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Ethics? You won’t find it in any state broadcaster’s Code of Conduct

Rodney Hide wastes his time as his thoughts will be lost on those he comments on:

The Radio New Zealand documents released under the Official Information Act concerning their collaboration with Television New Zealand and Nicky Hager on the Panama Papers show a shocking absence of any ethical consideration.

Their lack of any ethical concern is all the more amazing given the two organisations always present themselves as morally superior to the rest of us and hyper-sensitive to what?s right and what?s wrong.

They were dealing in stolen documents. It appears they had to pay to partner up with the dreadful ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) which was hawking the 11.5 million documents worldwide. The documents had been hacked from a law firm. Hacked is the modern, polite way of saying stolen. RNZ and TVNZ were receiving stolen goods and, indeed, paying to receive stolen goods.

They also appear to be paying Mr Hager, who is a member of the ICIJ.

Nowhere in the released documents is there a moment?s concern for what they were up to. Imagine if a high-profile law firm involved in serious criminal cases, matrimonial property disputes and the tax affairs of prominent New Zealanders is hacked. Read more »

Hosking on Double standards


via Newstalk ZB (she should sue!)

I’ve been under a lot of pressure from people to cover the Jennifer Lawrence stolen photo issue, and the parallels to my situation. ?In my view, everyone has?made up their minds already, so it doesn’t ?matter anymore. ?That doesn’t stop Mike Hosking having another try

I take it I am not the only one who is seeing the irony here in the Jennifer Lawrence hacking case.

Jennifer Lawrence and a bunch of other names have had nude photos hacked out of the cloud and distributed for the world to see.

The world, or at least parts of it, is outraged. Editorials are running in publications all over the planet, filled with upset and anger over what they?re broadly calling a massive invasion of privacy. A hunt has been launched for the hacker. Such is the upset when Ricky Gervais posted a tweet about it, he received an avalanche of hate over making fun of such matters.

It would appear that if you looked at this case in isolation, you would quickly conclude that hacking private information is the height of bad manners, bad behaviour and a very serious criminal act indeed.

I’m just waiting for my naked photos to be published. ? Read more »