)

Stick to acting

Back in August 2009 John Key gave Keisha Castle-Hughes some sage advice. She hasn’t listened.

A twenty year old who gets into bar brawls that ends up with them leaving in handcuffs should not be advising the Prime Minister. It may be the F.A.G. way but it is not the way of modern New Zealand where people who have strong opinions run for office rather than use their celebrity to talk down to politicians who have actually been elected.



Helen Clark says she was bullied by US envoys.

Oh come on, is this face of some who looks like she could be bullied?

Bully this? Yeah right

Bully this? Yeah right

Helen Clark is acting like a big sook and squealing like someone upset that her dirty little secrets have been revealed. She should just STFU and go tramping or whatever the hell she is going to do while here. Wikileaks is revealing Labour’s dirty laundry and boy are they upset by it all.

On the plus side every time she opens her gob right now she is putting Kiwis off their Christmas dinners and curdling mothers milk and reminding people just exactly why it was that they tossed labour from the government benches.

To quote Helen Clark when she was confronted with her own bullying in parliament, by John Key… “Diddums”

What the green movement got wrong

Holier than thou eco warriors are facing proper scrutiny. It is no longer good enough to be a tofu and mung bean eating hairy legged woman with BO and a wish to sit around holding hands saying OOOMMM to solve the planets problems. You actually have to have evidence. And preferably a shave and a wash, but we could start with evidence if the first to are a step too far.

The problem with the green movement is they get things badly wrong. Ideological purity means no GM food in aid, at the expense of starving children.

In one scene they interspersed heart-wrenching photos of starving children in Zambia, their emaciated mouths crying out for help, with a story of how the environmental movement blocked the delivery of food aid to Zambia from the United States because the grain was genetically modified.

Typical muddied thinking. Kids can die as long as they don?t eat GM food.

Another example is the protests against nuclear power, and yet now ironically in a world that they fear will be consumed by the horrific spectre of global warming it is nuclear power that is the the most green of all technologies for generating power.

It’s time greens were told to just STFU.