Strike action

Ground Crew report on PSA “strike”



About 300 of them noisy as….

Bastards are lucky to have a job.

But I cant say much being a public sevant and all


PSA ready to strike? Must be an election year with National in Government


It’s so predictable.

I’m sure we’ll have the NZEI and PPTA conjure up some industrial action during the election also.

Although I like the sign that says (at first glance) ?PUBLIC SERVICE – SLAVE LABOUR

Perhaps we need a sign that says ?PUBLIC SERVICE not NATIONAL TREASURE

Come on you lot, if you picked a different year and a different time of year, at least we would be able to believe it was anything but politically motivated.

Oh, what am I saying? ?The Public Service is politically neutral! ?/ TUI

Union ratbags from when Adam was a boy

Regular readers know my pathological loathing of unions, new reader probably not so much, but given that just 7% of the private sector workforce is unionised then there is a good change you don’t like them either.

There is a reason I study and watch unions…so I can know and understand their plays in order to defeat them. They are a cancer on society and the cancer has been growing for many years.

Have a look at what they have been up to in Australia recently and have a look at what they have done in the past. Know you enemy for they seek to do you harm.

AS the Abbott government begins to take on union power and corruption, a timely new book reveals the union movement?s role in one of the most shameful periods of Australian history.

What the wharfies did to Australian troops – and their nation?s war effort – between 1939 and 1945 is nothing short of an abomination.

Perth lawyer Hal Colebatch has done the nation a service with his groundbreaking book,?Australia?s Secret War,?telling the untold story of union bastardry during World War 2.

Using diary entries, letters and interviews with key witnesses, he has pieced together with forensic precision the tale of how Australia?s unions sabotaged the war effort, how wharfies vandalised, harassed, and robbed Australian troop ships, and probably cost lives. ? Read more »

Bludging teacher ratbags

Michael Gove has finally pushed the teacher unions into strike action.

Teacher unions are the same the world over. no matter the results they claim they have a world-renowned system, refuse all changes, and oppose any competition to their entrenched old school ways of protecting?mediocrity?and rewarding tenure.

Moreover they always claim their work load is high yet enjoy the longest holidays of any “profession”. In short they are bludging ratbags.

The two big teaching unions in England and Wales confirm more walkouts over pay, pensions and workload.

Teachers are to stage a one-day national walkout in the autumn in a continuing row over pay, pensions and workload, it was announced today.

Every region in England and Wales will be affected by regional strikes in the first and third week of October, the NASUWT and the National Union of Teachers (NUT) said.

This will be followed by a national strike later in the term.

The announcement comes just weeks after the two unions staged a regional walkout in the north west.

The Government has condemned the action. ? Read more »

Trotter misunderstands (deliberately?) the law

Chris Trotter has blogged about the?Employment Relations (Continuity of Labour) Amendment bill, which authorises employers to recruit temporary staff to perform the duties of striking or locked-out employees.

He misunderstands the law when he states:

And so, Jami-Lee Ross proposes a measure that will render every union in the country powerless. Even if 100 percent of the employees on a worksite vote to strike, their employer will, nevertheless, be empowered to over-rule their unanimous shout of ?No!? ? by hiring temporary replacement workers.

If Mr Ross?s private member?s bill becomes law, then the only recourse available to those workers who still insist upon their right to say ?No!? will be to physically prevent these replacement workers; these strike-breakers; these?scabs?? from entering the workplace. ? Read more »

Ragtag union protest against Jami-Lee Ross [PHOTOS]

The First Union organised a protest against Jami-lee Ross and his bill amending the Employment Relations Act by removing section 97.

The First Union is the union representing the 10 workers at Rockgas that are currently in week 5 of their strike. Amazingly the union managed to get approximately 30 people there to disrupt shoppers. The Rockgas is precisely the sort of strike that Jami-lee’s bill would seek to address. These truck drivers have waited until the depths of winter…when people are more reliant on gas supplies, especially lower-socioeconomic groups, in order to strike. The union has gone to the Employment Relations Authority to protest the use of replacement labour in order to supply customers that their workers won’t.

They failed to disrupt Jami-lee Ross however, as he was in parliament…you would have thought they would have checked to see if he was around before protesting to an empty office.? Read more »

The MacDoctor on the “Scab Bill”

I am glad the MacDoctor has taken up blogging again. His sage words are well worth a read. He gives us his opinion on Jami-lee Ross’?Employment Relations (Continuity of Labour) Amendment Bill.

The MacDoctor?s sole reaction to?Jami-Lee Ross? bill?to remove Section 97 from the Employment Relations Act 2000 was one of astonishment. The MacDoctor had no idea that section 97 prohibited the use of?temporary?contract labour to mitigate a strike. US employers are allowed to hire?permanent?contract labour, which is, in the MacDoctor?s opinion, a bridge too far ? but banning?temporary?labour? This is one of those hare-brained socialist laws that have caused the wanton destruction of businesses in Europe, especially in the UK. The MacDoctor?s astonishment is reserved for the fact that this is a member?s bill (and a junior member at that). Why on earth was it not on the agenda alongside the 90 probation law? It seems unbelievable that the removal of such a corrosive piece of legislation could have been left to the random chances of the ballot box.? Read more »

The SCAB bill?

You would think that the?Employment Relations (Continuity of Labour) Amendment Bill was the end of the world if you look at press releases from unions, the Green party and Labour.

I was wondering how long it would be before someone called it a scab bill…didn’t take long…it was the Greens:

Proposed changes to labour laws would punish hard working families and result in children going hungry.

?Parliament entertaining the idea of allowing casual contractors and unpaid staff to work when employees are on strike would undermine the rights of workers to collective action? said Marama Davidson, Green Party candidate for Ikaroa-R?whiti.

?AFFCO workers in Wairoa and around the country won some small concessions after spending months last year during a shut out, the bill would completely undermine any leverage the workers had in that situation. The Scab Bill would create huge hardship in already stressful situations, we could see workers fighting with casual labour brought in to keep profits up while a lock out is forced on staff.?? Read more »

Drawn – Time to sort out the extortion of union strikes

Jami-Lee Ross’ bill, the?Employment Relations (Continuity of Labour) Amendment Bill?has been drawn from the ballot.

The purpose of the bill is:

to repeal section 97 of the Employment?Relations Act 2000. Section 97 prevents the use of volunteers, contractors, or other casual employees by an employer during a strike or?lockout.

Damn good stuff. Section 97 is a?pernicious?part of the Employment Relations Act 2000 which allows for unions to shut down business while they strike. Ports of Auckland got pinged for this and fined $40,000 when the Maritime Union attempted to cripple the port. Rock Gas is also facing the same penalties for putting on replacement drivers in order for gas supplies to continue.? Read more »

Unions cut up rough

The unions are cutting up rough in the UK…sounds like they need a bit of stiffening up. Last time they tried this sort of malarkey Maggie Thatcher sorted them good and proper. It is ironic that they do this just as she passes away.

Millions of workers would join the first general strike since 1926 in a fightback against the Coalition?s spending cuts, a union leader has said.

Mark Serwotka, head of the PCS union, said there ?definitely? were discussions about ?generalised strike action?, which would send a message to the Government that workers are not prepared simply to ?accept their lot?.

Unions were co-ordinating as they attempted to fight back against cuts to pay, jobs and pensions in the public sector, he said.? Read more »