Mediaworks plugs a loophole

Heather du Plessis-Allan has got the arse card from Mediaworks after running off her mouth to competitor NZME.

This was one loophole that wasn’t going to save her.

Story host Heather du Plessis-Allan has been ordered off air by MediaWorks after a controversial interview.

It is understood an email was sent to MediaWorks staff by news chief?Hal Crawford stating that there were “inaccuracies” in du Plessis-Allan’s interview.

Did she lie?

In the interview with NZME on Sunday, Heather said she hadn’t told her co-host Garner that she was quitting TV, and claimed the pair knew in July Story would be axed.

Crawford told staff in the email that du Plessis-Allan did not know the show was ending, and the decision to discontinue Story was only taken recently.

“I can confirm Heather is leaving MediaWorks. I am not requiring that she work out her notice period and therefore she will not appear on air for the remainder of Story or her Radio Live show,” he wrote.? Read more »

Social Justice Warriors issue death threats egged on by Media party

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.19.27 PM

A business in Auckland is enforcing its property rights by wheel clamping cars?illegally parked on their property.

Newshub, and Duncan Garner, took it upon themselves to start a vigilante action on social media, starting this hit job on Story. A hit job which outright intimates the owner is a snob and she should let anyone park where they want.

If you’re looking for insight into Auckland’s brewing class war, a virtual conflict unfolding online is a great place to start.

Following the expose on Story last night about its harsh car clamping campaign, Ponsonby’s posh Bashford Antiques has had its Facebook page hit with several negative reviews and critical comments.

But if you think these fine sirs and madams would stand by quietly as the angry rabble made ghastly comments about their ever-so-fabulous business, you are gravely mistaken.

No, no, no, my dear. These sorts of outrageous attempts to besmirch good folk by the lower classes must be dealt with in the best way possible.

With hilariously snooty comments. ?? Read more »

And here was me thinking Maori were the warrior race

Maori have portrayed themselves as the warrior race for many, many years.

But it seems they have become emasculated and become a pathetic girly race of half-people, upset over words and stories told in the wrong way.

A report by Mediaworks presenter Heather du Plessis-Allan that likened Maori sites of cultural significance to “rubbish dumps” has been deemed insensitive.

The item, which appeared on Story which du Plessis-Allan co-hosts with Duncan Garner, looked at how purchasers of Auckland homes near areas of cultural significance may need to get consent from iwi before undertaking structural building work.

During the piece du Plessis-Allan reported from an empty field.

“It’s where back in the old days Maori used to throw the shells when they’d finished eating their seafood. So it’s pretty much a rubbish dump.

“We looked it up – ‘midden’ is an old Danish word for ‘domestic rubbish dump’.”

Following the piece a member of the public, Ross Carter, complained to the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) that it was racist and denigrating of Maori culture.

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‘No public interest’ says gun law expert

The cracks are appearing in defence mounted by the Media Party?that Heather du Plessis Allan was acting in the public interest in exposing a ‘loophole’.

The narrative had until yesterday been running in her favour, but as more and more facts emerge it is looking like a cunning stunt that went awry.

Firstly, there was no loophole. Mediaworks and HDPA have broken several laws for their Story, for which they are now being investigated. That is not a loophole. Neither the Police nor Greg O’Connor have found a single instance of this ever happening before.

Secondly, the narrative that the Police could have just asked HDPA for a copy of her handwriting has?been busted by the Police announcing that they asked for cooperation from Mediaworks and the journalist and were refused, leaving them no option but to serve and execute search warrants.

Now a firearms law expert gives his verdict and it isn’t looking flash for HDPA. Note the changes in language from the Herald.

TV3’s illegal gun-buying stuntdidn’t expose a loophole and might have actually created a problem, says a barrister specialising in firearms law.

Nicholas Taylor said he has 18 years experience in firearms cases and reviewed almost 10,000 of those cases to find not a single one involved the mail order exploit currently the focus of the police investigation.

“What I discovered is I haven’t had a single case in 18 years of being a barrister specialising in firearms law in which a firearm has been found by police or in someone’s unlawful possession that has been obtained this way. There isn’t a case I can name or have come across.”

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Face of the day


Labour MP Chris Hipkins is calling for gun advertising to be regulated.

Today’s face of the day Chris Hipkins is campaigning for the removal of advertising for a legal business selling legal products, and shows once again Labour’s propensity to chase any passing car. My boss says, “He should stick to drinking pink cocktails and chasing teenage bunny boilers at university.”

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So what does ‘In the Public Interest’ actually mean?

Trying to nail down a clear definition of what ‘In the Public Interest’ actually means is quite difficult. In this article I attempt to define it so that we have a set of guidelines that we can apply to situations where journalists have declared that what they did was acceptable because of ‘ Public Interest.’

?Public interest, according to the Random House Dictionary, is “1. the welfare or well-being of the general public; commonwealth. 2. appeal or relevance to the general populace: a news story of public interest.”[1]

1.The welfare or well being of the general public ( the majority ) ?must be served by the story.

2. The story must have appeal or relevance to the general public which means the majority of people.

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Dear Diary, today I broke the law and just can’t believe I’m in trouble. I’m a journalist!


Dear Diary,

I just can’t believe it. All I wanted to do was to prove that there is a legal loophole that allows people to buy firearms online. That’s a good thing right? That nice union guy Bob told me how to fill out the form in order to get the gun. He wants to arm the police and thought it would be a good idea if we ran a story that proves it is really easy to order a gun online.

He was right, it is easy but I must admit our first attempts were total failures and had to be edited out.

The first time I didn’t provide a signature from a Police officer and they wouldn’t take my money and refused to process my purchase. The second time the firearms license number that I provided was checked and found to be a fake so again my purchase was declined.

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Gun City owner set to privately prosecute HDPA and Story

David Tipple Photo/ Fairfax

David Tipple Photo/ Fairfax

THE EXECUTIVE producer of TV3 current affairs show Story authorised the illegal purchase of a firearm for a segment aimed at highlighting the ease in which you can purchase a firearm online.

That?s the claim from Gun City owner David Tipple, who?s now demanding that police not only prosecute Story anchor Heather du Plessis-Allan for using a fictitious police ID and signature to purchase a .22 rifle, but Fiona Macmillan as well.

Tipple says he spoke to Macmillan prior to Wednesday night?s story going to air and during that discussion she admitted she had given du Plessis-Allan the executive green light to go ahead and make the purchase.

On that basis, Tipple said, police should also charge Macmillan.

The gun was bought for $299 by mail order from Gun City, the country’s largest gun seller, using a form with a fictitious name, email address, police ID number and signature.

Police confirmed yesterday an investigation had been launched and they could not rule out charging the woman who had bought the gun. ?? Read more »

#dirtymedia Mediaworks programme Story breaks multiple laws to illegally obtain an firearm

Heather du Plessis-Allan breaks at least 5 laws, claims public interest to try and get off

Heather du Plessis-Allan breaks at least 5 laws, claims public interest to try and get off

HIGH-PROFILE television presenter Heather du Plessis-Allan is facing the possibility of criminal charges after admitting using fake documentation to illegally purchase a firearm online.

Du Plessis-Allan from TV3 current affairs programme Story confirmed in a radio interview this afternoon that police were investigating the circumstances of how she had managed to purchase online a .22LR bolt-action rifle from Gun City.

The idea of using fake credentials was suggested to Story by Police Association president Greg O?Connor, who like du Plessis-Allan is likely to be facing some tough questions from police who are understood to be unimpressed with the media stunt aimed at highlighting the ease in which members of the public can purchase a firearm online.

In following O?Connor?s suggestion, du Plessis-Allan appears to have committed several offences under the Arms Act, the Crimes Act and the Policing Act 2008 ? most notably by signing off her online application to buy the weapon using a fake police officers name.

Under section 48 of the Policing Act a person ?commits an offence who, without reasonable excuse, and in circumstances likely to lead a person to believe that the person is a Police employee? assumes the name, designation, or description of a Police employee.? ? Read more »

Wrongly Wrongson Wrong Again

Yes, that's right comrades, I have poo on my fingers

Yes, that’s right comrades, I have poo on my fingers

The most wrong person in NZ politics Wrongly Wrongson aka Martyn Martin Bradbury is wrong again.

The other day he blogged:

Heather du Plessis-Allan has turned down TV3?s offer to host their new 7pm show with Duncan Garner so I think management should just go the whole hog and appoint Rachel Glucina to work as Duncan?s co-anchor.

If TV3 are trying to imitate the hate crime against public broadcasting that is ?Seven Sharp?, then they may as well be totally open to being as sycophantic as ?Seven Sharp? and put Rachel in there. She pretends to be a PR person, so she may as well pretend to be a broadcaster as well.

If TV3 were serious about trying to get back their credibility they would put the incredibly talented?Paula Penfold in the role, but I fear that?s not what they are aiming for.

My God TV broadcasting has become a ruined nightmare under a Government that wants the people distracted rather than informed.

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