Breitbart and Whaleoil have something in common, “Give back double”

I came across the below screen shot today and realised that Breitbart and Whaleoil have something in common. Apart from the fact that they both are both popular media websites that are not afraid to be politically incorrect ?and give the other side of the story, they also share a strategy. In the world of media they are unusual as they are both prepared to use superior firepower to blow an argument out of the water. ?Unhampered by political correctness they are unique in their willingness to call a spade a spade and to use the tactics ?of the Left against them. They bring a gun to a knife fight, ?in a media world where others hand over their lunch money rather than challenge the status quo.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.10.19 PM

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John Key doesn’t care much about privacy, that much is clear

For a sitting politician to publish a memoir, and for it to be updated with events that are still current, that’s as unprecedented as it is manipulative.

Worse, he outlines, word for word, a private phone conversation with one of his Ministers

Key describes Collins’ resignation

Mr Key also described for the first time the circumstances around Judith Collins’ resignation as Justice Minister.

He said it started on the day an email from Mr Slater surfaced. In it, he told a colleague Ms Collins was “gunning” for Serious Fraud Office head Adam Feeley.

Mr Key’s chief of staff, Wayne Eagleson, called the Prime Minister on a Friday night and said “we have a bit of a problem”.

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From the passenger seat: Long term strategies

Lots has happened over the last few?months. ?Some of it needs looking back on from the perspective of a close observer and an insider. ?Hope you enjoy these little insights as I get them out of my system.

One of the reasons Cameron Slater is so effective is that he doesn’t care about your opinion. ?And frequently he appears to go down a very unpopular path, months, sometimes even years ahead of the general population catching up with him.

Take Kim Dotcom.

Cameron Slater took the position very early on that the man was no good. ?This was at the time when New Zealand had fallen in love with the naughty big teddy bear from Coatesville. ?The way his house was raided, apparently at the behest of private companies in the USA, wasn’t the way us Kiwis do things.

He was everywhere. ?On TV, in the papers, and making personal appearances at a multitude of events around the country. ?He was idolised. ?It was like we had our own German royal family for a while.

Against this backdrop, Slater ran a sustained campaign making fun of the media cuddling up to a convicted fraudster. ?At the time, he didn’t know about Mein Kampf. ?He didn’t know about Dotcom’s general fascination with Hitler’s Germany. ?He didn’t know about Dotcom’s more sinister methods and other failures – yet.

The backlash from our own readers was predictable. ?Cameron was told to lay off Dotcom. ?Why was he so obsessed with tearing at this man’s life? ?Why couldn’t he just leave Kim alone?

Wind the clock almost two years forward, and suddenly it is hard to find anyone that will disagree with Cameron Slater on Dotcom. ?Many things have been discovered and made public since, in spite of a fawning?media that kept pushing Dotcom’s case right up to the last few months of this election.

Cameron Slater has been consistent. ?He’s been factual. ?And he’s been telling you things for a long time you never wanted to hear about your (then) favourite jolly German.

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